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September 22, 2017

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Black Horse Motel
Philadelphia's Black Horse Motel draws on traditional folk and Americana roots, blends in rock, country, and other influences, and ties it together with rich vocal harmonies.
Songs are built on the foundations of folk instrumentation and lyrics, and are elevated by an infectious blend of guitars, strings, drums and voices. The resulting sound is heart-breaking, foot-stomping modern folk.
In 2012, Black Horse Motel offered their first recording; a self-titled EP. They followed up with their debut full-length LP, Red Summer Spirit. The record released on March 1, 2013 to a sold-out crowd at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia.
The next three years brought several lineup changes while the group continued to hone their sound and expand their fan base. The current 4-piece group is made up of Desiree Haney(cello/keys/vocals), Megan Manning (drums/percussion, vocals), Galen Fitzpatrick (guitar/dobro/vocals), and Ryann Lynch (fiddle/vocals).
In April of 2016, armed with a batch of fresh songs, the group headed into the famed Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA. Teamed again with producer/engineer Ron DiSilvestro, the band recorded major tracks in 2 days. Overdubs and additional recordings were also done at Forge Recording in Oreland, PA. Finally, the finished product was mastered by the one and only Phil Nicolo.
After a successful PledgeMusic campaign, the band released their new 5-song EP, Parable, to major online outlets on January 13, 2017.
Black Horse Motel has performed at the Dewey Beach Music Conference and Dewey Beach Americana Festival in Dewey Beach, DE, Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA, Xtreme Folk Festival in Telford, PA, and the famed Philadelphia Folk Festival in Schwenksville, PA. The group has also performed at many of Philadelphia’s popular venues, including World Cafe Live, Kung Fu Necktie, Tin Angel, and Boot & Saddle. The group has begun spreading their sound to the greater Philadelphia area, with performances in Jenkintown, King of Prussia, Phoenixville, New Hope, and Wilkes-Barre, as well as at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and Union Hall in Brooklyn. Black Horse Motel has been featured as live performers on several radio programs, including Delaware’s WSTW Hometown Heroes show, The Folk Show on WXPN, Folkadelphia on XPN2, and Y-Not Radio.
Album: Parable (2017)
In the four years since our last release, "Red Summer Spirit", we’ve had several lineup changes, gotten married and divorced, had children, moved into and out of houses and grown into ourselves."Parable" is our homage to these years and the intensely personal music they’ve created.

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Run, Rabbit, Run 03:36 4 New song
2 9:03 Bones 03:52 4 New song
3 9:07 Where The Money Comes From 02:42 4 New song
4 9:10 Take It Back 04:54 4 New song
5 9:15 Dear Mama 03:42 4 New song

Full album Featured Artist

James Gilroy Kane 

James would describe himself as a Lyricist.Musician. Singer, in that order.
One time he was a professional club, pub artist doing covers of country, pop, Rock N Roll. etc for about 16yrs.
That way of earning a living almost broke his mind, he couldn't take it anymore.
so he got out, put the work shovel down and went back to playing his acoustic guitar and writing his own music.
Then started recording the songs and poems he had written.
The first album to record was on Vinyl (no longer available) the second on CD. also (no longer available) well the recording was completed but the design wasn't.
Then CD three, four, & five made it out. No six will be on its way.
CD number four was heard by a professional musician in New York who invited James over to play some gigs, unfortunately, this clashed with previous arrangements so this had to be canceled.
James once played guitar in the orchestra for the stage version of The Sound Of Music. That was a great gig, I had to behave myself on that one!
At the end of the week's performance, we all had a ball, I sang all the way home. The hills came alive that night.
Some reviews I picked up along the way after performing at festivals, and from magazines and producers who heard my recordings through the help of Bristol Free Festival.
James Gilroy Kane. A writer to watch out for. - Kinski.
This is earthy honest songwriting. - Tony Bates. Radio DJ. Australia., Behind The Blues. This Album is full of surprises. A touch of Blues, Rock, Folk and deserves to be in your collection. Highly recommended.
James is also writing a book, as along the way he has gathered some great stories and written poems and even a Play which is black comedy in the style of Mike Leigh.
James is a person who loves life, has a great sense of humor, his compassion and love of life comes through in his songs, I think you will agree he is a wellaccomplished lyricist, and up there with the like's of JOHN PRINE, JOHNNY CASH, DAMIEN RICE, Rambling Jack Elliot, and of course every muso's hero Bob Dylan.
One last quote from James "Folk Rock never died, it just fell asleep for a time". JGK.
For more information, bookings and interviews please contact: JJ Kane FRSA

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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating Notes
6 9:19 James Gilroy Kane The Bell 03:15 4 New song
7 9:22 Fool's Paradise Need To Explain 06:41 4 New song
8 9:29 Remedies High As The Moon 03:05 4 New song
9 9:32 Fool's Paradise I Know, I Know 04:56 4
10 9:37 Garry Moore Latter rain 04:31 4 New song
11 9:42 The Jason Gisser Band The River 03:50 4 New song
12 9:45 Jimmy Coburn Gotta Go Home 03:24 4 New song
13 9:49 Lance Glass Don't Wanna Be Like the Richman Re Mix 04:38 4
14 9:54 Love Ghost Friday Afternoon 04:50 4
15 9:59 Marina Avetisian Campervan Blues 03:51 4 New song
16 10:03 Mark Alexander Carroll These Words Remind 04:05 4
17 10:07 Mark Alexander Carroll You're The Disease 04:01 4
18 10:11 Paul Davy Same Thing Every Year 04:06 4
19 10:15 Riff Reign Days Gone By 03:38 4 New song
20 10:19 Riff Reign John Wells 04:08 4
21 10:23 Rob Woolf Dark Matter 05:44 4
22 10:29 Robert Machado Personification 02:37 4 New song
23 10:31 Tandem Unicycle She's All Wrong 04:44 4 New song
24 10:36 TolbertToz Time 03:06 4 New song
25 10:39 Up Your Alley Radio 03:04 4 New song
26 10:43 W. Dire Wolff Dinner in Deadwood 03:51 4 New song
27 10:47 Keith Beck's Zigman Bird Monsterpiece 02:54 4
28 10:50 ROLLINGEXILE That Sign 03:37 4
29 10:53 JoosTVD Blink 03:06 4
30 10:56 Banana Blonde New On You 04:42 4
31 11:01 SharpV Go Away 05:07 4
32 11:06 Alex Hedley One Day 04:37 4
33 11:11 Falling into Red The Storm Inside 03:42 4
34 11:15 Gerry & The Shed Little Baby 03:46 4
35 11:19 Joon Wolfsberg Don't You 03:36 4
36 11:22 Loose INTERNET LOVE 03:57 4
37 11:26 lori nebo take me to the water 04:34 4
38 11:31 Stereo Is A Lie Last Call 03:29 4
39 11:35 The Brazen Delusion 03:42 4
40 11:38 Four Skulls Fight Die Bleed 05:18 4
41 11:44 Marion Fiedler All My Life 03:48 4
42 11:48 Maureen & The Mercury 5 Shoot Me Cupid 04:29 4
43 11:52 Michael Quest Time Bomb 03:32 4
44 11:56 The Missing Persians Incurable Disease 05:00 4
45 12:01 Pretty Voices Scenius Genius 03:17 4
46 12:04 Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors We Never Should Have Moved To LA 03:23 4
47 12:08 Sirens Harbor We Are The Dancers 03:14 4
48 12:11 The Spiritual Machines The Race Is Still Alive 04:32 4
49 12:16 Stereo Is A Lie It's Too Late 03:28 4
50 12:19 Veins Ambi 04:41 4
51 12:24 Vs Listen 06:03 4
52 12:30 White of the Waves Shimmer 04:52 4
53 12:35 A Traveller's Tale Wind Grass And Open Skies 03:28 4
54 12:39 Blind Fret Hey Joe 04:20 4
55 12:43 The City and Horses Whip 05:31 4
56 12:49 The Pieces of Mind Walking In The Shadow Of Today 04:47 4
57 12:54 Our House, in The Woods, MN Ba-Laow (The Movie Theme) 05:04 3
58 12:59 Vovkulaka Defy (Radio edit) 03:43 3
59 1:03 Moon Starmaker 02:49 3 New song
60 1:05 don ewaldo noble metal 04:18 3 New song
61 1:10 Useless Dogs Chasing Dandelions 03:49 3 New song
62 1:14 Venus Theory Afraid to Let Go 03:25 3 New song
63 1:17 Ben Miller Third Eye Unveiled 03:51 3
64 1:21 God's Unruly Friends Dervish Blues 06:01 3
65 1:27 Tim Toz Commerce Song 03:12 3
66 1:31 Ben Miller The Hitchhiker 04:41 3
67 1:35 Dreamscape City Sinfonia Red Yellow Green 04:00 3
68 1:39 God's Unruly Friends A Pearl in Wine 06:30 3
69 1:46 lori nebo I Am 04:03 3
70 1:50 Ben Miller Infinity of Love 04:38 3
71 1:55 Red Toad Dirt Nap 04:51 2