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December 30, 2017

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Jiggley Jones

The title of the new album, “Not Your Typical Day Out” pretty much sums up the experience of listening to a Jiggley Jones tune. Michael Stover of MTS Records mentioned that “Jiggley has that one-of-a-kind sound” while Nashville producer Dave Moody stated “he has a vocal style all his own.” Still not convinced check this out, “I’ve never heard anyone sing like him… his sound is so huge, it seems like it is everywhere and is as much coming to him as from him… he appears to be drawing in the sound while drawing in the listener…he has a style all his own.” A quote from former manager George Grauer.
Folk Rock/Americana singer/songwriter Jiggley Jones , the project, came about in late 2007. Since then, while developing his new venture, he has worked with industry pros like producer Dave Moody and Lamon Records Nashville, former Shania Twain bandleader and Nashville based producer Terry Wendt, premier public relations representative Michael Stover and MTS Management Group, and musician/producer Chris Tristram, a former Capitol Records recording artist, bassist with Jack Russell’s Great White, and currently with House of Lords.
With the production help of Tristram, Jones put together his debut release, an EP titled “No Spring Chicken” in the fall of 2012. This four song gem was recorded separately in rural Pennsylvania and Los Angeles. With the help of Michael Stover at MTS Management Group, whom Jones signed with in early 2013, the release made quite a splash in the independent realm. Briefly showing on the AMA charts, and for an eight month period on the Roots Music Report charts, where he gained Top 5 spots in two different categories, the album was recognized worldwide with one song, “Baby Blue” becoming available on karaoke in certain markets.
The “fallout” from this EP helped Jones grab “Songwriter of the Year” honors at the 2013 International Music and Entertainment Awards (IMEA). Numerous nominations also resulted including three at the 2014 Artist Music Guild (AMG) Heritage Awards in Charlotte, NC , two in the 2014 New Music Awards in Los Angeles and one at the 2014 Independent Country Music Association Awards in Nashville, TN.
Early in January of 2014 Jones began recording his second release, this one in Nashville under the direction of producer Dave Moody of Lamon Records. Moody, considering the singer/songwriter as “relavent and fresh,” and realizing Jiggley’s successes, signed him in November 2013, recorded the 6 song EP “A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light” during the cold winter months of 2014 and released the disk the following May.
“A Mountain” grabbed the next level of attention including a spot on the cover of the July 2014 issue of Jamsphere Magazine and legitimate time back on the Roots Music Report charts, earning a place in the 2014 Top 100 Americana Albums of the Year, checking in at #91 while also grabbing the #78 spot on the No Depression Roots Top 100 list for 2014. The single “Walk On Me” from the EP grabbed the spotlight in 2014 also by being selected the #43 Americana Song of the Year on those same Roots Music Report charts while gaining ground for a long period of time on the New Music Weekly charts for Country Internet Radio and winning the 2014 IMEA selection for “Adult Contemporary Song of the Year.”
Live performances have taken Jiggley from New York to Nashville and back including stops along the way at the CMA Fest where he performed at BB King’s and the Earnest Tubbs Record Shoppe on Broadway. He has performed at the Bitter End in New York, the World Café in Wilmington, De, the South Street region of Philadelphia, and locations in Virginia, Kentucky, New Jersey, Pennsylavania, Deleware, and New York including numerous prestigious music conferences such as the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, Pa., the Cape May Singer/Songwriter Conference in Cape May, NJ, and the Dewey Beach Music Conference in Dewey Beach, De.
With this award winning songwriter’s experience, solid brand, and confidence from the music industry, the new release should be the clincher. All that he needs now is the listener who is looking for a musical experience that is “not your typical day out.“
Album: Not Your Typical Day Out (2017)
It's all about the song here. I call it Hillbilly Pop simply because of the overall musical flavor combined with the catchy, infectious choruses.
With this award winning songwriter’s experience, solid brand, and confidence from the music industry, the new release should be the clincher. All that he needs now is the listener who is looking for a musical experience that is “not your typical day out.“

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Danger Island 03:47 4 New song
2 9:03 Wide Awake 03:44 4 New song
3 9:07 Vibrant 04:07 4 New song
4 9:11 del Alma 04:26 4 New song
5 9:16 That Pearl 03:43 4 New song
6 9:20 Warm  04:10 4 New song
7 9:24 Gray  04:14 4 New song
8 9:28 Flow 03:24 4 New song
9 9:32 Restless 03:49 4 New song
10 9:36 Rain 04:12 4 New song

Full album Featured Artist

Warlock Texas   

WARLOCK, later Warlock Texas (WT), formed in 1981. The original line-up was Jerry Warden (singer), David Warden (guitar), Casey Orr (bass) & Harden Harrison (drums). There were bands who'd play a metal tune or two between their rock songs in those early days but Warlock was the first all metal band to hail from the D/FW Metalplex. Warlock played the hardest, most uncompromising metal from the NWOBHM and other contemporary bands.
Casey Orr & Harden Harrison left to form Rigor Mortis in the Fall of 1983. Les Choate replaced Harden Harrison on drums and Billy Blade replaced Casey Orr on bass. Rick Perry was added as a 2nd guitarist. David Warden left the band in Dec. of 1984 and Billy Blade left the band in Feb. of 1985. Eric Roy replaced Billy Blade on bass. Jerry Warden (singer), Rick Perry (guitar), Eric Roy (bass) and Les Choate (drums) became known as the classic lineup mainly because this lineup recorded the 1985 & 1986 releases.. Warlock recorded our first release at Jerry Abbott's Pantego Sound in 1985 and our 2nd release at Rick Rooney's Planet Dallas.
From backyards, apartment complex club houses, clubs and halls, Warlock's live show became infamous for the heaviness and antics.
Warlock began the pipeline of metal bands between Austin & San Antonio by bringing Watchtower, Militia and several other metal bands to the D/FW Metalplex and those bands brought Warlock to Austin/San Antonio. Warlock also broke new ground by being the first metal band to cross over into the Dallas punk rock scene by being the first metal band to play in Deep Ellum.
Warlock disbanded in Sept. of 1986 Jerry formed Warden and Warden evolved into CrimeScene. Jerry also wrote for several mags from the early to mid 1990s before going to prison in April of 1995.
Rick formed Gammacide w/ Eric Roy, Puncture and Warbeast. Les Choate formed Slatch and later played for the Rabid Flesh Eaters.
Eric Roy was murdered in 2001.
Warlock Texas reformed in 2011 feat. Jerry Warden, Rick Perry, Randy Cooke (drums) & Clay McCarty (bass). WT played a reunion show in 2014 in our hometown of Arlington, TX and disbanded in early 2015. Jerry is in the process of reforming WT.
Our original recordings were mastered by Kerry Crafton and are awaiting release on Underground Power Records in 2018...
Jerry is a true Texas metal pioneer, who's made the promotion of metal throughout the D/FW Metalplex/Texas his lifetime mission and has become an ambassador of metal worldwide. Among his accomplishments after forming WT were a zine entitled Cut Throat Press, an outdoor concert series known as Heavy Meadows, opening N. Texas' first metal club, Rascals (Warlock was the house band at Rascals.), spearheading N. Texas' 2nd metal club, The Tombstone Factory, booking the first metal at and bringing the metal scene to Joe's Garage via the KMA Sunday Nite Metal Series and opening Hotel Hell.
Jerry hosted one of the first metal radio shows on KNON as well as DJing a stint at satellite station Z Rock. Jerry continues to host shows via his concert promotion company, Elmo Jones Productions and is on the verge of creating the world’s official Heavy Metal Hall of Fame in Arlington, TX.

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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating Notes
11 9:40 Warlock Texas  Iron Jaw 04:08 4 New song
12 9:44 WholeSpirit Hold of Another Me 03:56 4 New song
13 9:48 AirCrash Detectives Wicklow 05:35 4 New song
14 9:54 Alan Garmonsway & Anne Cunningham Industrial Gypsies 03:46 4
15 9:58 Alison Reynolds Sing 03:36 4
16 10:01 Bob Rylett Haunted By A Ghost   04:32 4
17 10:06 Chuck Eaton This House And Me 04:23 4
18 10:10 Faith & Harry Last Christmas 04:29 4
19 10:15 Gail Everett Quite Like You 03:44 4
20 10:19 Juxta & Grand Space Adventure Mr. Self Destruct 02:54 4
21 10:22 KeithShaw (It's A) Race To The Bottom 03:03 4
22 10:25 Kim Smith Thunder Run 03:11 4
23 10:28 Neil Taylor Guess I'm Ok 04:52 4
24 10:33 Scott Smith Over It Soon 03:14 4
25 10:36 Sonny Hunter You Want Attention 05:27 4
26 10:42 The Sorentinos Mercury Heart 03:19 4
27 10:45 TJ Doyle Living In Our Dream 04:37 4
28 10:50 TolbertToz The Wall 07:02 4
29 10:57 TolbertToz Driving Home for Christmas 04:10 4
30 11:01 W. Dire Wolff The Crossing Guards 03:08 4
31 11:05 Mama's Broke Weak Winter's Sun (reprise) 01:32 4
32 11:06 The Arañads Hide in Plain Sight 04:21 4
33 11:11 a strAnger One Day 05:05 4
34 11:16 Cloudy Apple Better Off Than Me 03:06 4
35 11:19 Gashunters What It Takes To Love Me 03:48 4
36 11:23 David Locklear Fork in the Road 03:05 4
37 11:26 Marching To Sirens Bows of Rain 03:49 4
38 11:30 Pete Falloon On A Foreign Tide 04:41 4
39 11:35 Petrella Shine on Me 04:46 4
40 11:40 Shadow of Comfort Rhythm of the Sun 03:25 4
41 11:43 The Underlying Talkers Blow (We Are All Strangers) - Short Version 06:48 4
42 11:50 Cherry Head, Cherry Heart Lake Geneva 03:07 4
43 11:53 Christopher Galen In The Beginning 07:13 4
44 12:01 Cloudy Apple What You Drinking 04:25 4
45 12:05 Howard Simon In Her Name 03:33 4
46 12:09 Icicle Winding Road 03:20 4
47 12:12 IT Power 05:31 4
48 12:18 Jack Pyers The Truth 04:22 4
49 12:22 John Reed Fall 03:29 4
50 12:26 Johnny Mark Barrel Of A Gun 03:12 4
51 12:29 Jupiter In Velvet I'm So Ready 03:26 4
52 12:33 Kate Grom Whistle Cry 03:49 4
53 12:36 Larre U-A Annas song 03:18 4
54 12:40 Marching To Sirens Scarecrow 03:51 4
55 12:44 Mars Bonfire Peek at You 02:48 4
56 12:47 Replicant Theory What Lies Beneath   07:33 4
57 12:54 Schrödinger's Strings Break Your Fall 06:01 4
58 1:00 Scott Watson Scared of Myself 03:31 4
59 1:04 Seskin Lane I Never Forget A Face 04:33 4
60 1:09 Small Town Shade Ring It Up 03:31 4
61 1:12 TJ Doyle We Are Here 04:53 4
62 1:17 The Winachi Tribe Get Your Boots On Skinny (Danny Saber Mix) 04:44 4
63 1:22 Damson Blaze Hush 02:53 4
64 1:25 Flowers in Syrup Ghosts 05:01 4
65 1:30 Ghostly Beard Upper Hand 04:28 4
66 1:35 Network Let Me Breathe 05:54 4
67 1:41 Gail Everett Latin Fun 03:02 3
68 1:44 The Hounds Call Me 03:15 3 New song
69 1:47 Me G Christmas Ivy 02:41 3
70 1:50 Emker Cel Turning Red 03:44 3
71 1:54 Chelsey Danfield Cowboy 02:56 3
72 1:57 Huntley & Foht You And Me Disagree 03:06 3