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La Popolare Eventi is a band created thanks to the idea of Bruno Siviero, a Venetian native.
More than defining it as a 'group', it would be more appropriate to call it 'project', a party project years ago under the name of 'La Voce del Popolo'.
Siviero, a teenager discovers the passion and ability to compose lyrics and music and gives life to an idea that points to popular song of protest, with music from a simple atmosphere, like 'among friends'.
Over the course of time, he works on this idea by creating songs and years later, recommended by those friends, he reopens professionally as a soloist that program of songs with folk music songs and vowels in Venetian dialect that touch social and Aspects of everyday life, ironically.
The project is submitted to some people who share and share the philosophy, continuing to accompany it, and in 2014 Bruno gives birth to 'La Popolare Eventi', an evolution of that original songwriting project, which replicates the songs he has created as Soloist.
In 2016, with current musicians, they revisit rhythms and arrangements, refining that primary project, offering multi-music music ranging from ethnic style to rock, reggae, raggamuffin and ska, having fun in musicals but never Lose sight of the cardinal theme, centered on currentity and social issues.
The result is a connoisseur that transmits to the listener, suggestive emotions from the engaging rhythms ... is the TAM TAM of the people !!!! 

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