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October 9, 2017

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Established in 2014, MetaQuorum is a ground-breaking new music project by Russian born composer/keyboardist Dmitry Ermakov playing Meld, a fusion of Funk, Prog, Rock, Jazz, Electronica and more.
Dmitry Ermakov began playing piano at six. At seven, he entered the St. Petersburg State Capella where he majored in classical piano, composition, harmony and conducting, later going on to study sax, piano and improvisation in the Jazz Faculty, Mussorgsky Music College. Throughout the 80’s and early 90’s, Ermakov was active in the Soviet underground scene, gigging and recording with his own punk and fusion bands as well as performing with such legendary artists as avant-garde jazz trumpeter V. Gaivoronsky and blues-rock star Yuri Morozov.
Ermakov also composed and recorded soundtracks for Lenfilm cinema studios and the renowned Russian clown troupe Licedei Minus 4 (produced at Studio D2), as well as working as Musical Director at Toxovo Cultural Centre. He emigrated to the UK in 1993 following the collapse of the Soviet Union, where he has recently set up a new funk-prog-elctro-jazz project called MetaQuorum.
Dutch drummer Koos van der Velde joined MetaQuorum in November 2014.
Like Ermakov, van der Velde began playing at six, and was already drumming with his first metal band, Lunacy, by thirteen. After gigging with several local metal and punk bands for six years, in 1993 van der Velde joined experimental jazz-core band Megakronkel, the Dutch group which opened the way for bands such as Victims Family and NoMeansNo. Renowned for his superfast double kick, van der Velde has been gigging and recording for a variety of bands for the last 25 years, alongside tutoring and running drum clinics both at home and abroad.
Featured Musicians: Carol Ermakova inherited her voice from her mother, who won several singing competitions. Despite being singled out for a select school choir at the age of 11, Ermakova never developed this talent. In 2015, MetaQuorum persuaded her to join the project as a second vocalist, and she has since been described as ‘the voice from fairyland.’
Markus ‘Bluesharp’ Bossert Born in New York, Markus ‘Bluesharp’ Bossert began playing the bluesharp at 16 when he struck up a friendship with a street musician who taught him the basics. Since the late 90’s, he’s played with a plethora of bands all over the globe, including The Strings in Kathmandu, Nepal.
He is a popular guest in Ermakov’s native land, gigging at several venues in Arkhangelsk, notably the Arkhangelsk Blues and Jazz Festivals organised by Timothey Dorofeev.
Now living in Switzerland, Bossert joined the Basel-based R Major Power Blues band in 2013, and is a regular feature at jam sessions in the city, often joining bands as a guest player. In recent months he has made a couple of studio recordings.
St. Petersburg-born Viktor Mikheyev joined his first band at 17 and is still playing bass today.
Flying in the face of persistent Soviet state control, throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s Mikheyev played in several underground bands, as well as joining Ermakov in punk rock band Panika, avant-garde jazz rock fusion outfit FoxBox and the eight piece group Komnata 118. Mikheyev has recorded numerous songs and albums, both as a soloist and for the many groups with whom he has played including his own music project The CyBear.
In 1982 Mikheyev embarked on a long-standing collaboration with Lenfilm Studios as screen-writer, actor and deputy director. He currently lives in Bulgaria where he is active in the music and cinema scene.
We released 5 new tracks over the summer2016, and we’ve now put them together on a compilation CD – Cream of the Summer 2016.
As well as our first song, Migration, the compilation includes Jonathan Livingston, Cyberfunk, The Piper & the Frog, and City Folk. The CD, artwork by Dmitry Ermakov, in a card sleeve, is available together with digital download for £4.50 (+P&P) at: http://goo.gl/UbddtF

Notes for the artist:
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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Jonathan Livingston 03:47 3
2 9:03 Migration  11:15 3
3 9:15 The Piper & The Frog 05:09 3 New song
4 9:20 Cyber Funk 05:00 3 New song
5 9:25 City Folk 03:56 3 New song

Full album Featured Artist

Memènto Mori 

Memènto Mori, with his dark, distinct voice and his wonderful ability to make timeless and innovative songs with catcy tunes, has managed to arrange and produce tunes that manage to sneak into our bone marrow and stay there forever. The artist is actually named Pål-Andrè Rauan and comes from Larvik.
His debut album, "My Minor Universe", will come in 2017.
With a blend of melancholy chords, its dark voice, multi-voice choirs, texts of life and death as well as hope and love, Memènto Mori draws inspiration from the dark and melancholy like Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave, dreamy harmonies, catchy melodies and surprising chord change like The Beach Boys.
Many of the songs and especially the lyrics came after a tough period in Rauan's life when he fought against cancer in 2007. After he was declared healthy, he had a different view of life, which characterizes his songs to a large extent.
Pål-Andrè Rauan has played with his brother, Bellman, from the beginning (2005) on records, at concerts and as a co-arranger of the songs.
Memènto Mori has written all the songs themselves, as well as produced and arranged them. Everything is recorded in AMG studios with studio technician Anders Grimstad. The songs are mixed by Jonas Rohde-Moe and Andreas Eide Larsen and mastering in New York and Stockholm.

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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating Notes
6 9:29 Memènto Mori Till Death Do Us Part 04:40 4 New song
7 9:34 Eleusia Drug Of You 03:49 4 New song
8 9:38 Riff Reign You May Be Rich 03:35 4 New song
9 9:41 Bellman Getaway 03:52 4
10 9:45 The Discarded Check it out 02:42 4 New song
11 9:48 Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers Someone Else's Dream 03:27 4
12 9:52 Garry Moore Lord You Are 04:42 4
13 9:56 Howard Simon Visitors 02:52 4 New song
14 9:59 James Thomas Band Siren 04:15 4 New song
15 10:04 The Jason Gisser Band The River 03:50 4
16 10:08 John Reed Fall 03:29 4
17 10:11 Jon C Butler When The Walls Went Down 03:51 4 New song
18 10:15 Lost Generation No Mercy 04:20 4
19 10:20 Love Ghost Forgive Me 06:07 5
20 10:26 Marina Avetisian Campervan Blues 03:51 4
21 10:30 Mark Alexander Carroll These Words Remind 04:05 4
22 10:34 Mark Alexander Carroll You're The Disease 04:01 4
23 10:38 the oohz oh no (don't believe you're gone) 03:46 4
24 10:42 Paul Davy Look Around and Turn Away 05:01 4
25 10:47 Robert Machado Locked Room 04:28 4
26 10:51 Tandem Unicycle World Tilts 03:26 4
27 10:55 TolbertToz Time 03:06 4
28 10:58 Victor Samalot El Torero 04:30 4 New song
29 11:03 W. Dire Wolff Dinner in Deadwood 03:51 4
30 11:07 Jimmy Lee Morris End Of The Road ('69 Campervan) 03:22 4
31 11:10 Ross Seddon You Go Your Way 04:19 4
32 11:14 Crawling Solo The Wall 03:28 4
33 11:18 Matt Steady Roamer's Rest 06:42 4
34 11:25 Anne-Marie Lax Fortune 05:04 4
35 11:30 Barley Station Can't Sleep For Venus 04:18 4
36 11:34 Black Hammer Voodoo Suffer 03:08 4
37 11:38 The CheeseBergens What Would Lemmy Do? 04:42 4
38 11:42 Chuck Eaton The Right Thing I Did 04:20 4
39 11:47 Harsh Blue Heroes 03:49 4
40 11:51 Impervious Mind Black Lullaby 04:53 4
41 11:56 Kerosene Stars Lost 03:05 4
42 11:59 Lady Zephyr Cannot Explain 03:31 4
43 12:02 Larre U-A Just Let Me Love You 03:58 4
44 12:06 Marching To Sirens Ashes 03:55 4
45 12:10 Marion Fiedler This is Life 02:52 4
46 12:13 Mars Bonfire Possessed 03:09 4
47 12:17 Remedies She 03:08 4
48 12:20 Paul Hulm Outta Time 02:42 4
49 12:23 SKYFEVER The Returning 03:00 4
50 12:26 Pitch Black Sunrise How Far We Fall 05:53 4
51 12:32 Sterling Fox Get Laid 03:06 4
52 12:35 Pwned By Gravity All My Might 04:23 4
53 12:39 Sweet Roger Loon Lake 05:22 4
54 12:45 Raveis Kole Wicked Game 03:32 4
55 12:48 The Underlying Talkers Appearances 05:05 4
56 12:54 The Unresolved End Of Time 03:37 4
57 12:57 Victim Of Illusion Empty Diary 03:47 4
58 1:01 The Winachi Tribe Lay Your Guns Down 02:59 4
59 1:04 AirCrash Detectives The Last Spaceship To Heaven 04:45 5
60 1:09 Barley Station True 03:42 5
61 1:13 Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band Be Still 04:49 4
63 1:20 Rob Woolf Everybody Needs Someone to Love 02:28 4
64 1:23 The Pieces of Mind Neighbour Neighbour 03:30 4
65 1:27 Our House, in The Woods, MN You're Still Within Me 04:19 3
66 1:31 Garry Moore He Will Be There 03:25 3 New song
67 1:34 Giuseppe Brai Elena 03:39 3
68 1:38 Moe Green's Eye Fixed 05:18 3
69 1:44 Ryan Doherty Suddenness 04:47 3 New song
70 1:48 Vovkulaka Defy (Radio edit) 03:43 3
71 1:52 MetaQuorum Chicken & Egg 03:46 3 New song
72 1:56 Mohai Experiment Strong like you 04:07 3