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October 4, 2017

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Paul Maged
Album: Light Years Away (2017) === To be released on October 10th!

“Light Years Away” marks singer-songwriter Paul Maged’s follow up to his critically successful sophomore album, “Diamonds & Demons”. Light Years Away is the first in a trilogy of EP’s that Maged plans to release in succession.
Maged calls the new music “a natural progression in my songwriting exploration with a more ambitious and eclectic sound.” Light Years Away is produced by Multi-Platinum Producer Sean Gill of The Passengerz. The album will be released on October 10th, 2017 and available on all online music outlets including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more. CD’s can be purchased through CD Baby. The first single will be the title track “Light Years Away” which will be accompanied by a video.
Diamonds & Demons was Maged consciously wanting to make a rock n roll record. It was named #1 album of the year by Monoblogue music and had positive write-ups in The Examiner, Popdose & Nashville Music Guide to name a few. Popdose wrote, “Paul Maged proves rock ‘n’ roll isn’t dead; it just needed a reason to get out of bed in the morning.” Early in 2015 Maged began writing new music. He said, “After ‘D&D’ I really wanted to free myself from inhibitions and let the music release itself in whatever shape and form it takes and not change it consciously to what I think it should be.” Resisting the shackles of writing songs that would play big live, Maged challenged himself to write more varied and mature songs both lyrically and musically. The result became more than a full album’s worth of songs spanning many different genres. Producer Sean Gill calls it “Maged Music, its own entity”. Gill as well changed his approach on the production side, choosing to use more instrumentation and layers, creating a more lavish soundscape that would bring out different flavors in the music.
Acknowledging the direction the music industry has taken and how music is currently disseminated, Gill persuaded Maged to break the new music into a trilogy of conceptual EP’s to be released just a few months apart.
Light Years Away includes six plus songs and marks the first of the trilogy. The opening track “PC Police” could be a cut off Diamonds & Demons, a pop punk, socially conscious song. But where “Diamonds & Demons” expressed more rage in its approach, PC Police revels in a sarcastic and satirical look at the hypersensitivity of political correctness that permeates today’s society. “Moment of Strength” is a soulful piece of music Maged calls “Billy Joel meets The Killers meet Michael Jackson.” “Light Years Away” is a song about human kind’s evolution within the universe and the consequences of its actions but is also an ode to loved ones we share our journey with. “Ashley Jane” is a pop tune full of imagery with a twinge of Mumford & Sons and is a song that Maged fully dreamed which includes a guest appearance by harp player Cabbage Pomeranz on harmonica. “Half Moon” is a dark, haunting and atmospheric song. “Like a Stone” is Maged’s tribute to Chris Cornell who was a big influence on Maged.
His acoustic cover of Cornell & Audioslave’s “Like a Stone” has Maged playing all instruments and co-producing with Gill. Light Years Away marks Maged’s new vision and direction of exploring various musical landscapes while using his music emotionally and lyrically in a personally cathartic way.
Paul Maged wrote and performed stand up and sketch comedy for over a decade straight out of high school. He appeared in background roles on Saturday Night Live as well as lead and supporting roles in independent films.
An important part of Maged’s life, Paul wished to somehow tie his comedy past into this album. Light Years Away is accompanied by a video to the title track in which Maged parodies his comedy days; playing animated versions of himself as comedy characters he played during his decade plus in comedy. His “comedy band” includes Stoner Moonshine on bass guitar, Italian Chef/Mafioso Vinny Tortellini on lead guitar and legendary Porn Star Randy Phella on drums. The video showcases the lighter side to Paul as his comedy band plays live in space.
Other videos for this album include PC Police and Like a Stone.

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 PC Police 02:55 4 New song
2 9:03 Moment of Strength 05:18 4 New song
3 9:08 Moment of Strength reprise 00:51 4 New song
4 9:09 Light Years Away 04:09 4 New song
5 9:13 Ashley Jane 03:13 4 New song
6 9:16 Half Moon 03:55 4 New song
7 9:20 Like a Stone 04:12 4 New song

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Multi-instrumentalist/singer, playing alternative rock/rock music. Released a six-track EP last year called 'The Plight of Life' and have released a further two songs since then. Busy finalising three new songs to record in the studio in August 2017.
A song (Doctor can You Help Me) I recorded recently, not yet released, but looking to releasing it later in the year.
I wanted to try and give a strong sense of emotion that corresponded with the lyrics.
which I hope I have done.

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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating Notes
8 9:25 Colch Doctor can You Help Me 03:05 4
9 9:28 Fool's Paradise I Know, I Know 04:56 4
10 9:33 Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers It All Falls Down On Me 03:40 4 New song
11 9:37 Garry Moore God Is Bigger 04:07 4
12 9:41 Howard Simon Albion 03:58 4
13 9:45 The Jason Gisser Band The River 03:50 4
14 9:49 Jef Leeson Tired Of Waking Up Tired (Slow Version) 04:08 4 New song
15 9:53 John Reed Fall 03:29 4
16 9:57 Love Ghost Maroon 04:47 4
17 10:01 Marina Avetisian Shivers 03:57 4
18 10:05 Mark Alexander Carroll You're The Disease 04:01 4
19 10:10 Mark Alexander Carroll These Words Remind 04:05 4
20 10:14 the oohz oh no (don't believe you're gone) 03:46 4 New song
21 10:18 Paul Davy Take Me Down That Path 04:39 4
22 10:22 Rob Woolf Precious Jewel Like Earth 03:37 4
23 10:26 Robert Machado Lost 03:32 4
24 10:30 Tandem Unicycle Lately 04:19 4
25 10:34 TolbertToz Time 03:06 4
26 10:37 W. Dire Wolff Dinner in Deadwood 03:51 4
27 10:41 Victor Samalot Mofongo 01:39 4 New song
28 10:43 Dave Vargo Pieces Of My Heart 04:09 4
29 10:47 Kill For Eden Pay The Piper 05:10 4
30 10:52 Starch Monkey Only You 03:25 4
31 10:56 Ringo And The Wolf Hey Darling 05:45 4
32 11:02 Cherry Head, Cherry Heart Lake Geneva 03:07 4
33 11:05 Jimmy Lee Morris Take Me Home 03:52 4
34 11:09 BlueZander/Stoneblower SKELETON KEY 03:09 4
35 11:12 Helena Mace I Found Love 03:45 4
36 11:16 The Rallies Still Gonna Want You 04:37 4
37 11:21 Ross Seddon You're the Reason  04:11 4
38 11:25 The Sables Someone Else 03:16 4
39 11:28 SharpV And Finally 06:30 4
40 11:35 Spo Bro Torn 04:04 4
41 11:39 Steve Rodgers I Will Grow 03:24 4
42 11:42 StoneNipples Rey lobo 05:00 4
43 11:47 Sweet Roger Put Out the Fires 04:00 4
44 11:52 They Called Him Zone Death Drive 04:59 4
45 11:57 TolbertToz Let You Go 04:51 5
46 12:02 Trustee Savings Bank Hear No Words 03:49 4
47 12:05 Victim Of Illusion Jamie's world 04:54 4
48 12:10 AirCrash Detectives Some Good Advice 03:53 4
49 12:14 Becky Phillips There You Are 03:31 4
50 12:18 BlueZander/Stoneblower DELTA DECKHAND (RELEASE VERSION) 04:05 4
51 12:22 Cherry Head, Cherry Heart Tarred and Feathered 03:20 4
52 12:26 China Tanks See You Tomorrow 02:26 4
53 12:28 Cloverlift The Traveler 03:36 4
54 12:32 Crawling Solo Die For Your Feelings 04:20 4
55 12:36 Dieter van der Westen For the lost ones 03:57 4
56 12:40 The Discarded Could That Be You 04:00 4
57 12:44 Drama Duo after Feel me 04:37 4
58 12:49 Elusion Facade 04:52 4
59 12:54 Heather Nikole Harper Moonlight  04:11 4
60 12:58 Helena Mace If I'd Known You Back Then 03:44 4
61 1:02 Impervious Mind Impervious Mind 04:12 4
62 1:06 Isabel and The Uncommons I Don't Want to Know 03:10 4
63 1:10 Jon Pattie Home 04:43 4
64 1:14 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would 02:52 4
65 1:17 BetaPSI Pretty Sick 03:59 3
66 1:21 Our House, in The Woods, MN You're Still Within Me 04:19 3
67 1:26 Giuseppe Brai Elena 03:39 3 New song
68 1:30 Moe Green's Eye Fixed 05:18 3 New song
69 1:35 Vovkulaka Defy (Radio edit) 03:43 3
70 1:39 Your Name Here  Fall Apart (Start Again) 04:31 3 New song
71 1:43 Your Name Here Out Of Time 03:44 3 New song
72 1:47 Excorde If I Saw You 03:40 3
73 1:51 Ben Miller The Legend of Frank & Jesse James 03:51 3
74 1:55 Red Toad Dirt Nap 04:51 2