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July 24 2017
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Victim Of Illusion

Victim Of Illusion were formed in Turin in Summer 2010 by Piero (guitar) and Paolo (vocals).
Among VOI's musical influences are Porcupine Tree, Tool, Massive Attack, Opeth and Riverside, and its music incorporates elements from rock to progressive. During initial improvisation sessions the band composed about a dozen tracks, which were then developed and defined in the following months, when Luca (bass guitar) joined the band.
On October 13, 2011 the band's first EP “What senses blow away” was released, completely recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by the band.
After gigging for an year, VOI started to work on the 2nd album.
The work ended with a selection of 8 songs, focusing on open sounds, rock/prog riffs and consciousness of illusion.
"Oxideyes" was released on 1st March 2014.
The album was mixed by Giampiero Ulacco and mastered at Spitfire Mastering Studio.
On april 2014 Danilo the new drummer joins the band.
Victim Of Illusion are now preparing the new live show.

Piero Giaccone - guitars, synth, programmings
Paolo Gurlino - vocals
Luca Imerito - bass
Danilo Saccotelli - drum
Album: Oxideyes (2014)

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# (PST) Name length Rating NextPlay Notes
1 9:00 The day that never comes 05:27 4 2-Sep-17
2 9:05 Jamie's world 04:54 4 2-Sep-17
3 9:10 Somewhere 05:34 4 2-Sep-17
4 9:16 Seasons 05:13 4 2-Sep-17
5 9:21 Crazy Numbers 05:00 4 2-Sep-17
6 9:26 Obsession 05:41 4 2-Sep-17
7 9:32 Empty Diary 03:47 4 2-Sep-17
8 9:36 Dancing in a cell 05:49 4 2-Sep-17
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Featured Artist

Errol Chugg
Errol Chugg is an Australian born singer songwriter, now living in Minnesota. The following are notes from his second album, Lost Without You, released July 21, 2017.
The opening track, Lost, deals with the notion that the loss of love not only disconnects you from that special person but also from the life you loved in itself. There is a restless helplessness in watching the beauty of the world go by when you are detached and alone, longing to be a part of it all again for the precious. short time we are all here.
Brina Doughty’s dynamic backing vocals and Nick Testa’s killer guitar solo help pack a punch.
All I Can Think Of is the first song I wrote after moving to Minnesota from Australia. I was enthralled by the crescendo of changes to the world around me, caused by the move itself and by Minnesota's dramatic seasonal shifts. With all the new stimulation of the senses, did everything change for me? No...
This whole album was mixed and produced by Christian Nesmith and features his wonderful playing on each track. When working on So Happy, Christian had been finishing co-producing the last album by The Monkees. A little influence crept over?
Circe Link’s spot on backing harmonies absolutely add to that flavor. I think a hint of that 60s retro style can also be heard in Same Road.
If You Do is a sweet song of darkness and hope, written during the chill of a Minnesota winter.
Back to Adelaide is probably my most autobiographical song. For many of us who have been fortunate enough to travel to wonderful places in our lives, there also comes a time when a greater appreciation of our roots grows to the point of calling us back.
And isn’t that a beautiful thing.
For many years, For a Day sat quietly in my folder of unfinished songs. Written in just two parts, the verses and chorus, I wasn’t satisfied with this endeavor until I finally merged it with another unrelated, unfinished melody line. After a key change, this third element developed the saxophone section that I can proudly say was played by my son, Harrison.
Several of my songs are written while tinkering on the piano past midnight after generous servings of red wine. To See You Again is one of them.
99 Percent Good is the result of binge-listening to Australian songwriting legend, Paul Kelly. His lyrics at times deal with essentially good people who have made an out-ofcharacter mistake that they find difficult to recover from. That said, I think this final version has a hint of The Traveling Wilburys in musical style.
The one song on the album I didn’t write is I Don’t Mind. It was written by my mother many years ago whose tunes became an inspiration for me when growing up. This tune has special personal significance because my mother claimed it was written while she was pregnant with me.
To me, Where is the Love does not sound like the typical song I’d write. Maybe it does to you. In any case, one has to follow where their muse takes them. Love having Tracy and Laura Chugg on backing vocals.
Even the best of relationships can be a balancing act at times. But when things go awry and the unraveling begins to draw interest from well-wishing spectators, an almost circus atmosphere arises. So we have Up on a Wire.
Is Sighs of Our Hearts now a children’s song? It didn't begin that way but this tune slowly morphed in that direction - albeit with some slightly dark undertones.
MusiciansCollaboration friend Gary Miller helped breathe new life into Without You, a song I had set aside, neglected. Christian Nesmith finished it off with his finesse along with haunting backing vocals by Tracy Chugg. It now accompanies Lost as the bookends of Lost Without You.

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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating NextPlay Notes
9 9:42 Errol Chugg Drink 03:08 4 13-Aug-17 New song
10 9:45 Errol Chugg Without You 04:23 4 13-Aug-17 New song
11 9:49 Rocker Doomed Planet 03:56 4 13-Aug-17 New song
12 9:53 Samivel Punch Drunk 03:53 4 13-Aug-17 New song
13 9:57 Shadow of Comfort Rhythm of the Sun 03:25 4 13-Aug-17 New song
14 10:01 AirCrash Detectives The Last Spaceship To Heaven 04:45 4 25-Jul-17
15 10:06 The Brake Brothers Band The Way 03:50 4 25-Jul-17
16 10:10 Davi You Got Me Wantin You 03:12 4 25-Jul-17
17 10:13 David Locklear Our Days 05:09 4 25-Jul-17
18 10:18 Forge The Rubicon Long Way Home 04:06 4 25-Jul-17
19 10:22 Gail Everett Quite Like You 03:44 4 25-Jul-17
20 10:26 J.Delfino TARANTINO BOOGIE  03:43 4 25-Jul-17
21 10:30 Lance Glass Love Is A Matter Of Action 04:46 4 25-Jul-17 New song
22 10:35 Lance Glass I Don't Wanna Be Like The Rich Man 04:53 4 25-Jul-17
23 10:40 Love Ghost Forgive Me 06:07 5 25-Jul-17
24 10:46 Mark Alexander Carroll These Words Remind 04:05 4 25-Jul-17
25 10:50 Moscato Devil Woman 03:20 4 25-Jul-17
26 10:53 The Pieces of Mind I Need Someone 04:03 4 25-Jul-17
27 10:58 Riff Reign Gotta Be A Reason 03:44 4 4-Aug-18
28 11:01 Riff Reign Real Big Star 04:02 4 25-Jul-17 New song
29 11:05 Sterling Fox Ghost Town 03:33 4 25-Jul-17 New song
30 11:09 TolbertToz Riverside 04:08 4 25-Jul-17
31 11:13 Helena Mace Moon Goddess 04:07 4 2-Sep-17
32 11:18 Helena Mace Smoke And Mirrors 03:56 4 2-Sep-17
33 11:22 Cherry Head, Cherry Heart Brambles Farm 04:15 4 2-Sep-17
34 11:26 Cherry Head, Cherry Heart Lake Geneva 03:07 4 2-Sep-17
35 11:29 Cloverlift Endless Nights 03:13 4 2-Sep-17
36 11:32 Downside Beautiful Letdown 03:19 4 2-Sep-17
37 11:36 The Good Wives Never Speak Again 02:55 4 17-Jun-18
38 11:39 Marching To Sirens Coming Home 03:29 4 2-Sep-17
39 11:42 The Nelson Brothers Sacred River 03:46 4 2-Sep-17
40 11:46 The Rallies On My Mind 03:37 4 2-Sep-17
41 11:50 The Good Wives Walking Away 04:15 4 17-Jun-18
42 11:54 Hail Taxi Crystal Clear 02:51 5 18-Aug-17
43 11:57 Howard Simon The Devil Every Day 04:21 4 2-Sep-17
44 12:02 J.Delfino Help Yourself 03:13 4 2-Sep-17
45 12:05 Jack Kelly Keep Flying with the Music 04:20 4 2-Sep-17
46 12:09 Left Wing Fascists Surfing Junkies 02:38 4 2-Sep-17
47 12:12 Max and the Ducks Wet Pillow 03:57 4 17-Jun-18
48 12:16 The Nelson Brothers The Love You Refuse 03:26 4 2-Sep-17
49 12:20 New Aristocrats You and i 04:00 4 2-Sep-17
50 12:24 Overdose Endless sleep 04:48 4 2-Sep-17
51 12:29 Pitch Black Sunrise The Rites of Spring 04:26 4 2-Sep-17
52 12:33 Pretty Voices Grease Fire 03:36 4 2-Sep-17
53 12:37 Race to the Bottom Say Something 04:27 4 17-Jun-18
54 12:41 The Rallies Still Gonna Want You 04:37 4 2-Sep-17
55 12:46 The Sables Someone Else 03:16 4 2-Sep-17
56 12:49 Satellite Gods Saturday Night In Riga 05:22 4 2-Sep-17
57 12:55 Spo Bro Torn 04:04 4 2-Sep-17
58 12:59 stellarscope only strangers now 04:42 4 2-Sep-17
59 1:04 The Uprisers The Way Back home 06:41 3 16-Nov-17
60 1:10 BisonSound Sweet Tooth 04:18 4 2-Sep-17
61 1:15 Chuck Eaton Till I get a true love 04:05 3 25-Jul-17
62 1:19 Our House, in The Woods, MN Ba-Laow (The Movie Theme) 05:04 3 25-Jul-17
63 1:24 Marc Ceccotti Mikhail never touches the ground 02:38 3 25-Jul-17
64 1:27 EmanueleLLLRanieri onemanband Psyckosomatikblueskiller 05:06 3 25-Jul-17 New song
65 1:32 Lucy Mair Oh Love 03:53 3 16-Nov-17
66 1:36 David D. Stewart Ain't Nothin' Wrong 03:35 3 16-Nov-17
67 1:40 Dreamscape City Sinfonia The Heart of You 03:55 3 16-Nov-17
68 1:44 Joshua's Creed It Is Finished 03:19 3 16-Nov-17
69 1:47 Parry Ray White Wedding 05:06 3 16-Nov-17
70 1:52 Skidbone Psalm 101 : 11 03:51 3 16-Nov-17
71 1:56 Twist Helix Little Buildings (Single Version) 03:20 3 16-Nov-17 New song