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September 6, 2017
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Bud Collins Trio
The Bud Collins Trio was formed in 1987 in Storrs, Connecticut, by an assortment of faculty brats and townies, playing strange pop-like music, not sounding much like any other band that they were playing with at the time - but playing live constantly.
Band members were into all kinds of music, jazz classical, XTC, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Robyn Hitchcock, reggae, progressive rock and fusion, Camper Van Beethoven, the Beatles, Elvis Costello. They started playing on and off campus around the University of Connecticut, then elsewhere in the state, various clubs in the Hartford and New Haven areas, then branched out to most of New England, Portland, NH college towns, Providence and some of the Rhode Island beach clubs, and Boston. They had a steady weekly gig in NYC for a while - and eventually ended up touring both coasts a couple of times over. The "BC3" had a great run as part of the indie scene for a good number of years through the late eighties to mid-nineties. They had a video on MTV Basement Tapes, and opened for some well-known actsmusicians such as Bob Mould, Blues Traveler, Maceo Parker, and The Monks of Doom (half of Camper Van Beethoven). They lived in vans. They played gigs and split the money on gas station burritos.
In 1994 Bud Collins played for the Real Bud Collins (Wimbledon doubles champ Boston Globe columnistNBC Tennis commentator) when he was inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame, and Sports Illustrated ran a human interest story on the event with a full two page spread.
During those years the band played well over 1000 shows, and then at a certain point in the mid-nineties the band split up. Some members went off to wander around through the world still obsessed with music but not playing it, and others to continue in other musical projects.
But, all was not lost. Around 2008, for reasons that defy examination and by way of a fair amount of chance as well, the band magically reassembled - a truly unlikely and also amazing thing, that has turned out to be a joyous happening.
Even more surprising, the band started entirely from scratch, with all new tunes, with most of the original members from all of the incarnations of the 80s-90s versions. "It was like the resurrection of the Phoenix bird, if the Phoenix bird were a strange metapop band from Connecticut," one member is quoted as stating.
In the following years up to the present the band have cranked out close to 100 or so new tunes, many of which are figuring into different current projects, including an upcoming full length release, as yet untitled, scheduled for some time in 2017.
Another project is the Quasarmoto EP, released in the winter of 2016. This critically well received EP features more lush and strange pop, psychedelic, progressive, dreamy, chill and thought provoking music, and charted well on US college radio.
Christopher Weinland: Drums, Arranging, Vocals, Chapman Stick, Keyboards, Bass, Guitar
Mike Ryan: Vocals, Keyboards, Horns, Audio Engineering, Arranging
Dave Shuman (also of the Super Scenics): Bass
Erik Haeger: Keyboards
Tony Castellano: Bass
Jake Tamarkin: Bass, writing, arranging
Pat Guiney: Guitar, Vocals, Writing, Arranging
Kenny Foster: Crum Horn, Drama
Album: Quasarmoto (2016) Released winter of 2016, charting well on US college radio.

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# (PST) Name length Rating NextPlay Notes
1 9:00 Looking For Happiness 03:54 3 31-Dec-17
2 9:03 Useless People 03:35 4 17-Oct-17
3 9:07 I Dont Understand 03:39 4 17-Oct-17
4 9:11 Bad Kids Wander Away 03:40 3 31-Dec-17
5 9:15 Television Personalities 03:37 4 17-Oct-17
6 9:18 Fool Tonight 03:13 4 17-Oct-17
7 9:22 Blue Driver 03:49 4 17-Oct-17

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Ships Have Sailed 
Since their inception, Ships Have Sailed have always struck a balance between exuberant pop and substantial alternative rock. Their debut EP ‘Someday’ (2014) was well received throughout the US, Canada and the UK, catalyzing a Northeastern US tour and landing the band showcases at SXSW, CMJ Music Marathon, Canadian Music Week, & NAMM in 2015. They took home accolades from ISC and Unsigned Only that same year, furthering the band’s impetus for the release of their first full length album, ‘Moodswings’. The eleven song studio effort earned glowing reviews from Blackbook, Wild Honey Pie, and The 405, again receiving notice from ISC, Unsigned Only and The John Lennon Songwriting Competition, and spawned a sister release ‘Re: MIX’, whose tropical house remixes seemed in perfect step with the evolving music climate.
An invigorated 2016 began with Ships Have Sailed’s acoustic EP, ‘Whispers’. The band spent the summer touring the West coast and set out on an East coast tour in late fall. In November, ‘Drive’ received Best Alternative Song at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, a massive feat and a testament to the group’s ability to translate their own momentum into a pulsing, universal anthem about love, longevity and forward motion. Along with the success and progress achieved over the past year, for which they have been unwaveringly grateful, Ships Have Sailed also saw the inherent challenges of unexpected events and unpredictable variables of their continuing journey.
Coming off the road on the final leg of their 2016 tour cycle, and in a particularly reflective and somewhat exhausted moment, a new idea was born.
In his own words, the group’s spearhead, songwriter and producer, Will Carpenter says “[In] a moment that was both happy and sad, reflective and hopeful, satisfied but still hungry, I tried to muster up the words to convey the mix of emotions that this year had evoked. At first it was a thoughtful process, but once the grain of the idea took shape, the music just kind of poured out…and it was incredibly cathartic.”
The result will be heard in the band’s new single, ‘Up’, which Carpenter sees as a call “to those of us with a dream that, however long the odds, is something we’re willing to fight for.” ‘
Up’ is available now everywhere digital music is sold or streamed!
"A spark of positivity, 'Up' is a track you need to have on your radar." - Paste Magazine
"Ships Have Sailed may be your favorite new discovery." - Black Book
"The contagious low-key vocals remind one of Elliot Smith while the buzzing instrumentation leans more toward calculated early work of The Killers. Overall, Ships Have Sailed flex their implicit control over the pop-rock genre." - The Vinyl District
"Ships Have Sailed is the rare case of a band name embodying its sound. Their melodies soar effortlessly and their inspired, rounded resonance reminds me of 90s alt-rock bands that have since gone out to sea; Something Corporate or mainstream Christian rock power players, Hillsong United" - Earmilk
"Ships Have Sailed taps a massive electro pop-rock vein and rides that unbeatable high for 11 addictive tracks." - The Wild Honey Pie
"Quality pop rock that will leaves fans of Wheat, Quiet Company, and The Walkmen longing for an LP from this LA group.” - What The Kids (Are Into)
Up (Single)
Whispers Acoustic EP
Someday EP
Midnight Single
Ships Have Sailed:
Will Carpenter
- Vocals, Guitar, Production, Composition
Art Andranikyan - Drums

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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating NextPlay Notes
8 9:26 Ships Have Sailed Up 03:59 4 26-Sep-17 New song
9 9:30 Rhys Davis Somebody 03:57 4 26-Sep-17 New song
10 9:34 Damson Blaze Hush 02:53 4 7-Sep-17
11 9:37 Fool's Paradise I Know, I Know 04:56 4 7-Sep-17
12 9:42 Lance Glass Don't Wanna Be Like the Richman Re Mix 04:38 4 7-Sep-17
13 9:46 Love Ghost Chimpanzee 03:01 4 7-Sep-17
14 9:49 Mark Alexander Carroll These Words Remind 04:05 4 7-Sep-17
15 9:54 Mark Alexander Carroll You're The Disease 04:01 4 7-Sep-17
16 9:58 Neil Taylor Goodnight Good Morning 04:06 4 7-Sep-17
17 10:02 Paul Davy Karen 03:32 4 7-Sep-17
18 10:06 Pete Falloon On A Foreign Tide 04:41 4 7-Sep-17
19 10:10 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would 02:52 4 7-Sep-17
20 10:13 Riff Reign Just Another Day 03:52 4 17-Oct-17
21 10:17 Rob Woolf Im Letting Go 02:52 4 7-Sep-17
22 10:20 Shadow of Comfort Who Do You Know 03:29 4 7-Sep-17
23 10:24 TolbertToz Riverside 04:08 4 7-Sep-17
24 10:28 Victor Samalot Western Dawn 03:22 4 7-Sep-17
25 10:31 Sweet Roger Conditions 05:25 4 17-Oct-17
26 10:37 Marching To Sirens Mr. Spaceman 04:30 4 17-Oct-17
27 10:41 Lady Zephyr Grand Charade 02:43 4 17-Oct-17
28 10:44 Riff Reign Real Big Star 04:02 4 17-Oct-17
29 10:48 Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band  Forty Years 03:19 4 17-Oct-17
30 10:52 Wally Hite Rankin Where You Lie 02:50 4 17-Oct-17
31 10:55 Dieter van der Westen Here the night 03:40 4 17-Oct-17
32 10:58 Five Mile Smile Call to Arms 03:17 4 17-Oct-17
33 11:02 Genuine Crude Aim High  03:16 4 17-Oct-17
34 11:05 Icicle Don’t Twist My Mind 04:09 4
35 11:09 JetBelly As the Zenith to the Azimuth 04:33 4 17-Oct-17
36 11:14 Joe Pops Bredow Need For Passion 04:27 4 17-Oct-17
37 11:19 Kaomi Kingsley If We Ever Got It Started 03:32 4 17-Oct-17
38 11:22 The Magic Es Running Scared 04:59 4 17-Oct-17
39 11:27 Mark DiPino Everybody Has a Story 04:15 4 17-Oct-17
40 11:32 Mia LJ These are the years 04:05 4 17-Oct-17
41 11:36 Michael S. Hennessey A Rhapsody in Blue 11:07 4 17-Oct-17
42 11:47 Nuclear Lullaby Upgrade 03:21 4 17-Oct-17
43 11:50 Russ Payne and the Unison Bends It Could Have Been Me 04:43 4 17-Oct-17
44 11:55 Shane Martin Barmuda Triangle 03:53 4 17-Oct-17
45 11:59 Wally Hite Rankin Wrecking Ball 02:53 4 17-Oct-17
46 12:02 Wally Hite Rankin Won't Tell You a Lie 02:07 4 17-Oct-17
47 12:04 Audio Riot Anonymous 03:42 4 17-Oct-17
48 12:08 Billy Blind Miss Communication 03:16 4 17-Oct-17
49 12:11 BLAKE Beneath The Woodwork 03:43 4 17-Oct-17
50 12:15 Boundary Exception Alien 04:28 4 17-Oct-17
51 12:20 Burning Astronomers The Experimental Trenches 05:01 4 17-Oct-17
52 12:25 Calle Ameln Moving On 03:15 4 17-Oct-17
53 12:28 Eric Walker Just For You (featuring AMC) 03:29 4 17-Oct-17
54 12:32 Genuine Crude Creedence 03:36 4 17-Oct-17
55 12:35 Icicle 1962 03:40 4
56 12:39 JetBelly The Money and the Math 03:17 4 17-Oct-17
57 12:43 Johnny Mark Not Everything is Real 04:09 4 17-Oct-17
58 12:47 Jon Magnusson Visa frεn Utanmyra 01:48 4 17-Oct-17
59 12:49 Jordan Kirk My Coffee 03:01 4 17-Oct-17
60 12:52 Mars Bonfire Peek at You 02:48 4 17-Oct-17
61 12:55 Nuclear Lullaby Beautiful Mess 02:38 4 17-Oct-17
62 12:57 Gail Everett The Glory 04:00 4 7-Sep-17
63 1:01 Angelle Mistaken 03:21 3 31-Dec-17
64 1:05 Ed Servis I Think It's Gonna Rain 03:58 3 31-Dec-17 New song
65 1:09 Sur Rod Wicked Heart 03:52 3 7-Sep-17
66 1:13 Our House, in The Woods, MN Life Never Fading 03:58 3 7-Sep-17
67 1:17 CT Swan Some Day 03:18 3 7-Sep-17
68 1:20 Ayala Never Give Up 04:00 3 7-Sep-17 New song
69 1:24 stellarscope no reason why 04:10 3 31-Dec-17
70 1:29 Chelsey Danfield Drive Me to Drink 03:58 3 31-Dec-17
71 1:33 Smisch The World Is Waiting 04:29 3 31-Dec-17
72 1:37 Virtual Zero Shadow Side 03:57 3 31-Dec-17
73 1:41 Matt Springfield Poplife! 03:11 3 31-Dec-17
74 1:45 The Village  Voodoo Skull 02:50 3 31-Dec-17
75 1:48 Virtual Zero By The Runes 03:53 3 31-Dec-17
76 1:51 The Barry Walsh band Bring her Home 03:55 3 31-Dec-17
77 1:55 Cliff Jordan and Paul Stottman Crazy women 04:05 3 31-Dec-17