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January 14, 2018

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Howard Simon

I am a singer-songwriter based in San Francisco. I have been writing songs most of my life and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to have worked with incredible musicians and a phenomenal recording engineer in bringing my songs to life on my two albums, "The View from this Horizon," release in 2014, and my new album, "Visitors," released in June 2016.
My songs are about love (romantic and otherwise), family, morality and mortality. The writing spans many years -- from my 20's to my 50's -- and thus the songs consider these things in many lights and through the widely differing lenses of a young man and one somewhat older (though in my case, one probably not much wiser). If there is a common thread to my songs, it is the people we love, the desire to do right, and the hope and fear, the peace and the struggle that constitute life bring wonder in addition to its joy and sadness, and sometimes loss. My music is an attempt to capture and
communicate some of that wonder as I have known and imagined it throughout my life.
I hope you enjoy it.
Album: Visitors (2016)
My new "Visitors" is quite varied, with tunes that range from folk, jazz and blues to outand-out rock and roll. The album has twelve original songs and two covers -- "Sweet Little Mystery" by John Martyn and "Tomorrow is a Long Time" by Bob Dylan. On the latter I am joined by folk and blues legend Happy Traum. The album also features the same fantastic team from "The View from this Horizon" -- producer (and singer) Richard Brandenburg, engineer (and electric guitar player) Derek Bianchi, and a group of extraordinary musicians that includes Cary Black, Ed Johnson and Libby McLaren, as well as drummer Mark Ivester, singer Loryn Barbeau and slide guitar player Paul Weiss.

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Albion 03:58 4
2 9:04 In Her Name 03:33 4
3 9:07 The Devil Every Day 04:21 4
4 9:12 Tomorrow is a Long Time 04:13 4
5 9:16 Where You Are 06:16 4
6 9:22 Visitors 02:52 4
7 9:25 Let It Rise 05:36 4
8 9:31 Normal Life 03:37 4
9 9:35 Sweet Words and History 06:31 4
10 9:41 Antonia 06:16 4
11 9:48 Sweet Little Mystery 04:44 4
12 9:52 The Librarian's Garden 04:28 4
13 9:57 Three Horses 03:12 4

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Danielle Haskell   

Danielle is an 18 year old Christian pop artist / song writer originally coming from the great state of Maine. By the age of 3 Danielle was already memorizing  songs, singing and taking piano lessons. Finding comfort in music on and off the stage, at age 6 it seemed natural for Danielle to added guitar lessons. As a fan of all music genres, it was her love of helping others that lead her to the Christian music industry. As Danielle faced some of the same challenges as many teens and the loss of loved ones, her perspectives began to change and Danielle started to understand the important messages the inspirational songs were delivering as they provided her with inspiration and comfort.
By using the emotional power / meaning behind her songs, the 18 year old definitely has a message to share that touches her audience. Danielle can be quoted as saying “The best part of music is when someone listens to and relates to your song. In the few minutes that they are listening to the song, not only do they become part of my story, but I become part of theirs and that is an awesome feeling.”
The lyrics for “Always With You” come from a very personal place for Danielle .
“Always With You” is dedicated to Danielle’s grandmother. She loved life and made endless efforts to continually connect with her family, particularly her grandchildren. Her grandmother over came her obstacles by emphasizing humor, acceptance and kindness. Danielle aspires to be like her grandmother by using the “golden rule” of treating others with kindness, respect and the way you want to be treated. Danielle knows from experience that one small act of kindness can make a difference. Since her grandmother meant so much, as soon as she was diagnosed with cancer, Danielle knew the concept for her next song. A week before her grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, Danielle was in Quebec. Since her grandmother wasn’t feeling well, she had asked Danielle to go to a church and light a candle for her. In a store across the street from this church, Danielle bought her grandmother a stone with an angel on one side and the saying “Toujours Avec Toi” (Always With You) on the other side. A few days after Danielle gave the medal to her grandmother, she found out she had cancer.
All of the sudden, the saying on that medal took on a whole new meaning.
Danielle and her grandmother had many conversations about how she believed she would, in ways, always be with her and the rest of the family. She talked about her fears and her religious beliefs. “Always With You” came from those conversations. Once again Danielle not only wanted, but needed, a song that would remind her and everyone that God is always with them. Knowing how difficult this loss was going to be she also wanted a reminder for herself and all others that those we lose, are also always with us. When she met with her cowriter / producer on April 18, 2016, they composed “Always With You” within an hour. Danielle’s grandmother was the first to hear the song before she lost her battle with cancer on April 29, 2016 which was Danielle’s 17th birthday. Always With You was released in September 2016 and was #1 on the Top 30 International Inspirational Christian Music in English from June 5th to June 27, 2017 (GT) (ICR).
Danielle’s ultimate goal is to use her talents and life experiences to help others.
In the past, Danielle has spent time volunteering with Big Brother’s Big sisters and speaking against bullying. Danielle is also known for her love of animals and adopted six cats and a dog from the local humane society while growing up.
After graduating from Cony High School in June 2016 at age , Danielle opted for a change in scenery. Danielle now lives in Asheville, North Carolina where she is just a few hours away from Nashville. There Danielle has continued to help others by participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s and joining the local organizing committee for the walk. As for Danielle’s career goals, she has continued to write and record songs; all the while, pursing a future career that combines music and business to hopefully continue to make a difference in the lives of others. Expect Danielle’s next song to be out in March 2018! The song is already written and recorded and once again, the song has a meaning that will definitely evoke emotions.

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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating Notes
14 10:00 Danielle Haskell Always With You 03:51 3 New song
15 10:04 AfterAlice Who I Am 04:34 4
16 10:09 AirCrash Detectives Wicklow 05:35 4
17 10:14 Alan Garmonsway & Anne Cunningham Roseanne 03:40 4
18 10:18 Garry Moore God Is Bigger 04:07 4
19 10:22 Ivar Sigurbergsson A million flavors 04:39 4
20 10:27 Katiebeth All That Matters 03:22 4
21 10:31 Kim Smith Everybody Said 03:21 4
22 10:34 Lost Generation She's Bad News 03:14 4
23 10:37 Sonny Hunter You Want Attention 05:27 4
24 10:43 The Sorentinos Pete Best Blues 03:16 4
25 10:46 TolbertToz Back to Yesterday 04:00 4
26 10:50 TolbertToz Always 04:37 4 New song
27 10:55 W. Dire Wolff Dinner in Deadwood 03:51 4
28 10:59 Riff Reign The Flames 03:47 4
29 11:03 Tiffany Gow Alive 03:51 4
30 11:07 Alessandro Bagagli I will Survive 04:04 4
31 11:11 Useless Dogs Sitting on the Grass (Impro) 01:25 3
32 11:12 Sweet Roger Conditions 05:32 4
33 11:18 Jimmy Lee Morris The Final Tune's For You 03:06 4
34 11:21 John Rankin Green Willow Glen 04:06 4
35 11:25 Jonathan Cavier Blue Room 03:24 4
36 11:29 Cold California One Kiss 02:38 4
37 11:32 Jon Moses The Story 03:51 4
38 11:36 Moon Feel Like The World 02:32 4
39 11:38 Non Duo Not Two 03:32 4
40 11:42 Pete Falloon Continental Drift 03:47 4
41 11:46 Roger Gomez Smile (Link) 00:35 4
42 11:46 Släck Alice WiseMan 03:13 4
43 11:50 St.Cyr-White The Love of Your Life 03:40 4
44 11:53 Stage 11 Broken 04:00 4
45 11:57 Suburban Myth Spirit inside 03:19 4
46 12:01 Tandem Unicycle Lately 04:19 4
47 12:05 Useless Dogs Crawlerman 02:37 4
48 12:08 Violent Divine Ashes to Ashes 04:47 4
49 12:13 Voice of Addiction Rustbelt 03:00 4
50 12:16 Zachary Gray Margin 03:43 4
51 12:20 Alpha Six Romeo Storm of Angry 03:47 4
52 12:24 Angus Powell Upside Down 03:45 4
53 12:27 Bleak Dig Two Graves 03:50 4
54 12:31 Charlotte & Magon Aliens 03:18 4
55 12:35 Clint Slate Flowers 04:39 4
56 12:39 Drive On Mak Babylon 03:04 4
57 12:43 Energy Alchemist Reminder 05:38 4
58 12:48 Errol Chugg Drink 03:08 4
59 12:51 Gnostalgic Slip Away 05:20 4
60 12:57 Hegarty  I only dream (In black and white)  04:10 4
61 1:01 Helena Mace Discovering Planets 04:26 4
62 1:06 Petrella Bring The Children Home 03:26 4
63 1:09 Gail Everett Latin Fun 03:02 3
64 1:12 Moon Seattle Blues 02:44 3
65 1:15 Venus Theory Afraid to Let Go 03:25 3
66 1:19 Indiana Song Company Soul Shake 03:30 3
67 1:22 Jef Leeson A Song About That 03:50 3
68 1:26 The Sidleys  The Love You Make 03:44 3
69 1:30 Colch Mariana 04:00 3
70 1:34 Dionisio Piccinni Sound From My Heart (Instrumental) 02:30 3
71 1:37 Gary & Linda Sclafani Under The Radar 03:37 3
72 1:40 Aureya Rose Summer Breezin' 03:53 3
73 1:44 Blood of Angels Final War 04:22 3
74 1:49 Colch In Thought and Word and Deed 06:02 3
75 1:55 Excorde Grown Cold 04:40 3