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Mark Alexander Carroll - "These Words Remind"
Mark Alexander Carroll has paid dues in and out of the industry and has finally come home by becoming a Singer/Songwriter and recording artist. He has been a FEATURED ARTIST @LonelyOakradio in the Fall of 2016. Mark was once a lead vocalist for various groups over the years starting in his early preteen years with Bands like "The Victors" (which landed spins on Dick Clark's American Bandstand); "Then, Now & Forever"; "The Collection"; "Jericho" and finally a group still playing the Mid-South circuit, "Interstate 55". The latter opened for Styx, The Hello People, Black Oak Arkansas, Kenny Rogers; Big Star with Alex Chilton; Jimi Jamison ("Target" & later "Survivor") and a host of others in the Memphis and the Mid-South area. Then came the absence. Returning in the early 21st Century making what could only be called a STONER Album filled with experimental takes and using home studio equipment, a CD called "Untitled 4 a Reason" was issued in limited quantities. It was filled mostly with outtakes, demos and was not understood by most. The CD/Album can still be seen on the web but has been long out of circulation as his alter-ego "Alex Roll" knew the experiment was just that! However now, these tunes are seriously thought out melodies with hints of 60's British/American styles, 70's Adult Contemporary, 80'/90's Rock, Alternative and Grunge influences. He listens to more of the contemporary Alternative music of today and has many ideas for future compositions. He plans to continue the past passion/style that got him interested in performing in the first place. Out of necessity and isolated personal circumstances, Mark has had to learn to be a multi-instrumentalist and performing all Vocal parts utilizing multi-tracks, arranging, engineering, producing, mixing and mastering practically everything you hear. For now, Songwriting/Recording is the mode of operation. Mark is open to anyone interested in recording any of the tunes and you are welcome to contact MAC for more information. All copyrights are protected including having a membership with ASCAP. Soon, a collaborative Album will be released with songs written by Glennray Tutor as well as an Album of new songs. Individual songs are now available through most all Major Digital formatted Music websites such as iTunes, Amazon, Reverbnation, Spotify and let's not forget this wonderful site, Number One Music! Mark's written Introduction/Status acknowledges the fine tools available to Musicians who showcase their music here and he LOVES the idea that we are helping each other out by providing constructive critiques of our music among ourselves and promoting individual recordings of each other's Music to expand our overall Fan Base. After all, it's the Fans of Music which make us all work harder and try to be better musicians and writer of lyrics. Right now, this website is Under Construction and as the ins/outs of the site are learned, you'll be hearing more from Mark in the coming days and weeks. There is the desire to recruit musicians interested in playing these original songs and go on the road to perform Live in front of followers and to make new and long-lasting friends and Fans. Until later, Mark will "Keep on Keepin' On" (and) "IF Not Now, When? If Not You, Who Then?" (Thanks TR!)
Sincerely and grateful for you taking the time to listen/read.
P.S. - Use earbuds and/or Headphones whenever possible.

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