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September 28, 2017

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Randy Moore
Born in Memphis, Tennessee. Randy's dad Buzz Moore, a jet fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force, and mom Evelyn had one son already, when the Air Force doctors told Evelyn that she had a tumor and it must be removed. Buzz, not being a follower of regulations, opted for a second opinion. Dad's "gut feeling" paid off, the tumor happened to be Randy.
In 1972, Randy entered the Humble Middle School talent show, with only a few months of guitar lessons, a blue satin suit, three chords and a song. "When I walked out on that huge stage at the high school and belted out 'Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road', I had no idea that the place will come unglued like it did … it was fun and frightening all in the same moment. " Randy took first place that night but more than anything else he got caught up in the rush of being up there, he liked the feeling.
Most of the 1970’s consisted of Randy being a Texas Music Artist, promoting his first records and performing regularly at Gilley’s Club in Houston, The KWKH Louisiana Hayride, Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth and many other dance halls and concert venues.
In 1978, Randy made his way to Nashville where he was introduced by the King of Country Music, Roy Acuff, on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. "Yep, there I was on stage with Mr. Roy, the Smoky Mountain Boys and the Opry staff band doin' a hoppedup version of "Good Old Mountain Dew". What an incredible moment." Nashville television producer Jim Owens (Crook and Chase) cast Randy to play a lead role in a
developing television series. "Big Al's Doggs" was the show's title, and the premise was based on a "60's "high school rock band. By then, Randy had formed another band and was burning up the road with the Knott Brothers ('cause they were "not brothers"), opening for the likes of Hank William Jr., David Allen Coe, Johnny Paycheck and a host of other country stars. Randy kept soaking up the music and writing songs.
Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s Randy embarked on his songwriting career. A feature of the Blue Bird Café and WSM Radio, he was writing songs with some of Nashville's best talents including Pat Bunch, Jessie Hunter, Restless Heart, Lone Star and the his legendary mentor, Carl Perkins. "The first time I met Carl Perkins, he was walking across his backyard and the way he moved and his way of relating things
reminded me of my dad, he had that West Tennessee, salt of the southern soil thing, just like dad… I felt right at home.”
In the late 1990’s Randy turned his attention back to live performance and was voted Nashville’s best Artist and Songwriter by The Tennessean (Gannett News), He won The Songwriters Network International Award. Following his performance in October 2001 alongside Bruce Springsteen to help raise funding for the devastated families on 9/11, Randy was granted the honorary Tennessee Volunteer Award by the Governor Of Tennessee (one of the state’s highest commendations).
But Randy Moore is not just a local, regional, or national act. Randy is a worldwide act.
He’s been featured in concerts and stages from Shanghai, China to Monaco, from Saudi Arabia to Canada. Randy’s travels and life xperiences are well documented and have become the bedrock for his newest and most profound musical work, the new album “Hwy 59” by Randy Moore. The New CD has garnered immediate accolades and recognition. The first single, “Sunshine State Of Mind” is America’s # 1 Trop-Rock hit of 2016. The subsequent releases from “Hwy 59” have captured the attention of hundreds of radio programmers worldwide and won The Arzuk Radio Male Indie Artist and Classic Indie Artist of 2016, LOZ Radio’s Top 5 Artists of 2016, FCR “My Kind Of Country”One of The Best Album Releases of 2016, and Radio Medusa 1st place Christmas Song Of The Year (“Little Drummer Boy”).
Moving forward, Randy Moore will be a feature of The Southeastern Events Show, Jim Parker’s Songwriter Series, Old Time Radio of Lynchburg, TN, Knoxville Radio’s Blue Plate Special, and Nashville’s Viva NashVegas among others.
Album: HWY 59 (2016)
Randy Moore’s CD “HWY 59” which crosses over to many genres ,alt country, Rock, Blues, Trop Rock contains clever lyrical phrasing and outstanding musicianship.
Distinguished musicians on this cd are Tony Harrell (acoustic piano), David Briggs (acoustic piano), Gregg Morrow (drummer) and Norbert Putman (bass). In a recent review, Hall of Fame Songwriter Dallas Frazier (“ Elvira” , “There Goes My Everything”, “Alley Oop”, etc.) gives extremely high praise for the album. Dallas said “The range of his songs touch all of our emotions. Pertaining to his delivery, Randy has a clear, mellow voice that is full of heart and seasoned with soul. Put the CD on…… kickback……and get ready for some good listening! The song that really stands out to me is track #8. Refuge.” Randy’s first single, “Sunshine State of Mind” has become an
overnight Trop Rock hit. Since mid-August 2016 it has been number one for 10 weeks and has stayed in the top of the charts. It has given Randy Artist of the Month from August to January and only in October did it come in second. The album was produced by Randy and Norbert Putnam.
The music on the album is highly entertaining with songs that relate to its listeners in one way or another. “Highway 59 Revisited” is a story about growing up in Texas.
“Sunshine State of Mind” is a warm tropical escape from the icy wintertime and 9 to 5 grind. “Paw” is life lessons a child learns from his dad. “Refuge” is the reassurance of a true friend when the storms of life approach. “Goin Back to Texas” is a Texan who longs to return to the Lone Star State and home. ”Things I Like “ are things that bring peace and simple self-awareness. “Broken” is a message of hope brought out of hopelessness. “When a Woman Gets the Blues” is an observation of the misunderstood and sometimes complex woman. “Roll Me Another One” is a message that says, life is good but life is short, so have a good time. “Santa Monica Pier” shows how blind justice can turn a blind eye to a nasty situation.
Randy has received rave reviews from Hall of Fame songwriter, Dallas Frazier , Bert Gagnon , CEO of Neon Productions Radio, Harry Teaford, General Manager of Radio A1A, Scott Wilke, Producer and Host of “My Kind Of Country”and Jasen Hillenburg, GasHouse Radio, and many others. An excellent review was also published in “The Wheel”, a well-known German publication.

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Goin' Back to Texas, 03:55 3
2 9:04 Things I Like 05:23 3
3 9:09 Sunshine State of Mind ( Explicit) 04:57 3
4 9:14 When A Woman Gets the Blues 04:31 4
5 9:19 Paw 04:07 4
6 9:23 Roll Me Another One 05:19 4
7 9:28 Santa Monica Pier 04:36 4
8 9:33 Refuge 04:23 4
9 9:37 Broken 04:17 3
10 9:42 Highway 59 Revisited 04:36 3

Full album Featured Artist

Brian Scavullo 

I was born and raised in Albany (New York) to two wonderful parents whose parents and grandparents immigrated to the United States in the early 1900s. (You're probably wondering why I'm saying this and what it has to do with me and my music, but you'll soon find out!)
I became interested in becoming a musician at the age of 12, which is when I talked to my parents and got them to sign me up for lessons. After about a year or so, I got tired of learning from books and I wanted to learn on my own. I'd listen to a bunch of different songs and try to learn and play them for hours.
When I was 16, since I knew my family originally came from Italy, and my grandmother was born there, I decided I wanted to start learning Italian. I really wanted to be able to talk to my grandmother in her native language. I mean, how cool would that be, right?!
Well, unfortunately I wasn't able to. Shortly after I had begun studying the language, my grandmother passed away. That hit me quite hard, but I tried to find a way to cope with it, which is when I turned to writing my own music.
For me songwriting is the best way to express how I feel, and it has become an essential part of my life. I've even written some songs in Italian, one of which was written especially for the victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo (2009). That same year, I performed the song "Siate Forti (Be Strong)" at a benefit dinner in New York and sold copies of my CD, donating 100% of the money received to support all of those affected by that tragedy.
Most of my music is based on personal experiences, and I'm thrilled to be able to share it with you and hear what you think.

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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating Notes
11 9:46 Brian Scavullo Perfect 03:27 4 New song
12 9:50 Fool's Paradise I Know, I Know 04:56 4
13 9:55 Garry Moore Latter rain 04:31 4
14 10:00 The Jason Gisser Band The River 03:50 4
15 10:03 Jimmy Coburn Outside My Window 03:44 4
16 10:07 John Reed Fall 03:29 4 New song
17 10:11 Love Ghost Friday Afternoon 04:50 4
18 10:16 Marina Avetisian Take Some Time 05:03 4 New song
19 10:21 Mark Alexander Carroll You're The Disease 04:01 4
20 10:25 Mark Alexander Carroll These Words Remind 04:05 4
21 10:29 the oohz oh no (don't believe you're gone) 03:46 4 New song
22 10:33 Paul Davy One Chain Road 04:22 4
23 10:37 Riff Reign Days Gone By 03:38 4 New song
24 10:41 Rob Woolf Dark Matter 05:44 4
25 10:47 Robert Machado Even Kill 03:45 4
26 10:51 Tandem Unicycle More To Find 04:37 4
27 10:56 TolbertToz Time 03:06 4
28 10:59 W. Dire Wolff Dinner in Deadwood 03:51 4 New song
29 11:03 ROLLINGEXILE These Days 04:22 4
30 11:07 J Eastman and the Drunk Uncles Rock and Roll Star 03:19 4
31 11:11 ROLLINGEXILE Stacey 03:07 4
32 11:14 JoosTVD Itch 04:04 4
33 11:18 JoosTVD Sagitario 04:46 4
34 11:23 SharpV SomeThing Approaching 05:18 4
35 11:28 Pretty Voices Radishes 03:08 4
36 11:31 A Traveller's Tale St. Arcons 02:20 4
37 11:34 Dave Vargo Too Young To Be Broken 03:47 4
38 11:38 Jimmy Lee Morris In My Song 02:45 4
39 11:40 Naryan Frost 04:55 4 New song
40 11:45 Pete Falloon Lay Down In The Morning Light 02:57 4
41 11:48 SHOOT the MOON Just Let Me 03:56 4
42 11:52 Daniel Duke Build The Levees 03:15 4
43 11:56 Gashunters Not a nursery rhyme 04:06 4
44 12:00 Helena Mace Wash Away The Years 03:32 4
45 12:04 Inward of Eden Moments To Memories 03:30 4
46 12:07 J.Delfino Under Lock and Key 03:45 4
47 12:11 John D Revelator Head held high 03:30 4
48 12:15 John Laurence This Ol' Heart 04:26 4
49 12:19 Junkie Munky You Know What I'm Sayin 03:02 4
50 12:22 Kill For Eden Love You So 04:14 4
51 12:27 Landspeeder Junknotjunk 02:51 4
52 12:29 The Rallies So Right 02:28 4
53 12:32 Riff Reign Night Train 03:39 4
54 12:36 Broken Flowers Stephen's Song 04:27 4
55 12:40 Stereo Is A Lie We're Done 04:20 4
56 12:45 Stereo Is A Lie Look At Yourself 05:36 4
57 12:50 The Stranger Phases Nevermore 03:10 4
58 12:54 Tell Her I Love Her Die Trying 03:55 4
59 12:58 BlueZander/Stoneblower PAINTBOX LAMPLIGHT 03:57 4
60 1:02 Brielle Von Hugel Naked 04:08 4
61 1:06 The Pieces of Mind You Don't Love Me 04:12 4
62 1:10 Our House, in The Woods, MN You're Still Within Me 04:19 3
63 1:15 Jef Leeson Kind Of Thing You Fall Into 04:03 3 New song
64 1:19 Moe Green's Eye Fixed 05:18 3 New song
65 1:24 Vovkulaka Defy (Radio edit) 03:43 3
66 1:28 Brad Swiniarski Go Sallinger 00:00 3 New song
67 1:28 BetaPSI Pretty Sick 03:59 3 New song
68 1:32 Gashunters Recognise 03:37 3
69 1:36 Darby Picnic Heaven 04:39 3
70 1:40 Dionisio Piccinni Stai Arrivando Da Me... instrumental 02:36 3
71 1:43 Mike Armando Funk A Lunk 06:46 3
72 1:50 Red Toad Cut You Down 05:49 2
73 1:56 The DRead Pirate Roberts New England 03:54 2 New song