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November 20, 2017

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a strAnger
For Swedish singer‐songwriter act 'a strAnger', music has always been an eclectic undertaking.
Starting out playing in bands ranging from thrash, to heavy rock to grunge and punk‐rock, while at the same time honing his acoustic skills on his own and appreciating a wide range of other musical styles; 'a strAnger' does not worry much about genres.
Being influenced by a wide array of music based on electric‐, electronic‐ and acoustic instruments spanning various decades, it is quite natural to use them all as compliments to each other in his music as he sees fit.
'a strAnger' is a multi‐instrumentalist and lays down all instruments and vocals himself. It is, however, as a guitarist and a singer he identifies himself.
A true DIY musician, he does all recording and producing himself.
Lyrically 'a strAnger' songs are in many ways a social commentary or reflection, both on things unfolding in close proximity and in the distance.
7 years was spent in China during the first decade of the 21st century, exploring and taking part in the emerging rock scence, as a solo artist and with his heavy rock outfit "The Roadkills", but also performing with various international constellations ‐ consisting of anything from jazz musicians to dj’s. This musical journey took him to festivals, events, rock clubs, dance clubs and outdoor stages all over mainland China and to Taiwan.
With "The Roadkills" 2 EPs were recorded, and after having moved back to Sweden he released the solo album "Volatility" in 2010. In 2012 the single "Enough said" was released.
The last couple of years have been alot about finding a path for music in Sweden and the West, coming back from the dynamics of China. And finding a path in the changing landscape of music.
Which in turn impacts the way to release music, as well as finding a balance between where and when.
'a strAnger' is delighted to finally be sharing the fruit the last couple of years' hard work with his new collection of songs "Insatiable", which is being released on a song‐by‐song basis throughout the course of 2016‐2017.
Album: Insatiable (2016-2017)
a strAnger' is completing the release of the new album, 'Insatiable' On April 4th the release of Part 2 of the album "Insatiable" started. 6 songs being released on a song-by-song basis throughout 2017.
In 2016, Swedish singer-songwriter act 'a strAnger' started releasing his followup album 'Insatiable', a 12-song album of originals, and a new chapter on his musical journey. This marked the start of a song-by-song release of the album, spanning 2016-2017. Part 1, the first 6 songs, were released during 2016.
With "Insatiable", 'a strAnger' is moving in a direction of more progressive arrangements and songwriting. Giving the songs room and dynamics and opting for a warmer tone may not seem as the obvious choice in today's obsession with genres and a generally percieved tendency for short attention span; but in the eyes of 'a strAnger' that is just what the doctor ordered: breathing room and removal of restraints. 'a strAnger' keeps taking his songwriting, multiinstrumentalist nature and production skills in new directions and continues to deliver an uncompromising eclectic take on music. 'Insatiable' draws on inspiration from singer-songwriters as well as progressive rock music, while firmly staying alternative and truly independent. 'a strAnger' captures a contemplative undertone, which is certainly true of the songs 'One day' and 'Damn your shame', whereas a progressive streak shines through in songs like 'Slow burn' and 'The weight'. And it is all about the song. Each song. Not squeezing it down a certain format, as every song on the album has to hold its own. And that, in turn, sets the stage for how this album is being released.
'Insatiable' is slightly more rooted and less urban than the previous album "Volatility", and it is quite a dark piece at times. Lyrically it is in many ways a social commentary, reflections of the times we live in. With 'Song for deliverance' a universal chord is struck, as it touches on hope and desperation, on shouldering a heritage and stepping into the unknown. Something that is closely connected to migration, new beginnings and the emotions that have been intertwined with such undertakings over the centuries.
After having lived in China for 7 years exploring and taking part in the emerging rock scene, 'a strAnger' released the full-lengh album 'Volatility' in 2010 on his return to Sweden. The album featured the singles 'The One' and Turntables' which recieved international airplay and acclaim.
A few voices on 'a strAnger's previous album 'Volatility: “Beck gone Soundgarden lite hardrock with the cheerful bastards of Radiohead playing lounge music in the background”. - RockUnited “ ‘Volatility’ just about pulls off an unlikely balancing act and as a result the album offers contemporary crossover appeal”. - Get ready to ROCK!
Often compelling, occasionally alienating, but never dull or predictable., [a strAnger's] curious clash of styles feels like the start of something new.” - Rave Magazine

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Gunman Clive 03:19 4 New song
2 9:03 Slow burn 04:31 4 New song
3 9:08 Another grain 04:08 4 New song
4 9:12 Damn your shame 04:25 4 New song
5 9:16 How do you feel 04:27 4 New song
6 9:21 Insatiable 04:01 4 New song
7 9:25 One Day 05:05 4 New song
8 9:30 The weight 04:59 4 New song
9 9:35 Song for deliverance 03:43 4 New song
10 9:39 Sucks to be you 04:22 4 New song
11 9:43 The horizon 04:10 4 New song
12 9:48 The strange 04:22 4 New song

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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating Notes
13 9:52 Kindred souls Light As A Feather 03:39 4 New song
14 9:56 11DEAD Better Looking Than The Devil 03:53 4 New song
15 10:00 BROOMFILLER Ordinary Day 03:33 4 New song
16 10:03 JAM the ROCK Band You left to the living dead 04:26 4 New song
17 10:08 Jesse Balber Sorry For Being Myself 03:33 4 New song
18 10:12 BK Gray Me And You 03:49 4
19 10:15 Dave Vargo Right Now 03:18 4
20 10:19 DocFell & co. Dog and Pony Show 03:25 4 New song
21 10:22 Hegarty  I only dream (In black and white)  04:09 4
22 10:30 Jupiter In Velvet I'm So Ready 03:26 4
23 10:33 Jupiter In Velvet Supercharged 03:57 4
24 10:37 Neil Taylor Dream Machine 03:50 4
25 10:41 the oohz Aoede (anything goes) 03:12 4
26 10:45 Paul Davy You'll Be Fine 03:35 4
27 10:48 Ralph Beeby & The Elephant Collective Animal 04:01 4
28 10:52 Rob Woolf (Woolfy) Everybody Needs Someone to Love 02:28 4
29 10:55 Scott Smith Over It Soon 03:14 4
30 10:58 TJ Doyle Cold Rain 05:16 4 New song
31 11:04 TolbertToz Down the Line 04:07 4
32 11:08 TolbertToz Prelude / The Wall 07:02 4 New song
33 11:15 W. Dire Wolff Waiting on Tulsa 04:42 4 New song
34 11:20 Morosity Death Grip 04:11 4
35 11:24 Your Name Here Life On An Island 02:29 4
36 11:27 Marion Fiedler This is Life 02:52 4
37 11:30 Remedies She 03:08 4
38 11:33 SKYFEVER The Returning 03:00 4
39 11:36 Tandem Unicycle World Tilts 03:26 4
40 11:39 The Unresolved End Of Time 03:37 4
41 11:43 Audio Riot Anonymous 03:42 4
43 11:51 Cherry Head, Cherry Heart Summer Wine 04:16 4
44 11:55 Crawling Solo Give Me A Beer 03:31 4
45 11:59 Harsh Blue Diary Of A Madman 03:37 4
46 12:02 Kerosene Stars Up on the Screen 03:58 4
47 12:06 King Baba James A woman love 04:22 4
48 12:11 Marina Avetisian Sigh 03:58 4
49 12:15 Matt Steady Black Dog 04:52 4
50 12:20 Mia LJ Hold Me 03:12 4
51 12:23 Mick DeMille Oblivion 03:56 4
52 12:27 Paul Hulm Friends 03:19 4
53 12:30 Raveis Kole Electric Blue Dandelion 04:41 4
54 12:35 Rhys Davis The Light 03:29 4
55 12:39 Robert Machado Private Bibles 05:05 4
56 12:44 Ross Seddon I Don't Know Why 04:25 4
57 12:48 Ross Seddon Only You 02:43 4
58 12:51 Sur Rod In Your Glass House 04:26 4
59 12:56 Sweet Roger Goodbye World 03:30 4
60 12:59 Tandem Unicycle Hangman 04:16 4
61 1:04 Tomas Fornstedt Number One 03:56 4
62 1:08 Vs One In A Million (Radio Edit) 04:24 4
63 1:12 Wally Hite Rankin I, I, I  02:38 4
64 1:15 The Pieces of Mind Into The Light 05:13 4
65 1:20 Gail Everett The Glory 04:00 4
66 1:24 Mark Alexander Carroll These Words Remind 04:05 4
67 1:28 Mark Alexander Carroll You're The Disease 04:01 4
68 1:33 Robert Watson Mother Earth Is Crying Out To Us 02:43 3
69 1:35 Giuseppe Brai Elena 03:39 3
70 1:39 Robert Watson Waking Up To A Storm 02:53 3
71 1:42 Tony Randall Quayside 04:20 3 New song
72 1:47 Coaching For Sara Sister Won't 03:12 3 New song
73 1:50 Isabel and The Uncommons I'd Give Away All My Love Songs 02:24 3
74 1:52 ACTIVE CORE Spirits of The Dead 03:41 3
75 1:56 JENNA Nation Forever 03:33 2