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Strangely Attractive: "Do You Really"
We all desire. We all wish. We all hope. We all want!
Wanting is the overall theme for the just finished recordings of Los Angeles rock band Strangely Attractive. Wanting someone you can’t have. Wanting love. Wanting the love to last. Wanting the party to go on. Wanting the extraordinary.
Founding band member Chris Gongora knew it was time to get into the studio and record these songs right after the first live show with new lead singer Bella Luna at a popular live music spot in Los Angeles. Bella provided the right amount of rock and edge to both her vocal performance and stage presence that made the band excited to get to work. Chris and Bella along with guitarist Carlos Flores and drummer David Rodgers then “frankensteined” the recording process. David laid the drums down at the band’s rehearsal space in the valley, Chris and Carlos recorded bass and guitars at Carlos’s home in Downtown LA, and Bella laid the vocals down at a home studio in Pasadena.
What came out of those sessions are 7 songs that take a little bit from the 80’s in the form of New Wave and a little bit of the 90’s in the form of Grunge to create a postpunk sound with a garage rock energy.
Strangely Attractive intends on releasing a single a month along with music videos. A few of these videos will feature magic (Chris and Bella are both magicians), visual artists (Chris graduated from an art’s high school), and many other creatives getting creative. Of course along with unleashing their songs and videos, the band will continue to do what they do best…bring their energetic and infectious, high-energy live shows to the local stages of Los Angeles and every size venue scattered all across the map!
We want Extraordinary. Nothing Just Ordinary. We want Extraordinary…NOW!

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