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July 26 2017
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Isabel and The Uncommons

Isabel Fryszberg
“If you came for the voice and the heartbreak, Isabel delivers the goods with an uncommon authenticity” Cashbox Magazine Canada.
Isabel plays under the name of Isabel and the Uncommons. She sings songs from the heart on musing on life and love, lost, broken or expired.
“Any of those 1960’s country pop singers could have had a major hit with this. Isabel?
Absolutely. She nails it and she owns the hammer” No Depression.
Winner of New Market Songwriting contest.
Isabel also uses music for healing with a band called the Social Mystic. This band was an outgrowth of an art and music based therapy program that she founded called the Creative Works Studio.
Album: Hearts and Arrows (2014)
Isabel Fryszberg’s solo debut cd Hearts and Arrows takes aim, along with a stellar cast of musical cupids called the Uncommons, and hits the mark head-on.
The album has garnered glowing reviews in music publications such as Cashbox CanadaMagazine, Canadian Music Week and in No Depression. Pierced by the experience of love and loss, Fryszberg turned her sorrow into a celebration of love and song. The result is an eclectic mix of heartbreaking and heartwarming songs – sensual, funny, witty and musically broad gems that serve to bothsoothe and uplift the soul.
“if you came for the voice and the heartbreak, isabel delivers the goods with an Uncommon authenticity.” — Lenny Stoute, Cashbox Magazine Canada.
We can all relate. It’s one of those albums that so poignantly lets us know we’re not alone.
There is longing and deep sadness as in the achingly raw, sweet and tender lullabye “New Love” or the hauntingly beautiful and insightful “Something Sacred” that leaves you messed up like “just another train wreck.” But it’s also a hopeful and cheeky romp into new horizons with songs like “A Man That Can Drive,” a ‘60s retro piece reminiscent of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walking,” or the Beatles’ “Drive My Car.”
To add a twist, there’s the slightly dangerous feel to songs like “Mr. Cover Up Man” – that’s a little like the tune “Sinner Man,” utilizing musical saw and rockin’ guitar, And “I Don’t Wanna Know,” – where veteran musician/arranger Steve Briggs adds Twangy guitar riffs and drummer/producer Don Kerr drives the tune with a slinky bossa nova groove.
“in the old days tracks like these were produced with a nod towards each being a single 45 rpm material – released as stand alone hits. It’s ingenious how each song has that quality.” — John Apice, No depression.
Then there’s a lighter, more country-swing style on “I’d Give Away All My Love Songs,” with the sweetest of harmonies and fiddle by Rosalyn Dennett, kind of like something you’d hear on the Prairie Home Companion. The track “Oh Lord” follows suit, but with a more Americana melody and tell-it-like-it-is lyrics, such as “Where are You? I’ve been waiting! You know your dinner’s ready,” that hit you over the head like an old-tyme medicine show.
A definite highlight is the old-style jazz tune “New Moon” where Fryszberg harkens back to another era. The lyrics are brilliant and hopeful: “I know you’re just the moon in disguise, only pretending to be half your size. New moon, your form is incomplete, I’m waiting for the moment when your two halves meet. New moon you’re not easy to see, when you’re taking your time just to be.”
More guitar magic enhances this already lovely melody and Fryszberg’s vocals are charming and engaging.
Hearts and arrows takes you on a virtual heartbreak journey, with all its inherent twists and turns.

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# (PST) Name length Rating NextPlay Notes
1 9:00 I'd Give Away All My Love Songs 02:24 3 20-Nov-17 New song
2 9:02 One Heart 03:33 3 20-Nov-17 New song
3 9:06 Raindrop Kisses 03:19 3 20-Nov-17 New song
4 9:09 Something Sacred 03:05 3 20-Nov-17 New song
5 9:12 I Don't Want to Know 03:10 4 15-Aug-17 New song
6 9:15 A Man That Can Drive 02:48 4 15-Aug-17 New song
7 9:18 New Love 03:17 4 15-Aug-17 New song
8 9:22 Cover-up Man 04:22 4 15-Aug-17 New song
9 9:26 Oh Lord Don't Leave Me Alone 03:07 3 20-Nov-17 New song
10 9:29 Nothing Lasts But Love 03:36 3 20-Nov-17 New song
11 9:33 New Moon 03:03 3 20-Nov-17 New song
12 9:36 City Girl 04:49 3 20-Nov-17 New song
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Social Room are a 6-piece band from Sunderland influenced by many of the most established Brit-pop & New Wave groups of the 90's.
Social Room bring back much of that classic sound and more with the added flavour of modern indie groups. They boast undeniably pleasing vocals, catchy lyrics and riffs; and the dynamics of their sound is unthwarted with the inclusion of synths.
The group has been establishing themselves over the past year and a half (in particular) around the North East with some great festival gigs, most recently under The Farm & Happy Mondays to a crowd of around 3000, many saying Social Room were the buzz of the day.
Social Room remain an unsigned group but have accomplished a lot without teams of marketing experts to carry them, from the feedback they've received this could be a band to be picked up very soon and played to the many over the airwaves.

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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating NextPlay Notes
13 9:41 Social Room  Be Forever Mine 03:34 4 6-Sep-17
14 9:45 AirCrash Detectives The First Day I Remember Being Beautiful 04:46 4 27-Jul-17
15 9:50 The Brake Brothers Band The Way 03:50 4 27-Jul-17
16 9:53 Davi You Got Me Wantin You 03:12 4 27-Jul-17
17 9:57 David Locklear Our Days 05:09 4 27-Jul-17
18 10:02 Gail Everett The Glory 04:00 4 27-Jul-17
19 10:06 J.Delfino TARANTINO BOOGIE  03:43 4 27-Jul-17
20 10:10 Lance Glass Love Is A Matter Of Action 04:46 4 27-Jul-17 New song
21 10:15 Love Ghost Chimpanzee 03:01 4 27-Jul-17
22 10:18 Marc Ceccotti Sometimes she comes in my dreams 02:42 4 27-Jul-17
23 10:21 Mark Alexander Carroll These Words Remind 04:05 4 27-Jul-17
24 10:25 The Pieces of Mind Hoochie Coochie Man 03:10 4 27-Jul-17
25 10:28 Moscato Flowers 05:10 4 27-Jul-17
26 10:33 Riff Reign Real Big Star 04:02 4 27-Jul-17
27 10:37 Rob Woolf Im Letting Go 02:52 4 27-Jul-17
28 10:40 Sterling Fox Ghost Town 03:33 4 27-Jul-17 New song
29 10:44 TolbertToz Riverside 04:08 4 27-Jul-17
30 10:48 Helena Mace Last Time 03:22 4 6-Sep-17
31 10:52 Cherry Head, Cherry Heart Tarred and Feathered 03:20 4 6-Sep-17
32 10:55 Cloverlift The Traveler 03:36 4 6-Sep-17
33 10:59 The Ash Together To Be Broken 03:01 4 6-Sep-17
34 11:02 Blue Ribbon Carry Me 03:25 4 6-Sep-17
35 11:05 China Tanks See You Tomorrow 02:26 4 6-Sep-17
36 11:08 Outerburst Nightmare 04:02 4 6-Sep-17
37 11:12 The Ash Meet Me There 04:18 4 6-Sep-17
38 11:16 Becky Phillips There You Are 03:31 4 6-Sep-17
39 11:20 Dieter van der Westen For the lost ones 03:57 4 6-Sep-17
40 11:24 The Discarded Could That Be You 04:00 4 6-Sep-17
41 11:28 Drama Duo after Feel me 04:37 4 6-Sep-17
42 11:33 Ducky Medlock Lamppost 03:07 4 6-Sep-17
43 11:36 Elusion Facade 04:52 4 6-Sep-17
44 11:41 Enabling Cain Live 03:19 4 6-Sep-17
45 11:44 Gandalf's Fist The Capture (Song for a Fallen Nightkeeper) 06:55 4 6-Sep-17
46 11:51 Heather Nikole Harper Moonlight  04:11 4 6-Sep-17
47 11:56 Impervious Mind Impervious Mind 04:12 4 6-Sep-17
48 12:00 Jimmy Lee Morris 5 O'Clock In The Morning 04:03 4 6-Sep-17
49 12:04 Johnson Ramm IF I MAKE IT ACROSS TO LIVERPOOL 03:11 4 6-Sep-17
50 12:07 Jon Pattie Home 04:43 4 6-Sep-17
51 12:12 Joolz Denby & Henning Nugel Winter Trilogy 03:12 4 6-Sep-17
52 12:15 Keith Jennings Don't Lie 03:41 4 6-Sep-17
53 12:19 Kim Kondrashoff Loretta Lee To Be Alone With You 04:01 4 6-Sep-17
54 12:23 Lady Zephyr Yours to Own 03:38 4 6-Sep-17
55 12:27 Left Wing Fascists Burning Tread Baby 03:15 4 6-Sep-17
56 12:30 Marching To Sirens Siren Call 03:26 4 6-Sep-17
57 12:34 Mark DiPino Empty Bed 03:22 4 6-Sep-17
58 12:37 Moment of Clarity Good Don't Matter 03:04 4 6-Sep-17
59 12:40 The Nelson Brothers Gone 03:59 4 6-Sep-17
60 12:44 Paul Hulm Friends 03:19 4 6-Sep-17
61 12:48 Pretty Voices Britney 02:57 4 6-Sep-17
62 12:51 Red Light Runner What Are You Thinking About? 03:07 4 6-Sep-17
63 12:54 The Screens Avalanche 04:39 4 6-Sep-17
64 12:59 SharpV Crazy World (Remix) 05:14 4 6-Sep-17
65 1:04 StoneNipples Congregacion 05:52 4 6-Sep-17
66 1:10 Chuck Eaton Always Child 05:24 3 27-Jul-17
67 1:16 Forge The Rubicon My Turn 03:34 3 27-Jul-17
68 1:19 Our House, in The Woods, MN House of Fire 06:59 3 27-Jul-17
69 1:26 EmanueleLLLRanieri onemanband Psyckosomatikblueskiller 05:06 3 27-Jul-17
70 1:31 Sound Mirrors Forever Tonight 04:00 3 20-Nov-17 New song
71 1:36 Joshua's Creed The Sky Is Falling 03:15 3 20-Nov-17
72 1:39 Andrew James Barker Night Terrors 03:37 3 20-Nov-17
73 1:43 Britt Warren Heaven's Heartbeat 04:45 3 20-Nov-17
74 1:47 Jack Kelly Gloomy Street 03:25 3 20-Nov-17
75 1:51 Joshua's Creed Choose 06:24 3 20-Nov-17
76 1:57 Shotgun 21 Crazy Kind of Way 02:04 3 20-Nov-17