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August 5, 2017
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The Nelson Brothers
Simon and Steve – play a beguiling blend of roots rock, folk and Americana. In over 25 years the British duo have only released two albums under their own name but to those in the know they’ve been ever-present on the scene, whether writing songs in Nashville or winning international acclaim for their liaison with Oscar-nominated American actress Elizabeth McGovern as Sadie and the Hotheads.
The Nelsons grew up in Stafford, UK and, as young, enthusiastic musicians in the 70s set off to travel to India with their guitars on their backs. They got as far as Amsterdam where they were won over by the wealth of opportunities to busk in cafes. Returning to the UK they worked in the bars of the sunny South West before answering a Melody
Maker ad and winning a dream job playing on the upmarket Atlantic isle of Bermuda.
Long sets every night honed their performing skills; like the Beatles in Hamburg, only warmer.
They stayed a year, performing and writing, spent six months in New Hampshire US and returned to the UK with a wealth of original songs. After Simon spent a period working in Australia, they linked up in the early 90s with the Round Tower record label, which was working with intriguing country and roots artists from both sides of the Atlantic, including singer-songwriters Tom Russell, Kieran Kane and Kevin Welch, and fiddler Tammy Rogers.
The result, in 1993, was the album Hometown, a gentle roots-rock classic, uniting Steve’s rich vocals and Simon’s sensational guitar playing. Though the label folded before the brothers could build on their recording success, a connection led to interest from American publisher and writer Robert John Jones, who’d written songs for the great Buck Owens, Tammy Wynette and Alan Jackson among many others. His organisation in Tucson, Arizona, was working with publishing company Windswept Pacific in Nashville and so started a period where the Nelsons divided their time between writing in Tucson and demoing material in Nashville studios with leading session musicians such as Kenny Malone, Dan Dugmore, Dave Pomeroy and Bryan Sutton.
Even now a song, Last Truckstop Motel, written by Steve and RJ in Key West, Florida, and recorded by rising bluegrass star Molly Tuttle, is kicking up a storm on You Tube.
Their second album, Places In The Heart, released in 2009, combined a love of a good song with a radical new sound. Imaginative arrangements, touches of jazz and just about every other type of 20th-century music, created a dark, smokey soundscape – ‘Leonard Sinatra’ as RJ Jones christened it, while Elizabeth McGovern said of the album: “The music and the voice and the lyrics all work together to convey a bittersweet, sad optimism that I find so appealing... romantic without being remotely saccharine and refreshingly grown up.”
Album: Sacred River (2016)
Now the Nelson Brothers are back with their third album, Sacred River.
The new record is an enigmatic set of self-penned numbers that revolve, as ever, around Steve’s rich, gravelly vocals and Simon’s elegant but searing guitar. It’s best defined as roots music with many eclectic touches, where you’re as likely to hear a bouzouki as a bass guitar, yet where the songs are always central to proceedings.
And so to Sacred River, which flows with the gentle rhythm of their early work. Steve sings lead and plays rhythm acoustic guitar as usual, while Simon – also a leading session man who’s played in TV concerts with Mavis Staples and Paul Jones, and at venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and 02 Arena with everyone from Joss Stone to Helen Shapiro to X Factor stars – sticks mostly to electric lead. The album features a host of talented musicians including Ben Nicholls on bass (Seth Lakeman/The Full English/Kings of the South Seas), Terl Bryant on drums (Maddy Prior/John Paul Jones/Barbara Dixon) and the exceptionally talented Greek bouzouki player Lenios Costa Demetriou. Check it out.

# (PST) Name length Rating NextPlay Notes
1 9:00 This is The River 03:35 4 28-Aug-17
2 9:03 Down in Biloxi 04:52 4 29-Aug-17
3 9:08 Cuckoo 03:29 4 1-Sep-17
4 9:12 I Can Dream 03:25 4 2-Sep-17
5 9:15 Paris 1923 03:28 4 2-Sep-17
6 9:19 Riding on the Back of a Whale 02:55 4 5-Sep-17
7 9:22 Sacred River 03:46 4 6-Sep-17
8 9:26 The Love You Refuse 03:26 4 6-Sep-17
9 9:29 Angelina 04:05 4 7-Sep-17
10 9:33 Reckless Hearrt 03:56 4 7-Sep-17
11 9:37 Gone 03:59 4 8-Sep-17
12 9:41 Letter in Blue 03:30 4 9-Sep-17

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Gravity Blinks
We call ourselves Gravity Blinks because of those pivotal, often fleeting, moments that change our lives when we suddenly see clearly, free of limits. Think of the free falling, weightless euphoria of dropping from the top of a rollercoaster!
We hail from three generations, so the formation of our band was, and continues to be, enriched by many of those ageless “Gravity Blinks” moments. As such, we have many musical influences including rock, alternative, jazz, and Christian/inspirational music from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s to today … so our sound is the product of a melting pot of inspiration. Our music can be characterized as dreamy progressive rock as we explore and record sonic insights about life through our lyric-driven songs.
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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating NextPlay Notes
13 9:45 Gravity Blinks Fire Inside  03:55 4 30-Aug-17
14 9:49 Gravity Blinks Lines 03:45 4 31-Aug-17
15 9:53 AirCrash Detectives The First Day I Remember Being Beautiful 04:46 4 1-Aug-17
16 9:58 Amilia K Spicer LIghtning 04:22 4 5-Aug-17 New song
17 10:02 Andrew Kavadas Red Silk Fan 03:40 4 5-Aug-17 New song
18 10:06 Davi You Got Me Wantin You 03:12 4 5-Aug-17
19 10:09 Forge The Rubicon The Vector 04:07 4 29-Jul-17
20 10:13 Ivory Tower Project You Can See It In My Eyes (Remix) 04:15 4 5-Aug-17 New song
21 10:18 Lance Glass Love Is A Matter Of Action 04:46 4 5-Aug-17
22 10:22 Love Ghost Forgive Me 06:07 5 31-Jul-17
23 10:29 Marc Ceccotti Metal Lament 02:54 4 10-Sep-17
24 10:32 Mark Alexander Carroll These Words Remind 04:05 4 5-Aug-17
25 10:36 The Nigel Purcell Trio You stole my heart 02:17 4 1-Aug-17 New song
26 10:38 The Pieces of Mind You Don't Love Me 04:12 4 28-Jul-17
27 10:42 Rob Woolf Dark Matter 05:44 4 31-Jul-17
28 10:48 The Tearaways Rodney's Getting Sirius 02:39 4 4-Aug-17 New song
29 10:51 TolbertToz Back to Yesterday 04:00 4 5-Aug-17
30 10:55 TolbertToz Riverside 04:08 4 5-Aug-17
31 10:59 BLAKE Eeow Master 02:23 4 4-Aug-17
32 11:02 BLAKE A Little Sunshine 04:30 4 4-Aug-17
33 11:06 Icicle Runaway Train 03:13 4 5-Aug-17
34 11:10 Icicle Super Connected 03:07 4 5-Aug-17
35 11:13 Russ Payne and the Unison Bends Certain Tears 04:40 4 7-Aug-17
36 11:18 Russ Payne and the Unison Bends Oughta Know by Now 03:45 4 7-Aug-17
37 11:21 Genuine Crude Having a Moment  04:04 4 8-Aug-17
38 11:26 SharpV SomeThing Approaching 05:18 4 9-Aug-17
39 11:31 Paper City Exile Good Company 03:47 4 12-Aug-17
40 11:35 SHOOT the MOON Just Let Me 03:56 4 12-Aug-17
41 11:39 Tiffany Gow No Fear 04:52 4 12-Aug-17
42 11:44 Henric Blomqvist  & Friends Thunderbrigade 06:38 4 13-Aug-17
43 11:51 James Angel High Stakes Roller 02:37 4 13-Aug-17
44 11:53 ROLLINGEXILE Tell Me i'm Wrong 03:34 4 13-Aug-17
45 11:57 SPAWN Lunatics 03:42 4 13-Aug-17
46 12:01 Templeton - Universe Never Seen 02:43 4 13-Aug-17
47 12:03 Two Inch Voices I Am 03:43 4 13-Aug-17
48 12:07 YB Dreamer 03:52 4 13-Aug-17
49 12:11 A Traveller's Tale Go Well My Friend (For Mark) 04:08 4 14-Aug-17
50 12:15 Banana Blonde Diamond Shaped Squares 04:18 4 14-Aug-17
51 12:20 Birthday Card Heartstops 04:20 4 14-Aug-17
52 12:24 Booker Creed Right and Wrong 03:14 4 14-Aug-17
53 12:28 COSMOSQUAD Morbid Tango 06:23 4 14-Aug-17
54 12:34 Crawling Solo Invader 05:20 4 14-Aug-17
55 12:39 Dave Vargo Choose 03:50 4 14-Aug-17
56 12:43 Dieter van der Westen Leave it for now 03:15 4 14-Aug-17
57 12:47 Dirty Rats Rat Town 02:51 4 14-Aug-17
58 12:50 Dying Habit 13:57 03:38 4 14-Aug-17
59 12:53 East Bay Soup Kitchen Home Cooking 04:39 4 14-Aug-17
60 12:58 Emker Cel Andrea 03:57 4 14-Aug-17
61 1:02 Emker Cel Half A Lifetime Ago 03:43 4 14-Aug-17
62 1:06 Eusini Honeysuckle 03:12 4 14-Aug-17
63 1:09 IT Born Into Debt 02:47 4 14-Aug-17
64 1:12 Jack Pyers Dead on the Floor 03:49 4 14-Aug-17
65 1:16 Johnny Mark Your Photograph 03:46 4 14-Aug-17
66 1:20 Less Than a Billion People Hats off to Lou 03:20 4 14-Aug-17
67 1:23 Mark Glazier Sweet Cheri 03:51 4 14-Aug-17
68 1:27 Michael Bush Is This The Reason 03:56 4 14-Aug-17
69 1:31 Gail Everett Quite Like You 03:44 4 3-Aug-17
70 1:35 David Locklear Our Days 05:09 4 4-Aug-17
71 1:40 Our House, in The Woods, MN House of Fire 06:59 3 1-Aug-17
72 1:47 EmanueleLLLRanieri onemanband Psyckosomatikblueskiller 05:06 3 5-Aug-17
73 1:52 Sur Rod Vivacious One 03:47 3 13-Aug-17
74 1:56 7SourMash Mama Says 03:21 3 14-Aug-17