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February 16, 2018

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Paul Maged

Album: Light Years Away (2017)
“Light Years Away” marks singer-songwriter Paul Maged’s follow up to his critically successful sophomore album, “Diamonds & Demons”. Light Years Away is the first in a trilogy of EP’s that Maged plans to release in succession.
Maged calls the new music “a natural progression in my songwriting exploration with a more ambitious and eclectic sound.” Light Years Away is produced by Multi-Platinum Producer Sean Gill of The Passengerz. The album will be released on October 10th, 2017 and available on all online music outlets including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more. CD’s can be purchased through CD Baby. The first single will be the title track “Light Years Away” which will be accompanied by a video.
Diamonds & Demons was Maged consciously wanting to make a rock n roll record. It was named #1 album of the year by Monoblogue music and had positive write-ups in The Examiner, Popdose & Nashville Music Guide to name a few. Popdose wrote, “Paul Maged proves rock ‘n’ roll isn’t dead; it just needed a reason to get out of bed in the morning.” Early in 2015 Maged began writing new music. He said, “After ‘D&D’ I really wanted to free myself from inhibitions and let the music release itself in whatever shape and form it takes and not change it consciously to what I think it should be.” Resisting the shackles of writing songs that would play big live, Maged challenged himself to write more varied and mature songs both lyrically and musically. The result became more than a full album’s worth of songs spanning many different genres. Producer Sean Gill calls it “Maged Music, its own entity”. Gill as well changed his approach on the production side, choosing to use more instrumentation and layers, creating a more lavish soundscape that would bring out different flavors in the music.
Acknowledging the direction the music industry has taken and how music is currently disseminated, Gill persuaded Maged to break the new music into a trilogy of conceptual EP’s to be released just a few months apart.
Light Years Away includes six plus songs and marks the first of the trilogy. The opening track “PC Police” could be a cut off Diamonds & Demons, a pop punk, socially conscious song. But where “Diamonds & Demons” expressed more rage in its approach, PC Police revels in a sarcastic and satirical look at the hypersensitivity of political correctness that permeates today’s society. “Moment of Strength” is a soulful piece of music Maged calls “Billy Joel meets The Killers meet Michael Jackson.” “Light Years Away” is a song about human kind’s evolution within the universe and the consequences of its actions but is also an ode to loved ones we share our journey with. “Ashley Jane” is a pop tune full of imagery with a twinge of Mumford & Sons and is a song that Maged fully dreamed which includes a guest appearance by harp player Cabbage Pomeranz on harmonica. “Half Moon” is a dark, haunting and atmospheric song. “Like a Stone” is Maged’s tribute to Chris Cornell who was a big influence on Maged.
His acoustic cover of Cornell & Audioslave’s “Like a Stone” has Maged playing all instruments and co-producing with Gill. Light Years Away marks Maged’s new vision and direction of exploring various musical landscapes while using his music emotionally and lyrically in a personally cathartic way.
Paul Maged wrote and performed stand up and sketch comedy for over a decade straight out of high school. He appeared in background roles on Saturday Night Live as well as lead and supporting roles in independent films.
An important part of Maged’s life, Paul wished to somehow tie his comedy past into this album. Light Years Away is accompanied by a video to the title track in which Maged parodies his comedy days; playing animated versions of himself as comedy characters he played during his decade plus in comedy. His “comedy band” includes Stoner Moonshine on bass guitar, Italian Chef/Mafioso Vinny Tortellini on lead guitar and legendary Porn Star Randy Phella on drums. The video showcases the lighter side to Paul as his comedy band plays live in space.
Other videos for this album include PC Police and Like a Stone.

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 PC Police 02:55 4
2 9:03 Moment of Strength 05:18 4
3 9:08 Moment of Strength reprise 00:51 2
4 9:09 Light Years Away 04:09 4
5 9:13 Ashley Jane 03:13 4
6 9:16 Half Moon 03:55 4
7 9:20 Like a Stone 04:12 4

Full album Featured Artist

Molly Hanmer 

Molly Hanmer and the Midnight Tokers are a psychedelic folk-rock band based out of Los Angeles. Since their inception in 2015 they've been pleasing crowds at L.A. clubs like Hotel Cafe, The Escondite, The Mint, the Original Farmers Market, Cinema Bar, Casey's Pub and more.
MHMT spent 2017 recording their debut album Stuck in a Daydream with producer/multi-instrumentalist Marvin Etzioni (who has worked with artists such as Lucinda Williams, U2, Steve Earle and Peter Case) and engineer-mixer Sheldon Gomberg, a two-time Grammy winner. The dream team was complete when legendary engineer Joe Gastwirt (Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty, Yes) agreed to master the album.
MHMT are: Band founder Molly Hanmer: Lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, chief songwriter; John Bird: Organ, Wurlitzer, piano, backwards piano, vocals; Bryce Abood: Bass guitar, stand up bass, vocals; Keith Palmer: Drums, percussion and vocals.
When asked to describe Molly, as an artist, producer Marvin Etzioni said this: "Molly Hanmer has a voice of her own. As a singer-songwriter she’s in the league of Sandy Denny. And in the words of Chuck Berry, she can play a guitar just like a ringin’ a bell. Go go, go, Molly, go. She wears her influences on her sleeve well, from Dylan to Shakey Graves. Her debut album is something to look forward to experiencing."
Management: Claudia Miles

Notes for the artistt
: This page will always be here under your name in "Featured Artists". You can always send us an updated Bio using 'CONTACT' on Menu at the top of page..

# (PST) Artist Name length Rating Notes
8 9:25 Molly Hanmer Come Back 01:55 3 New song
9 9:27 Molly Hanmer Dead Happy 05:14 3 New song
10 9:32 Larre U-A Ignorance 03:45 4 New song
11 9:36 Allen and Douglas Buzz Honey 02:59 4
12 9:39 Anja Schumann The Little Mermaid Song 04:20 4
13 9:43 BAMIL Emptyness 05:38 4 New song
14 9:49 BK Gray Hellbound 04:43 4
15 9:54 Blue Return Everything 03:23 4
16 9:57 Brendan McMahon Marker 04:09 4
17 10:01 JetBelly Before the Amber Hour 05:21 4 New song
18 10:07 JetBelly The Lost Parade 04:17 4
19 10:11 Lance Glass Do I Need A Reason 03:30 4 New song
20 10:15 Nicole Berke UP  04:26 4
21 10:19 Richard Gilbert I'l Never Give Up On Love 04:35 4
22 10:24 Sonny Hunter Times in Life 02:28 4
23 10:27 TolbertToz Riverside 04:08 4
24 10:31 TolbertToz Pieces 04:04 4
25 10:35 Wild Horse Broken & Forgotten 03:48 4
26 10:39 Darby Picnic These Are The Days 04:55 4
27 10:44 Howard Simon Sweet Words and History 06:31 4
28 10:50 Alessandro Bagagli She's a Runaway 04:11 4
29 10:55 TJ Doyle Cold Rain 05:16 4
30 11:00 Violent Attitude If Noticed Redemption 03:51 4
31 11:04 Voice of Addiction Corporate Pariah 02:39 4
32 11:07 Gaz Lawrence Fixation 03:40 4
33 11:10 The Innocent Bystanders Working Man’s Daughter 05:49 4
34 11:16 Roger Gomez I Will Call Heaven Home 05:20 4
35 11:22 Victor Samalot Struttin 02:46 4
36 11:25 Voice of Addiction Lockwood 03:03 4
37 11:28 Andrew D. Huber St. Patrick's Well 03:55 4
38 11:32 Ashes Fall Seeing Afterlife 04:26 4
39 11:36 Belinda M I'm Not Broken 04:51 4
40 11:41 Bleak Final Nail 02:21 4
41 11:44 Borrowed Body Beyond the Lights 04:19 4
42 11:48 Clint Slate The Last Laugh 03:42 4
43 11:52 The Devil In Virginia Always A Sunday 03:52 4
44 11:56 Divining Rod Love Come Tumbling 04:30 4
45 12:00 Four Dead Crows That's What You Get  03:31 4
46 12:04 The Groovebirds Anyway 04:21 4
47 12:08 Hannah Clive Remember To Breathe 03:46 4
48 12:12 Indie Soull Frozen In Time 03:42 4
49 12:16 Isabel and The Uncommons A Man That Can Drive 02:48 4
50 12:19 Jambrains Fade 03:41 4
51 12:23 Jimmy Lee Morris I Can Change 04:17 4
52 12:27 JJ McGuigan In All Honesty 02:40 4
53 12:30 Mama's Broke Black Rock Beach 04:01 4
54 12:34 Mike Crawford Crazy Night 06:31 4
55 12:41 Nina Soderquist Hard To Say I'm Sorry 03:40 4
56 12:44 Robert Machado Ticking Away 06:16 4
57 12:51 Rosegarden Funeral Party Horror Music 04:40 4
58 12:55 Sirens Harbor Common Ideal 03:31 4
59 12:59 St.Cyr-White The Ususal Suspectz 03:57 4
60 1:03 Sterling Fox Get Laid 03:06 4
61 1:06 WholeSpirit Scarytown 03:48 4
62 1:10 Sweet Roger Goodbye World 03:30 4
63 1:14 Swirl Spell 04:03 4
64 1:18 Tandem Unicycle Red Feather 03:56 4
65 1:22 Useless Dogs You Don΄t Know 03:52 4
66 1:26 Violent Attitude If Noticed The Tower 08:55 4
67 1:35 Livia Jahan Wish 03:39 3
68 1:38 Captain SIB Your Dreams 04:29 3
69 1:43 Daniel Rueff Seaside Girls 04:16 3
70 1:47 Miranda Glory Take 03:14 3
71 1:51 Otis Kry California's Burning 04:14 3
72 1:55 Ryan Doherty Suddenness 04:47 3