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August 4, 2017
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From the world of 24 track reel to reel recordings, huge studios, leather and lace, CBGB’s and the Village Voice being a musician’s bible; it is a sheer juxtaposition that Joy Tolbert and Tim Toz met through the internet.
Finding each other by chance on Soundcloud and embracing the digitally streaming music that they individually made and uploaded, the pair soon realized that they could make music together even though they were 150 miles apart.
Joy heard one of Tim’s instrumental songs and wanted to put a melody and words to it. “Tim was okay with the idea, but I could tell that he wasn’t sure what might come out of this” said Joy.
When she sent the tune back to him with her ideas, he was happily surprised. Life Rolls By was the first song of many songs that they have collaborated on. For the first 6 months, the team had never met although they had written about 12 songs together.
“Working at a distance has its advantages and disadvantages”, says Joy. “Tim worked out the arrangements playing all the instruments and I recorded scratch vocals on my iPhone to work out the parts.” "Seems simple enough", Tim says, "but there's a good amount of volley back and forth to get to the final versions.”
The team knew that ultimately they would need to come together to record the real vocals. "I kept thinking I would just get some remote recording rig to take up to Joy's place. But the reality was I had a rig I could take now. So that's what we did.” said Tim.
The process seems to work well for the Joy and Tim. They keep churning out great songs. Although at the beginning, they yearned for a more organic approach to writing, the team soon realized that this crazy way that they are producing music is working just fine.
And so they continue as TolbertToz.

# (PST) Name length Rating NextPlay Notes
1 9:00 Riverside 04:08 4 4-Aug-17
2 9:04 Pieces 04:04 4 29-Jul-17
3 9:08 Let You Go 04:51 5 2-Aug-17
4 9:13 Life Rolls By 03:47 5 3-Aug-17
5 9:17 Back to Yesterday 04:00 4 4-Aug-17
6 9:21 Down the Line 04:07 4 28-Jul-17

From the Producer's Desk... Tim's Perspective...
The process to arrive at these finished songs usually happens 1 of 2 ways. Joy will bang out a demo with rough vocals on a Casio keyboard. Or she will gravitate towards some instrumental I had that is conducive to a vocal arrangement wise. The Casio demos are great because it leaves a lot open to interpretation. But there is also a lot of good information into what Joy is looking for. So I really try to hone in on that. Oddly enough... it's usually close to something I had done instrumentally that I can pull bits & pieces from.
This was a Joy Casio Demo. And amazingly matched something I had written years before. We fused them together then wrote a bridge.  The vocal sessions are where the final parts are put together. Most of which we didn't know till we got there..
Another Casio Demo from Joy. This one was more elaborate and set the stage for what it would be. We wrote one additional section that became the intro and  repeated Pieces section. This was the first song we released..
Let You GoLet You Go
Not so much a Joy Casio Demo...but an iPhone track from Garageband she had put together. This one had an interesting riff from an acoustic guitar patch that I wanted to retain. She had the verse and chorus. I liked the idea of using just those parts but using different instrumemts to create different sections. Mystery vocals appeared once again for this song in the vocal sessions. We really don't know everything till we arrive.
Life Rolls By
This was the song that started this whole Project. Joy found this song on my Soundcloud Profile after I followed her. She was intigued enough to want to sing on it. Being that it was just a guitar instrumental song in my mind... Joy had another idea. And this is it. Other songs soon followed..
Back to YesterdayBack to Yesterday
This was a demo I had almost as is... But not long after I sent this to Joy... she fired back a good rendition of the vocals. We discovered the rest in the vocal sessions. Those sessions are a really creative time for us and it's great to hear it come together that way.
Down the LineDown the Line
Another demo of mine that Joy gravitated towards. Ironically she had sent me the  vocal ideas and I didn't acknowledge them right away. Then one night I came across the file and wondered why I wasn't working on this song! It's now one of my favorites. Except for the acoustic bridge... Joy's original vocal demo is much the same as the final.
New vocals for the bridge were discovered in the sessions.

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Andrew Kavadas
The song is a very haunting, moody Gypsy minor ballad of desire & fear. Beautifully executed by my good friend Andrew Kavadas. Co-written with another good friend of mine Inga Daina Frank...based on her poem '' Thoughts On A Red Silk Fan '' Lyrics: Inga Daina Frank & Kim Kondrasoff Music: Kim Kondrashoff. ( See Andrew's bio below / graphics will come later).
Andrew Kavadas is a Canadian actor and voice actor who works in Vancouver, British Columbia. Kavadas has played several roles in anime, most notably Patrick Zala in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. He also played Kate Beckinsale's father in Underworld: Evolution.
One of his best recognised roles outside anime also includes a depiction of Simon Belmont in Captain N: The Game Master, stylized as an egotistic, narcissistic and (occasionally) cowardly vampire hunter.  ...more at Wikipedia
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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating NextPlay Notes
7 9:25 Andrew Kavadas Red Silk Fan 03:40 4 4-Aug-17 New song
8 9:29 AirCrash Detectives Foggy 05:00 4 31-Jul-17
9 9:34 Amilia K Spicer LIghtning 04:22 4 4-Aug-17 New song
10 9:38 Davi You Got Me Wantin You 03:12 4 4-Aug-17
11 9:42 Forge The Rubicon Going Down 03:57 4 28-Jul-17
12 9:46 Ivory Tower Project You Can See It In My Eyes (Remix) 04:15 4 4-Aug-17 New song
13 9:50 Lance Glass Love Is A Matter Of Action 04:46 4 4-Aug-17
14 9:55 Love Ghost Maroon 04:47 4 30-Jul-17
15 10:00 Marc Ceccotti Sometimes she comes in my dreams 02:42 4 4-Aug-17
16 10:02 Mark Alexander Carroll These Words Remind 04:05 4 4-Aug-17
17 10:07 The Pieces of Mind Hoochie Coochie Man 03:10 4 27-Jul-17
18 10:10 Rob Woolf Precious Jewel Like Earth 03:37 4 30-Jul-17
19 10:14 The Tearaways My Bad 03:26 4 3-Aug-17 New song
20 10:17 BLAKE Sleep at Night 04:09 4 4-Aug-17
21 10:21 BLAKE There's Granduer In The Land 03:20 4 4-Aug-17
22 10:25 Jon Magnusson Psalm for Sinners 02:13 4 4-Aug-17
23 10:27 Icicle Smoke & Ashes 04:24 4 5-Aug-17
24 10:31 Icicle Meet Me A third Of The Way 04:20 4 5-Aug-17
25 10:36 Billy Blind Keep Me Smiling 05:04 4 6-Aug-17
26 10:41 Russ Payne and the Unison Bends Sometimes 04:26 4 7-Aug-17
27 10:46 SharpV Mind Games 05:14 4 7-Aug-17
28 10:51 Genuine Crude Good Things are Coming 03:22 4 8-Aug-17
29 10:54 SharpV Broken (Remaster) 04:40 4 9-Aug-17
30 10:59 Change Under Death  Terrifying  05:13 4 10-Aug-17
31 11:04 SharpV This place 04:32 4 10-Aug-17
32 11:09 Nuclear Lullaby One of Many 05:02 4 11-Aug-17
33 11:14 The Underlying Talkers The Undefined Part (Talk Version) 04:00 4 11-Aug-17
34 11:18 The Bogart Jones Band My Angel the Devil and Me 04:34 4 12-Aug-17
35 11:23 Nish Goyal As I Am 02:59 4 12-Aug-17
36 11:26 Nuclear Lullaby Jen 03:08 4 12-Aug-17
37 11:29 Paper City Exile Take a Hint 03:20 4 12-Aug-17
38 11:33 Raspin Stuwart King of Foolz 04:35 4 12-Aug-17
39 11:37 ROLLINGEXILE All My Life 03:13 4 12-Aug-17
40 11:40 SHOOT the MOON One Is Free 03:06 4 12-Aug-17
41 11:44 Sirens Harbor Sweet Nothing 02:24 5 12-Aug-17
42 11:46 Stephanie Grace Life's Okay 03:57 4 12-Aug-17
43 11:50 Sulfur City War Going On 03:40 4 12-Aug-17
44 11:54 Tiffany Gow Liar Liar 04:04 4 12-Aug-17
45 11:58 Wild Horse On The Run 04:00 4 12-Aug-17
46 12:02 A Traveller's Tale Wind Grass And Open Skies 03:28 4 13-Aug-17
47 12:06 Banana Blonde Scenezine 03:47 4 13-Aug-17
48 12:10 CED DUENOW Keep on pushin on 03:06 4 13-Aug-17
49 12:13 Chase Emery Davis Win the War Tomorrow 03:52 4 13-Aug-17
50 12:17 Crawling Solo Die For Your Feelings 04:52 4 13-Aug-17
51 12:22 Dalton Cyr Invisible 03:37 4 13-Aug-17
52 12:25 Dave Vargo Good Enough 03:37 4 13-Aug-17
53 12:29 Dieter van der Westen The things we were 04:14 4 13-Aug-17
54 12:33 Dirty Rats Lowlife 03:06 4 13-Aug-17
55 12:37 Dying Habit Punishment Room 03:36 4 13-Aug-17
56 12:40 East Bay Soup Kitchen Hey Little Dog 04:34 4 13-Aug-17
57 12:45 Eusini Fool For You 03:39 4 13-Aug-17
58 12:49 Henric Blomqvist  & Friends Place Of Fear 05:12 4 13-Aug-17
59 12:54 IT Power 05:31 4 13-Aug-17
60 1:00 Johnny Mark Light Within The Dark 04:24 4 13-Aug-17
61 1:04 Jon Magnusson Ode to a friend 04:26 4 13-Aug-17
62 1:09 Keith Beck's Zigman Bird Monsterpiece 02:54 4 13-Aug-17
63 1:12 LEFT TO DIE The Tide 03:36 4 13-Aug-17
64 1:15 Raspin Stuwart Smoke The Hookah 04:13 4 13-Aug-17
65 1:19 Songs 4 Valery The way To Your Heart 04:17 4 13-Aug-17
66 1:24 Sur Rod I Get What I Want 03:52 4 13-Aug-17
67 1:28 Gail Everett The Glory 04:00 4 2-Aug-17
68 1:32 David Locklear Fork in the Road 03:05 4 3-Aug-17
69 1:35 The Nigel Purcell Trio Trash Revisited 05:47 3 30-Jul-17 New song
70 1:41 Our House, in The Woods, MN You're Still Within Me 04:19 3 31-Jul-17
71 1:45 EmanueleLLLRanieri onemanband Psyckosomatikblueskiller 05:06 3 4-Aug-17
72 1:51 BisonSound All The Angles 04:08 3 12-Aug-17
73 1:55 End my sorrow Wither Away 05:05 3 12-Aug-17