Imani Marshall

The Featrured Artist
of December 28, 2018

iMiNiMAS, an independent synth pop artist from southeastern Colorado, joined her schools concert band at an early age, learned to play trumpet and from there, started writing her own songs. She picked up a number of different instruments but her interest peaked at the same time the digital music era spiked. (Like, the year "Fireflies" by Owl City hit #1 on the charts).
When she learned about MIDI controllers and the process known as looping, she knew she wanted to write for life. Recording, arranging her own synth melodies, and releasing the tracks under various names became more than a hobby. In June 2018, she changed her artist name to iMiNiMAS (an anagram of her birth name).

# Pacific   Time Name length Rating Notes
1 8:00 AM & 8:00 PM The Week 02:37 4 New song