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October 22, 2017

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Rowland Jones 
Born in Swansea, but based in Manchester since the 70s, guitarist Rowland Jones has long been winning friends and beguiling audiences with magnetic, understated blues influenced guitar playing and a nifty line in classic rootsy songwriting.
Rowland has gigged extensively – from legendary venues like The Marquee, and The Speakeasy, to festival stages throughout Italy - rubbing shoulders with artists as diverse as Oscar Peterson and Captain Beefheart and touring with bands such The Exciters and Limmie And The Family Cookin’.
One thing he HASN'T done is release a solo album - until now.
Album: New Start, New Day (2017)
A cursory listen to Rowland's latest batch of songs in early 2017 persuaded noted producer Nigel Stonier (Thea Gilmore, Fairport Convention, Waterboys) that he wanted to work with Rowland - and in a heartbeat pedal steel player CJ Hillman - voted U.K. Americana musician of the year 2017 - and legendary drummer Paul Burgess (10cc, Jethro Tull, Chris Farlowe) had stepped up to offer their services.
The result - recorded mostly live at Airtight in Chorlton, Manchester over 2 weeks in early summer - is "New Start, New Day" marking the importance of this change of gear for Jones It's a collection of 10 road honed reflections which touch on country, blues, roots and even a hint of jazz, without ever being classifiable as any of the above.
The twitchy restlessness of the title track quickly gives way to the hard won happiness of ‘Grown-up love songs’. If the deftly sketched human failures and resignation of "How Did It Happen" bring the tears welling up then the sheer exuberance of "So Good" will see them off.
And if the tragedy of the protagonist of "If Not For Me" casts a dark sombre shadow, then the laugh-out-loud ruminations of "Gods Busy Changing Strings" will dispel it.
Jones' own melodic lead and rhythm playing is expertly framed by ever empathetic contributions from Hillman, Stonier and Burgess, ensuring the record is a feast of top flight musicianship and understated virtuosity.
'I'm absolutely thrilled by what we have achieved' said Jones 'Working with great musicians together with Nigel's vision of where we were going, was an amazing experience . . . and it was great fun - I hope everyone who hears the album will enjoy the experience as much as we did making it!'

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 New Start New Day 00:51 2 New song
2 9:00 Anymore 02:45 4 New song
3 9:03 Grown-up Love Songs 03:42 4 New song
4 9:07 So Good 03:40 4 New song
5 9:11 How Did It Happen 03:34 4 New song
6 9:14 You for Me 04:38 4 New song
7 9:19 Devil's in the Detail 04:12 4 New song
8 9:23 Slip Away 03:01 4 New song
9 9:27 If Not for Me 04:28 4 New song
10 9:31 God's Busy Changing Strings 03:55 4 New song

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Welsh Avenue 

AUSTIN BASED SINGER/SONGWRITER MARK DILILLO, AKA WELSH AVENUE, FUSES HIS CLASSICAL PIANO BACKGROUND ANDPROWESS ON ABLETON TO CREATE A POWERFULALT/ELECTRONIC/EXPERIMENTAL/NU-WAVE VIBE ON HIS DEBUT EP ‘THE GREAT EXCHANGE’Creating a fascinating hybrid vibe that could be described as a cross between alternative, electronic, experimental and nuwave music, Austin, Texas based singer/songwriter Mark DiLillo – recording under the name Welsh Avenue – stirs up a dynamic mix of Ableton-driven beats, dreamy distorted vocals and trippy synth musings, among other clever sonic textures. Yet at the core of everything on the four tracks of his debut EP The Great Exchange are the beautiful melodic echoes and influences of his many years of classical piano training and performances. DiLillo was a biology major at Texas A&M planning to become a vet, but when his college roommate taught him how to use the Ableton software, he developed a new creative passion – and a musical vision for his life that literally developed on the street where he lived, Welsh Avenue. “I really thought the soundof the street really matched the feel of my music, so I made it my moniker as an artist,” he says. “I first started playing music as a young piano student, and had an amazing teacher. I took nine years of lessons and stopped two years before college. In college, I started writing classical piano songs, once I started to learn how to use the music recording software, I started experimenting with different sounds and producing the more electric/nu-wave style I play now.”In developing his eclectic sound, DiLillo drew upon a wealth of other musical inspirations, from indie synth-pop/chillwave artists Twin Shadow and Toro Y Moi to indietronica band Passion Pit and legends like The Beach Boys and Michael Jackson. He still performs occasional classical gigs in local restaurants,but when he performs his Welsh Avenue material solo at such hotspots as Lucky Lounge, he uses a foot switch to trigger loops and trigger pad that connects with the software to create a full audio experience. Beyond all the sonic mastery, DiLillo is a thoughtful and intellectual lyricist who draws upon philosophy and his science background to weave his clever stories. On “Germ Theory,” for example, he references Louis Pasteur in the lines, “And as the storm came my way, this time I did alright/Cuz like the Germ theorist once said, chance favors the prepared mind.” The song’s overall theme is the singer’s philosophy that we can use the hard times we go through for our benefit or we can ignore the lessons we learn. The title track “The Great Exchange” is about the exchange of thoughts as we move from one mindset to the next, which he believes “requires change of thought and heart.” The whimsical, romantic “Blue Eyes” finds DiLillo’ reflecting fondly on a life changing relationship, emphasized by the affirmation, “And in this coulda been, shoulda been world, we made it happen.” For the mystical final track “Time To Fly,” he recalls the traumas of a pet owner he encountered during his time working as a vet’s assistant. After relating her misfortunes and his compassionate responses, he repeats the refrain, “My heart says it’s time to fly.”“The EP is essentially about a change of mindset, from negative to positive, from unproductive to productive, from mediocre to excellent,” he says. “It is a message that I think my generation needs. It reflects me as an artist because I want my music to have purpose and intention. I know I can always improve myself as a person, and I want listeners to hear it and feel the same, from hopeless to hopeful. It is definitely contains experimental qualities, and I like that because it gives me some options as to where to take my sound from here.”
The Great Exchange EP (2017)
A unique blend of moving rhythms and balladic lyrics sits in between soothing synths and melodic pianos to create The Great Exchange EP. The concept behind the album is a change of thought from unproductive to productive, from negative to positive, from mediocre to excellence. It is a message my generationneeds.

Notes for the artist
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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating Notes
11 9:35 Welsh Avenue Germ Theory 03:51 4
12 9:39 Welsh Avenue Blue Eyes 03:50 4 New song
13 9:43 Welsh Avenue The Great Exchange 03:43 4 New song
14 9:47 Welsh Avenue Time to Fly 04:06 4 New song
15 9:51 Mack Meadows Cigarette 03:38 4 New song
16 9:55 Swilly Batman 04:29 4 New song
17 9:59 BK Gray Silver Moon (the legend of Alice) 04:01 4
18 10:03 The Discarded Check it out 02:42 4
19 10:06 Divining Rod Love Come Tumbling 04:30 4 New song
20 10:11 Drive On Mak Outlaw 02:47 4 New song
21 10:14 Dynamos Shake, Rattle and Roll 03:01 3 New song
22 10:17 Howard Simon Where You Are 06:16 4
23 10:23 James Thomas Band Siren 04:15 4
24 10:27 Lost Generation No Mercy 04:20 4
25 10:32 the oohz oh no (don't believe you're gone) 03:46 4
26 10:36 Otis Kry I Wish 03:18 4
27 10:39 Paul Davy Tale Of Our Times 04:02 4
28 10:43 The Red Button Can't Let Candy Go 03:15 4 New song
29 10:46 Riff Reign You 04:00 4
30 10:51 Rob Woolf Precious Jewel Like Earth 03:37 4
31 10:54 TolbertToz Back to Yesterday 04:00 4
32 10:58 Marching To Sirens Siren Call 03:26 4
33 11:02 The Groovebirds The Things They Never Told You 03:30 4
34 11:05 IT Last Chance 05:53 4
35 11:11 Three Left Whiskey Bent And Hellbound 02:54 4
36 11:14 Amilia K Spicer LIghtning 04:22 4
37 11:19 Bobby Danger She don't want me 03:31 4
38 11:22 COSMOSQUAD Always Remember the Love 05:12 4
39 11:28 Da Vere & Co I Still Loved Her 03:12 4
40 11:31 Duskwood Desert Queen 07:13 4
41 11:38 Excorde Don't Ever) Let Me Do That 04:31 4
42 11:43 Gaz Lawrence Eastward 03:38 4
43 11:47 Ghostly Beard No Return 05:18 4
44 11:52 Keith Beck's Zigman Bird Dry Tears 02:48 4
45 11:55 Mark Reitenga The Detroit Blues 02:27 4
46 11:57 Milk N' Honey Tuesday Morning 03:15 4
47 12:01 The Nelson Brothers Sacred River 03:46 4
48 12:05 Paper City Exile There She Goes 02:47 4
49 12:07 Robert King Stomping Ground 06:04 4
50 12:14 Rocker Doomed Planet 03:56 4
51 12:18 THELEMA FRACTURE 03:47 4
52 12:21 Tiffany Gow Free 03:36 4
53 12:25 Twiggy Branches Miss Available 04:04 4
54 12:29 UR S MAN (Sam Reeves) No More 05:08 4
55 12:35 Violent Attitude If Noticed The Tower 08:55 4
56 12:44 Warm Circles Shut me out 04:14 4
57 12:48 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would 02:52 4
58 12:51 Mark Alexander Carroll These Words Remind 04:05 4
59 12:55 Mark Alexander Carroll You're The Disease 04:01 4
60 12:59 Victor Samalot Streets Of Barcelona 01:56 4
61 1:01 Love Ghost Friday Afternoon 04:50 4
62 1:06 Scott Smith Igniting the Flame 03:05 3 New song
63 1:09 Our House, in The Woods, MN Life Never Fading 03:58 3
64 1:13 Swamp Guy Kayton Everything Must Go 04:36 3 New song
65 1:18 Giuseppe Brai Elena 03:39 3
66 1:22 Marc Ceccotti Ten little bars of grief 02:26 3
67 1:24 Mars Bonfire What Took You So Long? 04:04 3 New song
68 1:28 Moe Green's Eye Fixed 05:18 3
69 1:34 Ryan Doherty Suddenness 04:47 3
70 1:39 Nicumo Old World Burning 04:46 3 New song
71 1:43 Anne-Marie Lax Simple Grace 05:31 3
72 1:49 Jenny Vinatieri Have A Nice Day 03:14 3
73 1:52 Our House, in The Woods, MN Bemidji Run-Live 04:15 3
74 1:57 Tuesday Night Rodeo Stranger (In A Strange Town) 03:19 3