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December 14, 2017

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Tandem Unicycle

Proving Craigslist right, once again, Mark Rosenberg takes lead in Tandem Unicycle.
With all but Mark hailing from Orange County (Mark representing the East Coast), Tandem makes music that you can't help but tap your feet to. Taking the wide range of influences of all of the different members, they make some sort of rock music.
Making their debut at Ziings in Fullerton, TU rocked the house and was invited back for their own night, which happened at the end of May 2016. The band took their craft and energy out to Long Beach and rocked the house at DiPiazzas. After playing throughout Orange County, TU celebrated the release of their debut self-titled album at the end of April 2017, playing to a packed house at DiPiazzas. Since, they have expanded to playing often in Los Angeles as well as throughout Orange County, building their fanbase. Everywhere they go, people are left shocked by the raw talent and energy of the band.
Album: Tandem Unicycle (2017)
This is Tandem Unicycle's debut self titled album. After the band's multi-year writing session, the first album was release April 20th, 2017! This album has a wide spectrum from rock/folk good time sounds of "Too Far" to the rock/blues sound of "She's All Wrong" to the drivin' rock songs that will get the blood pumping, such as "[My] Escape" and "New Direction". Not a single song on the album sounds similar to the next, allowing a favorite for everyone!

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Lately 04:19 4
2 9:04 Pay My Dues 04:33 4
3 9:09 She's All Wrong 04:44 4
4 9:13 Too Far 04:12 4
5 9:18 Red Feather 03:56 4
6 9:22 World Tilts 03:26 4
7 9:25 Hangman 04:16 4
8 9:30 (My) Escape 04:14 4
9 9:34 More To Find 04:37 4
10 9:39 When You're Free 03:31 4
11 9:42 Brainfood 03:36 4
12 9:46 New Direction 04:25 4
13 9:50 Nowhere Train 04:10 4

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Black Water  

Black Water are a female fronted original progressive Celtic rock band formed in 2015 by June Stevenson originating from the Celtic valleys of Scotland, Mike Thompson from Southampton, Paul Squires from Derby and Chris Blake from Plymouth. Black Water play various venues in the South West of England where the band originate from.
The band’s Second album, Diffraction, was released in September 2017. The album showcases the diversity of the band and the unique sound they have now found. The band have begun working on their 3rd album. Main song writer and lyricist June has been busy writing new material and co-writes with Mike and other band members are beginning to flow from the creative pool of talent that is Black Water
Black Water have been gigging locally and are becoming an established band. Their music is also being recognised by local and national radio stations and air play is proving to be an ongoing cycle. Live interviews and acoustic sessions are happening and the band is forever moving forward!
Vocalist June a Scottish Singer/Songwriter began playing acoustic guitar at a very early age but didn’t begin song writing until 2006. Gigging countless times over the years with various bands as a singer, performing covers and originals. Parallel projects were running where she drummed in both Symphonica and The Little City Dyce Band a blues standards band. She also had a side project simultaneously with two original bands. Providing vocals for Hytch A Ryde and drums for Logic Effect. She also found time to gig acoustically with her original material around Scotland.
Other past projects included DJing and interviewing national and international rock/metal bands, such as Gun, Firewind, and Tyketto’s Danny Vaughn to name a few. She also performed in theatres in Aberdeen and was involved in La Traviata in His Majesties Theatre. Her involvement in music continued with workshops with the Scottish BBC Symphonic Orchestra when they performed in Aberdeen and was a vocal coach at Peterhead Rock School. June still gets involved in various projects and is a member of two Cornish Opera Societies and is a Principle Soprano. She is the driving force behind her band Black Water.
Guitarist & producer Mike has been playing guitar for over 40 years and has an extremely eclectic taste in music. His experience of a wide spectrum of music, coupled with a love of recording technology and production has honed both his live and studio skills. He’s been playing in bands since he was 15. Gaining early experience in covers bands, he moved to Cornwall aged 21 and immersed himself in the local music scene. Playing with Precinct 3, Crossfire, Forbidden Fruit and Cornish Space Reggae pioneers The IS who recorded and album for Demimonde records (Owned and Managed by Dave Anderson of Hawkwind, Amon Dull and Groundhogs fame). The IS played support slots with The Ozric Tentacles, Hawkwind, Gong and many local festivals. Sadly, The IS split and Mike immersed himself in solo projects and getting to grips with the then new digital recording technology. Now with Black Water he has found his home and utilises all his skills and experience in the production and recording of Black Water’s music.
Bassist and keyboardist Chris started playing in 1983 on classical guitar but always wanted to play bass, which emerged the following year; joining his first band in 1984 they parted company and formed another band with the keyboard player called Burning Ambition which lasted 4 years.
After playing in a number of different bands, mostly rock or metal, a former professional singer called Wendy Jamieson and Chris formed a 70s cover band called Devilgate. They supported the likes of Slade and Bucks Fizz, and gigged in Europe, Chris doubled up on keyboards too. After this he played in numerous bands up to the present day, then he met June and they put together a Symphonic Metal band and the rest is as they say history.
Drummer Paul has been drumming for many years in both original bands and covers. He has been involved in album work and gigged countless times.
Band members:
Vocals – June Stevenson
Guitars – Mike Thompson
Keyboards/Bass – Chris Blake
Drums – Paul Squires
Music Published by Maori Music
Previous Members:
Bass - Mark Russell
Drums - Tony Thomas

Notes for the artist
: This page will always be here under your name in "Featured Artists". You can always send us an updated Bio using 'CONTACT' on Menu at the top of page.

# (PST) Artist Name length Rating Notes
14 9:55 Black Water Daughters of The Moon 05:52 4
15 10:01 TolbertToz Hallelujah 03:59 5
16 10:05 Faith & Harry Last Christmas 04:29 4 New song
17 10:09 Hegarty  drifting slowley sinking 05:31 4
18 10:15 KeithShaw (It's A) Race To The Bottom 03:03 4
19 10:18 Kim Smith Smith and Brown 02:47 4
20 10:21 Riff Reign Night Train 03:39 4
21 10:24 Scott Smith Blues Guitar Slinger 03:27 4
22 10:28 The Sorentinos Anxiety 03:24 4
23 10:32 St.Cyr-White The Love of Your Life 03:40 4
24 10:35 St.Cyr-White The Ususal Suspectz 03:57 4
25 10:39 TolbertToz Back to Yesterday 04:00 4
26 10:43 TolbertToz Driving Home for Christmas 04:10 4
27 10:48 Cold California One Kiss 02:38 4 New song
28 10:50 Violent Divine Ashes to Ashes 04:47 4
29 10:55 Non Duo Not Two 03:32 4
30 10:59 Angus Powell Locker 03:55 4
31 11:03 Foxpalmer Fault (Acoustic) 04:51 4
32 11:08 Roger Gomez Smile (Link) 00:35 4
33 11:08 Bleak Babe 04:05 4
34 11:13 Borrowed Body Antennas 03:26 4
35 11:16 Brian Scavullo Perfect 03:27 4
36 11:20 Kill For Eden Love You So 04:03 4
37 11:24 Moon Feel Like The World 02:32 4
38 11:26 Naryan Truth Inside 03:36 4
39 11:30 Pete Falloon Continental Drift 03:47 4
40 11:34 Släck Alice WiseMan 03:13 4
41 11:37 Stage 11 Broken 04:00 4
42 11:41 The Stranger Phases Life is for the Living 04:36 4
43 11:46 Suburban Myth Spirit inside 03:19 4
44 11:49 Useless Dogs Crawlerman 02:37 4
45 11:52 Voice of Addiction Rustbelt 03:00 4
46 11:55 Zachary Gray Margin 03:43 4
47 11:59 BK Gray Silver Moon (the legend of Alice) 04:01 4
48 12:03 Callum Gray I Can't Think Straight 04:13 4
49 12:07 Charlotte & Magon We Are The Thunder 04:28 4
50 12:12 The Chief Whips On The Other Side 02:59 4
51 12:15 Colch Why Is Life So Hard 03:15 4
52 12:18 Disconnected Genius One Fine Day 05:55 4
53 12:24 Guy Paul Thibault Saturday Night 03:41 4
54 12:28 Helena Mace Close To Midnight 04:35 4
55 12:33 Indus Rush The Silk Road 04:07 4
56 12:37 J Eastman and the Drunk Uncles Josephine 02:49 4
57 12:40 James B Don't Drink My Wine 04:01 4
58 12:44 Jimmy Coburn Gotta Go Home 03:24 4
59 12:47 Jon Moses The Story 03:51 4
60 12:51 Useless Dogs Schooll Days Shiver 04:05 4
61 12:56 Victor Samalot One For The Road 01:52 4
62 12:58 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would 02:52 4
63 1:00 Gail Everett The Glory 04:00 4
64 1:05 J.Delfino Alive 03:31 4
65 1:08 Petrella Working in the USA 03:18 4
66 1:12 Alan Garmonsway & Anne Cunningham One Way Conversations 03:42 3
67 1:15 Fiona Ross Black, White, and a Little Bit of Grey 04:29 3
68 1:20 Bellman Can You Feel It? 04:13 3
69 1:24 Deborah Moore Christmas in the Dakotas 03:59 3
70 1:28 Gail Everett Latin Fun 03:02 3
71 1:31 Me G Christmas Ivy 02:41 3 New song
72 1:34 Looney Train Call Me 02:27 3 New song
73 1:37 Darkbeat No Excuse 02:52 3 New song
74 1:40 John Hickman Happy Christmas (War is Over) 04:24 3 New song
75 1:44 Looney Train Stone's Throw Away 03:10 3 New song
76 1:47 Maggie Baugh Catch Me 03:11 3
77 1:51 Disquiet The Great Divide 05:33 3
78 1:56 SpaceShipOne Hero [album version] 04:02 2