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March 11, 2018

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electric mud

Hagen Bretschneider (idea, sound concept, bass) and Lennart Hüper (rhythm guitar) have always focussed on instrumental compositions. They have concentrated on their own material, producing their first album "Dead Cat on a Railroad Track" in 2013.
This work was a production using only guitars, bass and drum machine.
Following their success they decided to develop their music together resulting in "Lunatic Asylum" released in 2015. Hagen and Lennart were joined by Nico Walser, who produced Lunatic Asylum as well as playing lead guitar and synthesizers. This collaboration blossomed further on their third album "Wrong Planet" featuring producer and guest musician Nico Walser again. The compositions on the first album were largely rooted in blues rock, however on Wrong Planet their music can sound like Sabbath or Zeppelin from the 70s but they combine these licks with dynamic patches from the drum machine of the 80s.
The Hannover duo's style is steeped in ambiant music interspersed with melodic guitar riffs. These arrangements are sometimes inspired by the Icelandic band Sigur Ros, especially by their use of a violin bow played on the guitar, and the guitar solos would not sound out of place on a Camel or Pink Floyd album. After the release of the former albums, mud-mastermind Hagen Bretschneider received miscellaneous soundfiles from people all over the world, who played guitar or sang vocals along to Electric Mud tracks. The idea was born to recreate some pieces and contribute more instrumental parts for the new album. Rather recomposing than remixing. Over the years the german-based Electric Mud transformed from a live-trio into a studio project. So longtime studio-contributor Nico Walser added some of his sound alchemy to the music. Imagine early King Crimson jammed together with Tangerine Dream and Cluster - and you'll hear the pure audio-magic of the new album "The Deconstruction of Light".
The album will be released on 6 April 2018.
The Deconstruction of Light (2018)

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Deadend Mind 11:38 3 New song
2 9:11 Canary in a Cathouse 11:03 3 New song
3 9:22 Black Dog 05:46 4 New song
4 9:28 Suburban Wasteland Blues 04:03 4 New song
5 9:32 Heads in Beds 11:50 3 New song
6 9:44 Through the Gates 04:37 4 New song
7 9:49 Moongarden 04:00 3 New song

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The Reds  

The Reds® (from Philadelphia, PA) follow-up their critically acclaimed 2007 album, Fugitives From The Laughing House, with a rock n' roll noir in three acts entitled, Early Nothing. The record was made over a period of time, developing a hypnotic quality leaving the listener free to let the subconscious play itself out, no matter where it goes, maintaining the simplicity of the moment. If you thought The Reds® couldn't get any heavier or darker ― you've been warned. Rick Shaffer's shattered guitars, and Bruce Cohen's insane sonic keyboards are still there, but bigger. Although, a pure focus of what came before, and continues to inspire them is never more present. Shaffer and Cohen keep exploring their own
stream of conscious. The bass and drums supply the bottom and rhythm section from hell, sounding like the bastard child of The Velvet Underground. While Shaffer's vocals sound like a man alone on a starless night, shouting his dark hoodoo against the uncertainty of the world around him.
The First Act of Early Nothing starts with, Big Boy, a loud, heavy, stomping menace with metallic guitars and pulsing, grinding organ, combined with lyrics that are not what you think they are, or are they? Sidebuster and Diggin' It, two groove oriented pieces, blend a roots synthesis with relentless, pounding drums, swaying maracas and guitars. An insular blues feel, with Hammond Organ strokes like a late 60's burn at its very best, and synth adding just the right amount of color and mood.
Early Nothing starts the second act with a cerebral center piece entitled, Endless, followed by Night Must Fall and Laying Low, a slower dense rocker that hits in the middle like a Bowie/Ronson era gem, ending with a fuzzed-out guitar rave up. Shaffer's vocal sounds like a lost soul looking for a way out, while Cohen provides an atmosphere as dark and deep as you can go. These three songs show where the band's film roots really come into play. The textures and ambient walls throughout, rising and falling within the songs, provide a truly haunting sound.
Where We Belong, a Mississippi Hill country groove with a great early Animals keyboard hook, backward guitar parts form a wall of sound, that drives you through town to a world where no right is wrong. A Few Dollars More, inspired by filmmaker Amy Berg's exposing documentary, "Deliver Us From Evil," meshed with an electronic piece written by Cohen, who delivers an ending on keyboards that leave the listener in free flight.
Then, just when you're awash in the mood, and starting to feel safe and comfortable, The Reds® throw you a curve by starting the third act blasting
away with, So Long, an out and out straight ahead rocker that will make you get up and scream ― always a good thing. The grand finale, Strangeness, a Bo Diddley-on-acid-shake-down ends Early Nothing with a guitar and keyboard wall of sound, losing control with an exercise of raw power that takes the listener to the edge. The Reds® know injustice, excess and greed ensure there are no guarantees in this life, and Shaffer's asks, "Don't you feel it . . . . its getting closer everyday?"
With the release of, Early Nothing, The Reds®, shaman of dark, brooding, loud rock continue to explore and define their sound.
Download a FREE mp3 of "Diggin' It" on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/tarockmusic/diggin-it

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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating Notes
8 9:53 The Reds Diggin' It 04:37 4 New song
9 9:58 Soft White Glow Danse Macabre 05:12 4 New song
10 10:03 Turn a Phrase Rain 03:29 4 New song
11 10:07 AirCrash Detectives Right In Front Of You 03:14 4
12 10:10 Damson Blaze All Locked Up Inside 05:27 4
13 10:15 Fitzroy & The Professor Totality 03:08 4
14 10:19 Keith Morris Thousand Mile Stairs 04:23 4
15 10:23 Kyle Johnson By The River 03:03 4
16 10:26 Lance Glass Do I Need A Reason 03:30 4
17 10:30 The PondHawks Rhythm And Purples 04:36 4
18 10:35 Riff Reign You 04:00 4
19 10:39 The Scene Stealers Home 03:08 4 New song
20 10:42 Skidbone The Otherside of Over Here 04:14 4
21 10:46 Taking Names Run With Me 03:06 4 New song
22 10:49 THee Holy Brothers Elvis In Jerusalem 02:52 4 New song
23 10:52 TolbertToz Down the Line 04:07 4
24 10:56 W. Dire Wolff Sweet and Painful 05:32 4 New song
25 11:02 Elephant Memoirs Homework 03:31 4 New song
26 11:06 Rowland Jones Slip Away 03:01 4
27 11:09 Surreal Nation I Can Feel The Night 03:08 4
28 11:12 Mike McCleary The Me I Once Knew 03:35 4
29 11:16 Dual fuzz Nothin In Common 03:12 4
30 11:19 Alan Fish Human 02:58 4
31 11:22 The Apparells April Smile 04:58 4
32 11:27 Dual fuzz Blackout 02:21 4
33 11:29 Hector Ward And The Big Time Brown Liquor 02:50 4
34 11:32 Jason Kirkness It's What I Like About U 02:24 4
35 11:35 Joon Wolfsberg Save Him 03:08 4
36 11:38 Kath & The Kicks Billy and the pool cue 03:30 4
37 11:42 Mack Meadows I've Got Time 02:55 4
38 11:45 Marion Fiedler All My Life 03:48 4
39 11:49 markthayer.co Extatical 03:20 4
40 11:52 Matt Talley Excommunicate 04:41 4
41 11:57 Maureen & The Mercury 5 The Keepin' Kind 03:03 4
42 12:00 Michael Quest Time Bomb 03:32 4
43 12:04 Phillip Foxley It's Up To Us! (acoustic version) 04:39 4
44 12:08 Psy of the Dead So Cold 03:48 4
45 12:12 rabbitfoot capers good times inc. 04:48 4
46 12:17 The Red Button Tracy's Party 02:09 4
47 12:19 Stereo Off Disaster Plan 02:55 4
48 12:22 Traces of Dawn Steady Rest 04:00 4
49 12:26 Tranquil Sea Dancing Through Life 03:35 4
50 12:30 W. Dire Wolff The Crossing Guards 03:08 4
51 12:33 WholeSpirit Stop the Show 04:31 4
52 12:38 Alan Fish Alice 02:51 4
53 12:41 Alison Reynolds Life is Good 03:46 4
54 12:45 Allen and Douglas Lo Lo Lo 04:11 4
55 12:49 Anchor Detail Enabler 05:11 4
56 12:54 Bristol Kids A Million Times 02:23 4
57 12:57 The Crowning Hard To Find 05:27 4
58 1:02 Cult of Wedge Guitar Girl 02:46 4
59 1:05 Dead Harvest Wasted Love 07:16 4
60 1:12 DocFell & co. Dog and Pony Show 03:25 4
61 1:16 The Flowered Gnomes Back To Me 03:49 4
62 1:20 Angie Aparo Sylvia Plath 03:24 3 New song
63 1:23 Billy James Brady American Hero's 03:29 3
64 1:27 Marc Viens It's a long way from London to LA 03:07 3
65 1:30 Michelle Murray This Life 03:14 3
66 1:33 Dunn wiv Whiskey Moonbeam In My Heart 04:07 3 New song
67 1:37 Coaching For Sara Sister Won't 03:12 3
68 1:41 Isabel and The Uncommons Oh Lord Don't Leave Me Alone 03:07 3
69 1:44 Richard Fenton Leather Apron 05:26 3
70 1:49 Robert Watson Hypocrisy Part 2 02:37 3
71 1:52 Garry Moore The Cross 03:56 2 New song
72 1:56 Christopher Langley Johnston How I Love You 03:34 2