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August 2, 2017
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Boundary Exception  
Well, first of all, this is not a real “bio”...
Nothing like a long list of references or something similar here... Honestly, I prefer to talk about me, my feelings and my thoughts. Otherwise, my music speaks for me, so the “media” section is the better way to meet the Peter Hamer’s world ;-)
I’m a musician, composer, guitarist and audio technician.
I was born in the old fashion cassette tape era and I started to play guitar at 9 in a big band with a lovely instrumental repertoire (In The Mood, Apache, The Entertainer, El Bimbo, …).
This experience has strongly influenced my insane music concept for the rest of my life.
I played in a lot of bands, both instrumental and with vocals, ranging from funk rock to ambient/post rock to progressive.
I’ve always been looking for some new beautiful sound to store in my arsenal and this compulsive search continue nowadays: something you could sculpt, stand still and admire...
Only a few here, but many more indeed:
70’s rock music (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, …)
80’s music (I.N.X.S., Depeche Mode, Living Colour, …)
Progressive rock from every decade (Yes, Rush, Porcupine Tree, Haken, …)
Soundtracks (Goblin, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, …)
I love to learn something new every day and constantly improve what I’ve learned. These are some of my skills:
sound design
audio editing
virtual orchestration
I live near Turin (Italy) with my wonderful family (my wife and two children).
In composition I’m more on the sad themes. Well, in life I’m cheerful and optimist but I love to portray the transition between a sorrowful moment and a better one. Is a sort of picture: you in the storm and a far light that you can barely see...
I like obscurity (otherwise how would I pass so many hours in my dark studio?????). Well, again, not that I hate sunny days, but we live in a universe where the most part is empty. No light, no air, no hamburgers ;
So I think we’ve to deal with this vacuum around us and give us a reason for that. So probably the sense of emptiness we feel during our life is nothing but the “universe fingerprint” inside us…
Bachelor of Science degree in Maths, I love nature, aerospace and - of course - music!
I think that nature, math and music have an intimate, strong, invisible link. You can feel this “perception” in such a different ways...
And so: what’s my meaning of “soundtrack”?
Well, I live in a constant soundtrack life. In every moment I could hear a melody somewhere in my brain, sometime I discover myself playing a rhythm with my teeth, my legs or my arms. So I constantly perceive a “motion” around me that comes “from me”.
When you are “inside the movie”, soundtracks suggest your heart rhythm and your breath. They go inside your subconscious and take the lead of your soul. They make you cry, laugh, scare, hate or fall in love.
Soundtracks lead emotions from the depths. They don’t “create” artificial feelings, they are so real as to be able to uncover your unique, confidential and remote thoughts.
And so am I when I compose a soundtrack: simply...naked.
If you’re not bored enough after reading my surreal bio, feel free to share any thought on my social channels or through the contact form in my website. I’ll be very happy to reply!
Enjoy your life and, if you like, my music too ;-)

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# (PST) Name length Rating NextPlay Notes
1 9:00 Alien 04:28 4 13-Sep-17
2 9:04 Hope 05:10 4 13-Sep-17
3 9:09 Instant flow 05:44 4 13-Sep-17
4 9:15 Awake 03:36 4 13-Sep-17
5 9:19 Limelight 04:23 4 13-Sep-17
6 9:23 Closer 04:19 4 13-Sep-17
7 9:28 Seven 06:40 4 13-Sep-17
8 9:34 Last Goodbye 04:38 4 13-Sep-17
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Featured Artist

New View Project
New View isn’t a new thing at all, isn’t unique in its kind, isn’t a new sound or vision.
New View is the way that the world expresses itself. It is to say what we feel about all that surrounds us. It is everything we see each day, an encounter with ourselves and the universe.
When we express ourselves we are expressing the human experience: in the end we are all New View.
Santiago Piqueras Ricote (Santi)
Santi is a Spanish native relocated to London in October 2015. He likes to define himself as singer, composer, video maker, graphic designer and curiosity merchant (he has no clue which one to choose!). He's working with some music studios based in north London and joining the scary adventure of freelance life. He's looking for himself most of the time with the help of kind Joanne and he really misses the Spanish sun in the winter.  You can find more about him at Santiago Piqueras Video & Music.
Joanne McCabe (Jo)
Originally from Northern Ireland, Jo has lived on The Mainland (that's what the Northern Irish call England) since the turn of the millennium. She can swear in several types of Spanish and has dabbled in English teaching, journalism and charity work. She conforms to Irish stereotypes in being the third of six children (SIX!) and is still figuring out what she wants to be when she grows up.
You can get to know Jo better via her blog Relaja la Raja (Spanish swearing! It means 'Calm your tits').

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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating NextPlay Notes
9 9:39 New View Project Beyond the Sky 04:23 4 4-Jul-18
10 9:44 Wirehead Gold, Oil, Drugs 04:07 4 22-Aug-17 New song
11 9:48 AirCrash Detectives Creating Little Monsters 03:21 4 3-Aug-17
12 9:51 Amilia K Spicer LIghtning 04:22 4 3-Aug-17 New song
13 9:56 The Brake Brothers Band The Way 03:50 4 22-Sep-18
14 10:00 Chuck Eaton Drenched with rain 04:03 4 3-Aug-17
15 10:04 David Locklear Fork in the Road 03:05 4 3-Aug-17
16 10:07 Forge The Rubicon Spirits Of The Night 03:52 4 3-Aug-17
17 10:11 Gail Everett Quite Like You 03:44 4 3-Aug-17
18 10:15 Ivory Tower Project You Can See It In My Eyes (Remix) 04:01 4 3-Aug-17 New song
19 10:19 Lance Glass Love Is A Matter Of Action 04:46 4 3-Aug-17
20 10:24 Love Ghost Bones 04:11 4 3-Aug-17
21 10:28 Marc Ceccotti Sometimes she comes in my dreams 02:42 4 3-Aug-17
22 10:31 Mark Alexander Carroll These Words Remind 04:05 4 3-Aug-17
23 10:35 The Nigel Purcell Trio Summers gone Revisited 03:22 4 3-Aug-17 New song
24 10:38 The Pieces of Mind I Need Someone 04:03 4 3-Aug-17
25 10:42 Rob Woolf TWO SOULS BECOMING ONE 03:37 4 3-Aug-17
26 10:46 The Tearaways My Bad 03:26 4 3-Aug-17 New song
27 10:50 TolbertToz Life Rolls By 03:47 5 3-Aug-17
28 10:54 TolbertToz Riverside 04:08 4 3-Aug-17
29 10:58 SharpV Monday Too Soon 04:55 4 13-Sep-17
30 11:03 BLAKE Beneath The Woodwork 03:43 4 13-Sep-17
31 11:07 Icicle 1962 03:40 4 13-Sep-17
32 11:10 Billy Blind Miss Communication 03:16 4 13-Sep-17
33 11:14 SharpV Birds 02:27 4 13-Sep-17
34 11:16 Russ Payne and the Unison Bends All Talk 03:47 4 13-Sep-17
35 11:20 Genuine Crude Creedence 03:36 4 13-Sep-17
36 11:24 Matt Steady Zikara's Lament 06:17 4 13-Sep-17
37 11:30 ROLLINGEXILE Rolling Home 04:33 4 13-Sep-17
38 11:35 The Bogart Jones Band Breathe 04:25 4 13-Sep-17
39 11:39 Change Under Death  Love Crusher  04:26 4 13-Sep-17
40 11:44 Jon Magnusson Visa frεn Utanmyra 01:48 4 13-Sep-17
41 11:46 Jordan Kirk My Coffee 03:01 4 13-Sep-17
42 11:49 Keith Beck's Zigman Bird Angel 03:10 4 13-Sep-17
43 11:52 Mars Bonfire Peek at You 02:48 4 13-Sep-17
44 11:55 Nuclear Lullaby Beautiful Mess 02:38 4 13-Sep-17
45 11:58 Situation Abnormal LIMBO 03:44 4 13-Sep-17
46 12:01 Starch Monkey In My Hands 04:21 4 13-Sep-17
47 12:06 Templeton Zoo Days 02:55 4 13-Sep-17
48 12:09 Wally Hite Rankin Walking 04:35 4 13-Sep-17
49 12:13 Wild Horse Night Time Troubles 04:52 4 13-Sep-17
50 12:18 Audio Riot Anonymous 03:42 4 13-Sep-17
51 12:22 JetBelly The Money and the Math 03:17 4 13-Sep-17
52 12:26 Banana Blonde World Of Mouth 05:00 4 13-Sep-17
53 12:31 BisonSound Sharks 2 05:10 4 13-Sep-17
54 12:36 The Bogart Jones Band The Book 04:04 4 13-Sep-17
55 12:40 Burning Astronomers The Experimental Trenches 05:01 4 13-Sep-17
56 12:45 Calle Ameln Moving On 03:15 4 13-Sep-17
57 12:48 Dave Vargo Pieces Of My Heart 04:09 4 13-Sep-17
58 12:53 East Bay Soup Kitchen Anxiety 04:31 4 13-Sep-17
59 12:57 Eric Walker Just For You (featuring AMC) 03:29 4 13-Sep-17
60 1:01 Harsh Blue It's You Again 04:00 5 29-Aug-17
61 1:05 Johnny Mark Not Everything is Real 04:09 4 13-Sep-17
62 1:09 Paper City Exile Watch Your Step 03:54 4 13-Sep-17
63 1:13 Lee Christian Relationship Goals 03:49 3 27-Nov-17
64 1:17 Our House, in The Woods, MN Life Never Fading 03:58 3 3-Aug-17
65 1:21 EmanueleLLLRanieri onemanband Psyckosomatikblueskiller 05:06 3 3-Aug-17
66 1:26 Andrew James Barker the Storm Beneath the Horizon 02:33 3 27-Nov-17
67 1:29 Sur Rod House At The End Of The Drive 04:04 3 27-Nov-17
68 1:33 Tony Clarke He Angel 03:54 3 27-Nov-17
69 1:37 BisonSound Dove 04:14 3 27-Nov-17
70 1:41 End my sorrow Behind The Truth 03:33 3 27-Nov-17
71 1:45 Jack Kelly Weary Tale of Wind, Dark and Rain 05:03 3 27-Nov-17
72 1:50 Rick Rowan On Our Way 02:21 3 27-Nov-17
73 1:53 End my sorrow Dead End 07:04 3 27-Nov-17