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October 28, 2017

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Angus Powell 
Angus Powell was born in England but grew up in Mid Wales, in an old derelict mill house (‘Tyr Felin’:Mill House) converted by his father in a small village called Pennant. With Mountains as a back garden and a river either side of the house, the sound and feel of nature was part of his formative life. Attending a Welsh bilingual school he sang in Eisteddfods both solo and in choirs and played Piano, violin and Saxophone from an early age.
Angus spent hours lost in parent’s record collections, sitting with their oversized headphones on, playing the same songs over and over again, obsessing with the artwork. Otis Reading, Beatles, Motown and the favourite–Jeff Wayne’s dark concept album ‘War of the Worlds’ had a huge affect on his taste in music. A BA in performing arts followed in Manchester but he spent most of his time in basement studios, later moving away from acting, joining bands and touring worldwide, while he found his own voice and honed his songwriting skills. He delved into pop along the way, learning more about recording and finally turning to learn the guitar, the next missing part of his musical puzzle.
Going on to do a course in music production and audio engineering and taking a year out to study Songwriting, he continued writing in a glorified squat in London with no money, finally moving back to Wales where he set up a small bedroom studio and spent the next few months recording and writing, waiting until the roads were quiet after 10pm and spending the nights playing and recording his music.
This is where his song Monsters came from, the first signal of his dark, emotional, yet fragile musical sound. When Angus writes, he does so: " ..with images in my head, pictures and colours, creating scenes for the emotions to live. I think this is why the tracks work with picture – despite some people’s interpretation I don’t ever write about Love. It’s all about timeless spaces and open emotions, fears and realizations..."
Sending his music out to anyone and everyone he could find, with pictures in mind, it lead him to getting the attention of LA based music sync agent Danny Benair:
"In the world of random emails with people asking you to listen to their music. I Listened…I loved his voice and his lyrics and the production. He sounds like a classic songwriter from another era and from 2017 and many years to come. I was blown away immediately as was the Film and TV community"
Danny sent out Angus's music to great reactions from Film and TV, and at the same time, Angus came to the attention of Halogen Music, a new London based, Sync/Hybrid company, who took Angus under their wing, making him their first key signing, finishing and releasing the "Monsters" EP worldwide. The title track from the EP soon became legendary US radio station KCRW's Top Tune of the Day and with Danny representing them for Sync in the US, his music was used in worldwide syndicated Television shows, including "Elementary", "Bones", "Kingdom" & "Finding Carter" and indie films like "Go North" (starring Jacob Lofland), 100 Streets (Starring Idris Elba) etc.
Over the past 18 months, Angus recorded his debut
album, Before The Grey, with all three principals of Halogen taking roles on the record, Angus working closely with Halogen Producer Paul Moessl to create a lush sonic soundscape interwoven around his stunning songs. As Angus recounts:
“I recorded both in Mid Wales and Great Malvern, travelling back and forth. I always took the mountain road, leaving before the world woke up and returning after the day had retired. There is nothing more inspiring than those sunrises and no better way to reflect on the days work than with those sundowns..”
The result is the beautiful, sometimes dark debut album, Before The Grey, mastered by Pink Floyd Engineer Andy Jackson, with tracks including the brooding "Shiver", the epic sound of "Pulls Me Under", the beautiful contemporary hint of the Welsh hymn “Calon Lan" that leads into Powell’s honest “Turnaround” and the song possibly that started this musical journey, "Monsters".
Before The Grey is released Worldwide on Halogen Music September 29..
For more information contact:
Christian Ulf-Hansen, Halogen Music
Email: christianulf1@gmail.com Tel: +44 7768 156682

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Shiver 04:17 4 New song
2 9:04 Pulls Me Under 04:21 4 New song
3 9:08 Monsters 03:42 4 New song
4 9:12 Passenger 03:14 4 New song
5 9:15 Lines 03:36 4 New song
6 9:19 Truth 05:06 4 New song
7 9:24 Standing on Their Shoulders 03:39 4 New song
8 9:28 Trenches 03:47 4 New song
9 9:32 Locker 03:55 4 New song
10 9:36 Hole in My Heart 02:53 4 New song
11 9:39 Upside Down 03:45 4 New song
12 9:43 Turnaround (Calon Lan) 05:01 4 New song

Full album Featured Artist

TJ Doyle  

TJ Doyle, is an American artist with a world view, a love of Earth and a feel for what it takes to care for the planet we are on. He also takes a song, wraps it in melodic yet compelling music and delivers it with a sense of fun, responsibility and subtle but strong Americana sensibilities.
TJ has been lauded by critics for having his own musical and vocal styles, although he admits to his strong vocals being reminiscent of Neil Young . "That's the way I sing. Can't help it".
His last single "Unconditinal" was buzzed about by The Vinyl District, Jamsphere, and Bearded Magazine. His newest single, "Anonymous" will be out Sept. 7, 2017. "Anonymous" is "a tribute to anyone who has felt marginalized", says Doyle. As TJ's lyrics say, "Don't you know that you are golden, Don't believe you're anonymous".
Raised in 5 Eastern cities by the age of 10, TJ now lives in a community on the edge of the Angeles National Forest above LA where he writes songs that transmit an authenticity harking back to the 60s. Does “harking back” mean he lives in the past? Not at all. “That era of music was when artists were writing about the challenges of a generation instead of the more personal and relationship-oriented pop and rock that currently dominates the airwaves.” He goes after that vision delivering his passion for the environment. “Nature is free from the human condition that afflicts humanity, and is an inspiration that can help us all. By observing nature we can learn more about our own true natures.”
Musically TJ, who has a touring history covering the northern American Midwest and Southern California, surrounds himself with some of the top musician’s musicians to be found today on his recordings like Rock Deadrick, Drums & Percussion (Tracy Chapman) David Sutton, Bass (Tracy Chapman) Matt Laug, Drums (Slash’s Snakepit), Lance Morrison, Bass, (Don Henley) Tim Pierce, Guitar (Crowded House, Dave Matthews) or in his live performances like Phil Parlapiano, Keyboards, (Lowen & Navarro), and Hank Van Sickle, Bass, (John Mayall). Legendary venues such as The Whiskey and The Roxy have hosted his band, “but it’s time to expand on that. The plan is to get out into the rest of the world,” fostered recently by extensive airplay in Europe, from his most recent album “On The Horizon”. The TJ brand of music is also picking up steam in Australia, New Zealand and, of course, across North America.
At a time when divisions seem to be so loud in people's minds, TJ Doyle feels music can bring calm, so he presents ideas that help dissuade the internal discourse that is prevalent in our society today. In "Anonymous" particularly, the singer/songwriter says, " It is my hope the listener can take away the thought they have something very special in them, and start to fan the flames of this 'self', so they can 'spread their wings and FLY'!"
Doyle, describes his music in general as a vehicle to "help people make sense of themselves and the world. That is my prime directive with my music and lyrics."
"Anonymous", produced by David Z Rivkin (Prince, Fine Young Cannibals) is part of a planned EP, "or maybe an album. "It doesn't matter anymore. People can now enjoy music from an artist one song at a time. The album will arrive when it's the 'right time Here's a private Link for listening to "Anonymous".
Thanks for reading!

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: This page will always be here under your name in "Featured Artists". You can always send us an updated Bio using 'CONTACT' on Menu at the top of page.

# (PST) Artist Name length Rating Notes
13 9:48 TJ Doyle Anonymous 05:26 4 New song
14 9:53 TolbertToz Pieces 04:04 4
15 9:57 BK Gray Silver Moon (the legend of Alice) 04:01 4
16 10:02 The Discarded Check it out 02:42 4
17 10:04 Divining Rod Love Come Tumbling 04:30 4 New song
18 10:09 Drive On Mak Outlaw 02:47 4 New song
19 10:12 Hegarty  Even the joker cries sometimes  04:36 4 New song
20 10:16 Indus Rush Parts 1 & 2 05:51 4 New song
21 10:22 James Thomas Band Siren 04:15 4
22 10:27 Lost Generation No Mercy 04:20 4
23 10:31 Otis Kry I Wish 03:18 4
24 10:35 Paul Davy Take Me Down That Path 04:39 4
25 10:39 Ralph Beeby & The Elephant Collective Animal 04:01 4 New song
26 10:43 The Red Button Can't Let Candy Go 03:15 4
27 10:47 Rob Woolf (Woolfy) Precious Jewel Like Earth 03:37 4
28 10:50 Skidbone Heavens' Homes 04:12 4
29 10:55 3 Bricks Shy I Love to Boogie 02:37 4 New song
30 10:57 The Jess Novak Band Fireworks & Fairytales 05:13 4 New song
31 11:03 IT Revolution 05:52 5
32 11:09 Christopher Galen I'm Still Here 02:52 4
33 11:12 COSMOSQUAD Beyond Death's Door 04:48 4
34 11:16 Daphne Willis Somebody's Someone 03:45 4
35 11:20 Farrell Faz Crowson, John Pemberton Storm 03:20 4
36 11:24 Johnny Mark Holding On To Summer 03:12 4
37 11:27 JoosTVD Private Scene 03:01 4
38 11:30 Keith Beck's Zigman Bird I Die to Confuse You 02:49 4
39 11:33 Naryan Sleeping Beauty 04:29 4
40 11:38 The Nelson Brothers Reckless Hearrt 03:56 4
41 11:42 Rocker Space Jungle 04:05 4
42 11:46 ROLLINGEXILE Down The Road 03:06 4
43 11:49 Tuesday Night Rodeo Break for the Borderline 03:34 4
44 11:53 W. Dire Wolff Summer Magic 05:20 4
45 11:58 Whiskey Child Guess I'll See You Around 03:40 4
46 12:02 Banana Blonde Life Of Fire 03:47 4
47 12:06 bradley buxton Jam Tart 04:18 4
48 12:10 Callum Gray Older Than My Bones 04:22 4
49 12:14 Christopher Galen Pushing Away 04:42 4
50 12:19 Marc Ceccotti Metal Lament 02:54 4
51 12:22 Victor Samalot Cafe Puerto Rico 04:19 4
52 12:27 The Pieces of Mind Judgement Day 04:22 4
53 12:31 Mark Alexander Carroll These Words Remind 04:05 4
54 12:35 Mark Alexander Carroll You're The Disease 04:01 4
55 12:39 Love Ghost Friday Afternoon 04:50 4
56 12:44 Swamp Guy Kayton All for Nothing 06:00 3
57 12:50 Scott Smith Igniting the Flame 03:05 3
58 12:53 Marc Ceccotti Ten little bars of grief 02:26 3
59 12:56 Our House, in The Woods, MN Ba-Laow (The Movie Theme) 05:04 3
60 1:01 Giuseppe Brai Elena 03:39 3
61 1:05 Mars Bonfire What Took You So Long? 04:04 3
62 1:09 Miranda Glory Take 03:14 3 New song
63 1:12 Ryan Doherty Suddenness 04:47 3
64 1:17 Dynamos Shake, Rattle and Roll 03:01 3
65 1:20 Pete Uplink In My Mind 05:18 3
66 1:26 Midnight Crisis (NYC) Midnight Somewhere 03:11 3 New song
67 1:29 Midnight Crisis (NYC) (Get Home) Dangerous 04:22 3 New song
68 1:33 3 Bricks Shy Inside My Head 03:27 3 New song
69 1:37 Meresha Jungle Potion 03:29 3 New song
70 1:41 St.Cyr-White Quiet Life 03:34 3
71 1:44 Jenny Vinatieri Religion 04:52 3
72 1:49 Sirens Harbor We Better Run 05:16 3
73 1:54 Sylver Logan Sharp Sailing 03:50 3
74 1:58 Meresha Lights Out 01:59 2 New song