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September 3, 2017
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Matt Steady
Singer/songwriter Matt Steady of Leicester, England, is on the cusp of breaking onto the international stage. Whilst Matt chooses to identify his sound with folk, reflected in his intimate live performances, his recordings draw from a much broader palette of musical genres. Having been classically trained in piano, violin and musical theory, Steady’s growing frustration with the “notes on the page” philosophy led to a period of musical stagnation. However the dream of being a musician would not die, and he picked up a guitar, starting to emulate blues legends by ear. After years of performing what he describes as “extra-ordinary covers”, Steady has clearly experienced enough joy and heart-ache to allow him to write genuine and honest, non-trivial lyrics. He has an album’s worth of material to get off his chest! Steady’s grizzled appearance aptly matches his musical style and tone. His voice is rugged and raspy, in sharp contrast to the fragile lyrics and delicate instrumental arrangements. Steady is currently set to release his first full length album, “Blood is Thicker than Gold”, written, performed and produced himself, aided by Swedish drummer Niklas J. Blixt and the occasional appearance of other top-notch musicians. This collection promises to widen Steady’s appeal still further as elements of jazz, swing and even Celtic landscapes are fused with an earthy base of folk, rock and blues. The current teaser track, “July of ‘69”, finds him crooning over a gently played guitar and pondering man’s place in this world. The track peaks with Steady belting out “Living without a dream isn’t really life at all”. The upcoming months hold a wealth of promise for Steady with his forthcoming release. The strength and energy found in keeping his dream alive is what resonates most in his tracks. It is this same energy that will surely catch the ears and hearts of so many.
Album: Theory of Ruins (2017)
"Theory of Ruins", the context of hopeful blues, gives us reasons to move up and on. You have to go somewhere from the darkness, don't you? IS there a place to sit to rest the ruins of your pain? I imagine a heavenly and hopeful place somewhere along a road in the mountainous UK. A bar sits, waiting for this album to cue.... not just blues, not just a Celtic revival, but a compassionate affair of the two, bringing winds from each territory to dance or fly to. I imagine my place in this bar, I imagine the green ferns surrounding me, I imagine the love and darkness of that guitar gliding down on into the realm of blues and its history being made once again.
Gentle blues licks with fierce melody guide you into Matt's vocals, deep like the roots of Tom Waits, but with the heavy hearted tug that Nick Cave gives us. "How many souls will I have touched?". We talk about what music does to you, how it moves you. The first track blazes open with broken blues chords and a celtic undertone that leaves you wanting to venture off into the rest of the album.
The guitar playing into the second track is incredible and reminds me of old dark bar blues, the kind that leave you in a good trouble. Matt's ability to capture that down home blues with his guitar speaks volumes of his cry. His lyrics keep you mindful of what the blues pushes you through, the different aches and woes, but with miles of strength.
The album mixing is done so well, each instrument takes their own core and is embraced well throughout every track, allowing you to truly enjoy the melodies along with Matt's singing and bellowing.
The rhythm from one song to another gives you different boundaries to play with. You can sway, crush or bring it on down, choreographing sounds from two major worlds of music, Blues and Celtic rock. There's a folk undertone that leaves you a bit melted from the waves of admiration in the work done. "Old John" did this to me, an ode to home for many. Restlessness right on into a somber pick up of "The Simplest Test", even the guitar gives you the merit to weep beautifully. The story of this particular track takes you to unseeded surroundings. You grasp an early commitment to folk richness, quietly and then bridge off into melodic piano melodies that humble your ears for the rest of the album.
I'm also thankful for the sweet and lovely guitar in "Heart of a Wolf". What a road song... the kind where red dust can't even settle. Reminds me of driving through California, heading east on 80 into the Nevada desert. Absolutely a memory I want to remember. Each song brings you a new guitar feel, giving you reasons to enjoy the next. Just when you feel the heaviest, "Black Dog" comes at you with it's full on rock and roll blues pyramid that you must climb. There are no demons up there, you gotta move. From this point, the record takes you to another place of rock and roll, a raw and pure form giving you lovely bass emphasis and guitar cries. It changes. The album shifts and you are coming up into heavy strides of the darker love for music. Brilliantly placed, the songs turn you around for more. "The decision is yours, what to hide and what to voice"... for me, as a lyricist, this is explicit material, a true panel for the discussion of love. Maybe into "Jane Grey", where I just let loose all of my overwhelming love for this album. A soft spot in the album that takes you back to the Theory of Ruins. A place to lay your head.
From the beginning of the road on Theory of Ruins, Matt Steady has captured ambient folk, blues to folk blues, with a deep heart for dark chamber rock blues, to heavy and deepened rock and roll with some fretless bass licks that are breathtaking, along with guitar shreds that open some serious discussion for the final parts of the album, shoveling up that rock to lay down back into the Celtic Blues Rock of which this album is. There is a distinct vocal grit to Matt's voice that captures beautiful and dark melodies, they hang on his stories that are graciously written. A sweet serenade for the hopeful and hungry romantic, with a rock and roll exit leaving you craving chocolate (I told you, I'm a lyricist.) I highly recommend this album to anyone who loves to breathe.

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# (PST) Name length Rating NextPlay Notes
1 9:00 Theory of Ruins 05:26 4 23-Sep-17 New song
2 9:05 Roamer's Rest 06:42 4 23-Sep-17 New song
3 9:12 Old John 05:38 2 16-Apr-18 New song
4 9:18 The Simplest Test 09:02 3 30-Dec-17 New song
5 9:27 Heart of a Wolf 02:53 3 30-Dec-17 New song
6 9:30 Black Dog 04:52 4 30-Dec-17 New song
7 9:35 When it Comes to You 07:53 3 30-Dec-17 New song
8 9:43 Jane Grey 05:20 3 30-Dec-17 New song
9 9:48 Lying in the Rain 05:32 3 30-Dec-17 New song

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Deborah Henriksson 
American born, Sweden based Deborah Henriksson is a singer and songwriter of
cross-over styles including Celtic, folk, country, ambient and pop. Her fourth album,
NEAR and FAR will be released on August 25. Deborah has sung in Sweden, Ireland,
the UK, Austria, and the U.S., from festivals to intimate venues. Her music is receiving
significant airplay around the world, including every state in the U.S., every province in
Canada, as well as in Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, and China. She was
awarded a prize toward making a new album by the Swedish Folk at Heart Festival in

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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating NextPlay Notes
10 9:54 Deborah Henriksson Summer Roads 02:55 4  
11 9:57 Damson Blaze Hush 02:53 4  
12 10:00 Fool's Paradise I Know, I Know 04:56 4  
13 10:05 King Baba James A woman love 04:22 4  
14 10:09 Lance Glass Don't Wanna Be Like the Richman Re Mix 04:38 4  
15 10:14 Love Ghost Maroon 04:47 4  
16 10:19 Mark Alexander Carroll These Words Remind 04:05 4  
17 10:23 Mark Alexander Carroll You're The Disease 04:01 4  
18 10:27 Neil Taylor Self Addicted 03:44 4  
19 10:31 Paul Davy Tale Of Our Times 04:02 4  
20 10:35 Pete Falloon On A Foreign Tide 04:41 4  
21 10:40 The Pieces of Mind Judgement Day 04:22 4  
22 10:44 Riff Reign Just Another Day 03:52 4   New song
23 10:48 Rob Woolf Precious Jewel Like Earth 03:37 4  
24 10:52 Shadow of Comfort Run into the Sun 04:00 4  
25 10:56 Sur Rod What Is The American Dream 03:57 4  
26 11:00 TolbertToz Life Rolls By 03:47 5  
27 11:04 Victor Samalot Dance Champa 04:07 4  
28 11:08 Wirehead Gold, Oil, Drugs 04:07 4  
29 11:12 Riff Reign Baby Glad You're Here To Stay 03:37 4  
30 11:16 Daniel Duke Lessons 03:17 4  
31 11:19 Victim Of Illusion Obsession 05:41 4  
32 11:25 Sweet Roger You'll Always Have Yourself 04:16 4  
33 11:29 Isabel and The Uncommons Cover-up Man 04:22 4  
34 11:34 Ashes Fall Stuck in your Shadow 04:29 4  
35 11:38 Marching To Sirens Go 03:49 4  
36 11:42 Lady Zephyr Yours to Own 03:38 4  
37 11:46 Marching To Sirens Dance With Me 03:30 4  
38 11:49 Moment of Clarity SCBS (Sugar Coated Bullshit) 03:57 4  
39 11:53 Barley Station I Found You 03:35 4  
40 11:57 Baza Easy Money 02:55 4  
41 12:00 Billy Blind Howling at the moon 02:58 4  
42 12:03 BLAKE Sublime 03:10 4  
43 12:06 Chuck Eaton This House And Me 04:23 4  
44 12:11 Gandalf's Fist Ditchwater Daisies 07:27 4
45 12:18 Harsh Blue On The Road 03:16 4  
46 12:22 Hovhannes Berberian I'd do anything for you 03:36 4  
47 12:25 Icicle Tuck The Puck 01:26 4  
48 12:27 Impervious Mind One More Soldier 06:38 4  
49 12:34 Indie Soull Blue Reflections 03:36 4  
50 12:37 J.Delfino TARANTINO BOOGIE  03:43 4  
51 12:41 James Hollingsworth Sea of Enrichment 04:38 4  
52 12:46 Jason Mento Sherri's Tears 03:40 4  
53 12:50 JetBelly She 03:28 4  
54 12:53 John Reed The Burning Gates Of Hell 04:19 5  
55 12:58 Karma Dealers Roll Those Dice 03:07 4  
56 1:01 BLAKE Wolf In the Grass 03:55 4  
57 1:05 Kerosene Stars By the Lake 05:02 4  
58 1:10 Marching To Sirens TDFL 03:35 4  
59 1:14 Gail Everett The Glory 04:00 4  
60 1:18 CT Swan Rely 03:40 3   New song
61 1:21 Ayala Never Give Up 04:00 3   New song
62 1:25 Our House, in The Woods, MN You're Still Within Me 04:19 3  
63 1:30 stellarscope so long 04:19 3  
64 1:34 Chelsey Danfield Where You've Been 03:39 3  
65 1:38 Matt Springfield Haunted 03:10 3  
66 1:41 Tribulance The Aftermath of Lies 04:17 3  
67 1:46 Virtual Zero Just 02:35 3  
68 1:48 Gandalf's Fist Eve's Song 08:26 3
69 1:57 Marc Tome Maldito Amor 03:26 3   New song