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February 1, 2018

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Caroline Ferrante

Indie, Alternative-Americana fueled by roots rhythm, powerhouse vocals, and a better world.
The 2017 EP “SKY” is still gaining national press:Her single “Feels Like a Holiday” received #8 the national “Top Ten Singles of 2017” award by Ark of Music.
Her original, “Symphony,” was chosen by the National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI) to feature in “This is My Brave- The Show".
Ferrante grew up on the south side of Chicago, studied theater and voice at Northwestern University, and spent summers on family farms in Kansas. She opened for the Birds of Chicago in 2011 and played the leading role in "Rain Follows the Plow: A Dust Opera" at DC's Atlas Performing Arts Center, to national acclaim.Cabbage Run Records produced her first CD, "Live from the Belfry,” in June 2014. DC Concerts wrote, "Caroline’s stunning vocals, threeoctave range, signature 12-string guitar, and crossover songwriting pack a powerhouse punch on the DC live music scene!" April 2015 Ferrante began her Artist in Residency at DC's famous Mansion on O Street, featured on the Travel Channel's "Mega-Mansions.” Her podcast features frequent guest spots for some famous travelers through the colorful Georgetown artist haven. She shared the stage with Grammy and Academy Award winners like Paul Williams, Mark Bryan of Hootie & the Blowfish, Tom Constanten of the Grateful Dead, & Eagles songwriter Jack Tempchin.
Her original “Brighter Day”- celebrating the courage of those who break silence after assault- was featured in playwright Carol Lee Campbell’s “Goddess Diaries” at George Mason University Fall 2016. The single, produced by Marco Delmar, was released November 2016.
Caroline Ferrante was selected to represent the Washington DC area December 2016 as part of the international Acoustic Guitar Project with her original “Savage Beauty".
In 2017 Caroline joined Jim Ellis on lead and John Dahlman on bass as "The Whole Magilla". The band has quickly moved up the ranks: showcased at NERFA NY, Dewey Beach Music Festival, Cultural Arts Center at Montgomery College (DC), University of Duluth, Silvana (Harlem), Bushwick Publick House (Brooklyn), Lovecraft NYC (Lower East Side), & the Clarendon Day Festival (VA).
Currently Caroline is collaborating on a 2018 Release with producer Austin Bello of Forever the Sickest Kids.
SKY EP (2017)
On her new five track EP SKY, Caroline Ferrante emerges as a multi-faceted indie pop artist, powerfully blending that edgy grit with raw emotion and
vulnerability to emerge from a time of despair to defiant and joyful hope.
One of the keys to Caroline creating a fresh, distinctive sound on SKY is her exciting collaboration with Austin Bello of the popular pop/punk band Forever the Sickest Kids, who co-wrote three songs and produced the project. Bello got in touch with the singer after hearing a demo recording she released called “Strand-ed”. Much to her surprise, he fell in love immediately with a rough recording of her intense, emotionally searing song “Better Angels,” which finds her addressing all at once dark family secrets, spiritual crises and her troubled relationship with her dying sister.
“Austin showed me how I could speak my truth through songwriting and still make it accessible. This blew my mind. To realize I could be who I am, warts and all, have my own sound, and know that a publisher might be interested was crazy to me. My inner demons and perfectionism took more of a back seat after that. I was liberated to use my music as a way to navigate through. Find beauty through darkness. Austin helped me own my sound. That's where SKY was born.”

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Feels Like a Holiday 03:19 4 New song
2 9:03 Better Angels 03:58 4 New song
3 9:07 Great Big Beautiful World 03:35 4 New song
4 9:11 Symphony 03:49 4 New song
5 9:15 Brighter Day 03:38 4 New song

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Joseph Ferrante   

Joseph Ferrante had his first guitar as a Christmas present when he was nine years old. Since then he's been learning all kind of music styles so as to apply them to his guitar playing. He is mainly a Rock musician.
He worked as a piano tuner and technician for Chappell, Yamaha and other firms, perfecting the art of making and repairing pianos.
Amongst his usual customers you could find The Royal Albert Hall, The Westminster Cathedral, The Royal Scots Guard Band, The BBC, The London Symphony Orchestra, The Queen Elizabeth Hall, etc., etc.
He stopped giving live performances with bands and is now exclusively dedicating himself to studio work. Ferrante uses real instruments, avoiding the use of electronic instruments, sequencers, etc., etc.
Three main reasons guided his life: God, Music and Romeo and Juliet. His major musical influences are: Yes, The Rolling Stones, Ten Years After, E.L.P., Jimi Hendrix, Beethoven and Bach.
His "Shangri-la" CD is a mixture of styles and tendencies including Pop, Rock, Ballads, Classic Choirs, Latin Music, Impromptus, Reggae Fusion, Tropical Bachata, Fox Trot, Swing, etc., etc.
The land of forever..."Shangri-La"...the magical dream place far away beyond the mountains...the Kingdom of eternal youth, gave the title for this work..

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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating Notes
6 9:18 Joseph Ferrante Toilet World 03:21 4 New song
7 9:22 The Good Morning Nags Sugar Baby 02:57 4 New song
8 9:25 Pale Monsters All This Time We Wait 02:46 4 New song
9 9:28 TolbertToz Let You Go 04:51 5
10 9:32 A&L Tell Me When it's Over 03:36 4 New song
11 9:36 Allen and Douglas Buzz Honey 02:59 4 New song
12 9:39 Anja Schumann The Little Mermaid Song 04:20 4
13 9:44 BK Gray Hellbound 04:43 4 New song
14 9:48 Blue Return Everything 03:23 4 New song
15 9:52 Brendan McMahon Marker 04:09 4 New song
16 9:56 Kim Smith Thunder Run 03:11 4
17 9:59 Mack Meadows The Dance 03:49 4
18 10:03 Mars Bonfire Better Luck Next Time 04:14 4
19 10:08 Nicole Berke UP  05:00 4 New song
20 10:13 Sonny Hunter You Want Attention 05:27 4
21 10:18 The Sorentinos You Don't Know Me 03:39 4
22 10:22 Skidbone The Otherside of Over Here 04:14 4 New song
23 10:26 TolbertToz Always 04:37 4
24 10:31 W. Dire Wolff Skate Shop 03:29 4
25 10:35 Naryan Misery 04:43 4
26 10:39 Crawling Solo No Mans Land 07:28 4
27 10:47 Jiggley Jones Warm  04:10 4
28 10:51 Coco Scott Wait for Me 03:15 4
29 10:55 WholeSpirit Waiting for the Sun 04:24 4
30 10:59 Katiebeth The Way You Make Me Feel 03:39 4
31 11:03 Mars Bonfire Bump and Grind 02:55 4
32 11:06 Russell Foisy Pride 04:10 4
33 11:10 Alan Fish Company 03:16 4
34 11:13 Camel Juice Foldback 05:14 4
35 11:19 Christopher Galen Any Minute Now 06:24 4
36 11:25 Mick DeMille Beautiful & wicked 03:40 4
37 11:29 Petrella Ain't Going Down This Time 04:47 4
38 11:34 Rick Lally Down In Jamaica 04:01 4
39 11:38 Rob Woolf (Woolfy) Alligator Eatin Woman 04:21 4
40 11:42 The Scaramanga Six You Disgust Me 05:15 4
41 11:48 Schrödinger's Strings Waves 06:21 4
42 11:54 the Shaune Walt band Rebel Son 03:43 4
43 11:58 SixTwoSeven One Single Night 03:26 4
44 12:01 Split Sofa Such A Long Long Time 04:05 4
45 12:06 Stevie Jewel Earthquake 03:34 4
46 12:09 TJ Doyle Something For You 04:34 4
47 12:14 Two Fishes Band Fish Tale 03:35 4
48 12:17 BLOOZE Backyard 05:30 4
49 12:23 BRAIN All i Need 04:56 4
50 12:28 Camel Juice Rum Consortium Live 03:18 4
51 12:31 Cloverlift The Astronomer 04:48 4
52 12:36 Dovile Lee See Me 04:33 4
53 12:41 Gail Everett Quite Like You 03:44 4
54 12:45 Geoff Carne & The Hatz Forgiven 03:51 4
55 12:49 Guy Paul Thibault Hills 04:12 4
56 12:53 James Angel Fame And Fortune 02:28 4
57 12:56 The Jess Novak Band Do To You 03:44 4
58 12:59 KeithShaw Cherry Red 03:32 4
59 1:03 Richard Gilbert To Live This Life Again 03:40 3 New song
60 1:07 Brian The Hat Duckworth I'll Just Run Away 02:29 3 New song
61 1:09 Danielle Haskell Always With You 03:51 3
62 1:13 Gail Everett Latin Fun 03:02 3
63 1:16 Garry Moore Come Ride With Me 04:50 3 New song
64 1:21 EEmma-Jan Blood and Alcohol 04:03 3 New song
65 1:25 K8 Who I am 03:38 3 New song
66 1:29 KeithShaw L.M.A.O. 04:23 3 New song
67 1:34 Ryan Zimmerman Ephemeral as a Kiss 04:21 3 New song
68 1:38 Anne-Marie Lax Simple Grace 05:31 3
69 1:44 Maureen Griffin Hugs And Kisses 03:06 2
70 1:47 Maureen Griffin Paper Towel And Duct Tape 05:55 2
71 1:53 All Those Who Wander The Good Ship Longsea 02:42 2
72 1:56 Craig Noblin There Was Someone 04:00 1 New song