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May 3, 2018
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Dave Burks

This is the website for Dave Burks Singer/ Songwriter living in Palmetto Fl. I am a singer / song writer of Trop Rock genre. Trop Rock is a style of any type music with an added flare towards Caribbean style. Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown type. I love traveling and performing for people. I love writing new songs and seeing them come to life when the melody is blended in with the lyrics. I have been and will continue to play with various musical artist from all around the country. I have had the privilege to play with some of the most talented singer / songwriters around. I have had the privilege of teaming up with Kevin Robbins in Portales Nm. Kevin is an extremely talented musician and him and I seem to click very well when it comes to writing songs. We currently have a brand new CD out (Where The Water Meets The Sand) and you can download it here at this site. So keep an eye on the player at the bottom left of the home page, scroll thru until you find the songs you want to hear and click download. My wife, Gay Burks, is very much involved with my music. She sings back up vocals with me and She owns Palm Leaf Music Publishing and promotes Dave Burks. She is my biggest fan and my biggest critic. I love it when I think I have a new song ready to go and she says , no not quite you need to do this or this, and 100% of the time she is right. Welcome to the site , hope you enjoy what you see and be sure to check out the all the music I have on this site. And hit the contact me button and send me a note sometime.
Album: Where The Water Meets The Sand (2016)
This album was written with beach music in mind. Finding some where you would want to be other than work.

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Beach Chillin 03:34 4 New song
2 9:03 Love Letters in the Sand 03:21 4 New song
3 9:07 Where the Water Meets the Sand 03:30 4 New song
4 9:10 Some're Cruzin 04:48 4 New song
5 9:15 Beaches of Old Mexico 03:17 4 New song
6 9:18 Sandcastles 03:17 4 New song
7 9:22 Crazy Again Last Night 03:44 4 New song
8 9:26 Only Came for the Beer 04:50 4 New song

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The Twindows

Think back to the first time you made the perfect mix tape: in your room for hours, long after the lights went out downstairs, head buzzing from hearing that perfect transition between songs that were never really meant to be next to each other, but fit perfectly. You loved it so much you had to play it out on your own walkman for days before giving it to that person you really wanted to impress.
That’s what punk/grunge band The Twindows do for you. You are the receiver of a carefully crafted amalgamation of influences ranging from Riot Grrrl, to Disney show-tunes, from sitting by the speaker trying to make out Cobain’s lyrics, to tearing apart the living room during “You Oughta Know.” A Frankenstein of genres, The Twindows is an intimate experience that takes you away but is totally grounded, hitting hard but caressing you afterwards.
While its members are geographically spread out, The Twindows set up shop near Philadelphia PA, in 2015. They’re composed of guitarist/vocalist Aster Grimm (Key of V), guitarist Kyle “Shaggs” Anderson (Ten Cent Days), drummer Oskar Daoud, and bassist KouqJ (J and the 9’s). The group started as a pastime in the tiny, smoke-filled bedroom of a punk house in Williamsport, PA, where most bands were donning a jazz guitarist and a music school pedigree.
Williamsport was a great place to grow up as a folkie, and as a result Grimm’s acoustic duo Key of V was a local hit. But being a self-taught musician who grew up listening to 90’s alternative, a rock band was her ultimate goal. The Twindows was originally a pet project, expected to die not long after it was named after the two window fans sucking smoke out of the practice space, but they started hitting basements with a full set in less than 6 months, and began recording their first full-length album in less than a year.
The Twindows are, at their core, a well-read punk band. Their lyrics focus on not just feminist social commentary and relationships, but the behavioral psychology behind it. Their sound is characterized by the quirky lead vocals of Grimm, who has been compared to everything from Dolores O’riordan to Bessie Smith.
Shaggs’ guitar style emulates the likes of Kurt Cobain and Roger Stevens, and Kouqj praises the likes of Kim Gordon and Geezer Butler. But they aren’t
collectively re-fashioning punk or grunge into yet another post-post-post-post etc.
genre. The Twindows make use of their space by redefining a sound and compositional style that is drenched in a classic, grainy, analog grit, yet delivered in a particular flavor of a bright, refined, and refreshingly hip vibe.
The Twindows released their first full-length album in March 2018. But the real experience they offer is their live shows. Aster Grimm perches herself behind the mic, Fender Strat bound or on-top the drum kit, consistently invading the personal space of everyone from the band to the audience. She sings for you and she sings to you; ogling in disbelief at the sounds they make together as if tonight were the first time they have ever played together. Tighter than the core of the earth, as crisp as freshly squeezed morning orange juice, nomadic in nature: the road as their mistress. They chase and stomp the allure of house shows and venues all over, from stages to three inch deep puddle

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9 9:31 The Twindows Forgiven 05:25 4 New song
10 9:36 Greg Jaquin The Station 04:11 4 New song
11 9:40 Carlos Wilde Love Me 04:08 5
12 9:45 Gary Douglas band River Road 03:42 4 New song
13 9:48 J.Delfino Space Cadet 03:19 4 New song
14 9:52 John Cubbin Going nowhere 03:41 4
15 9:55 Jupiter In Velvet Spare Me 03:12 4
16 9:59 Lazuli Shoals Rosemary 02:06 4 New song
17 10:01 Lovely is to the Bone Sunshine 03:12 4
18 10:04 Max and the Ducks Blacksmith Mould 03:46 4
19 10:08 Reise Sitting in the Dark With Candles 04:24 4
20 10:13 Riff Reign Outlaw 03:45 4 New song
21 10:16 Riff Reign Searching For A Way To Say Goodbye 04:23 4 New song
22 10:21 Robert Shrigley Woolf Therye Screaming In Virtual 05:35 4
23 10:27 Taking Names Run With Me 03:09 4
24 10:30 TolbertToz Back to Yesterday 04:00 4
25 10:34 W. Dire Wolff Sweet and Painful 05:32 4
26 10:39 Zialand Shelter 03:46 4
27 10:43 Voice of Addiction I Can't Breathe 02:45 4
28 10:46 Paul Maged Gunz 4 Hire 03:29 4
29 10:50 Halo Life in the City 05:54 4
30 10:56 Cut Throat Francis These Last Kind Words 03:36 4
31 10:59 Riff Reign John Wells 04:08 4
32 11:04 Lawsuit It's Hard On Love 04:48 4
33 11:08 Bleak One Woman War Zone 03:17 4
34 11:12 Cloudy Apple Shoot Me Down 06:14 4
35 11:18 Foxpalmer Alone 04:58 4
36 11:23 Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers Handful Of Rain 04:12 4
37 11:27 Ghostly Beard A Reason to Leave 04:18 4
38 11:32 Gregor St John & Xeniah Woman Warrior 03:28 4
39 11:35 The Groovebirds Where Do You Go Now? 03:28 4
40 11:39 Hegarty  I wont go down that road again 02:50 4
41 11:42 Icicle Life's A Stage 03:45 4
42 11:46 Johnny Mark Hope 04:14 4
43 11:50 Keith Morris What Happened To Your Party? 08:45 4
44 11:59 The King Heat Ensemble Ten years 03:19 4
45 12:02 Les Paul's (The Paul's) Moon Dog Blues 05:38 4
46 12:08 Mack Meadows Here I Am 02:42 4
47 12:11 Madison Mueller Breath Of Air 03:29 4
48 12:14 Mama's Broke True False True Lover 03:45 4
49 12:18 Man eat Grass Lights a Fazing 02:15 4
50 12:20 Morosity The Answer 04:45 4
51 12:25 Naryan Never Give Up 08:16 4
52 12:34 Non Duo Turn Around 03:48 4
53 12:38 Paul Hulm Sea coast girl 03:25 4
54 12:41 Ralph Beeby & The Elephant Collective Animal 04:01 4
55 12:45 Tandem Unicycle When You're Free 03:31 4
56 12:49 TJ Doyle Favorite Places 04:50 4
57 12:54 Your Name Here Out Of Time 03:44 4
58 12:57 a strAnger How do you feel 04:27 4
59 1:02 Tony Russo Your Man 03:30 3 New song
60 1:06 Reise The One Who Fills My Heart 04:26 3
61 1:10 Deb Wattes So Lonely 02:57 3
62 1:13 Faith & Harry My BFFs and Me 03:21 3
63 1:17 Glen Shayne - Briana Tyson Catch My tears 04:35 3
64 1:21 jimmy gibson when i walk away 04:26 3
65 1:26 Keith Shaw _17 03:33 3
66 1:29 Mick J Clark Blow These Candles Out 04:05 3
67 1:34 Rolan Crowfoot I Don't Go Out 03:36 3
68 1:37 Taking Names Contagious 03:18 3
69 1:41 Wilson Daniels Whiskey Bride 03:49 3 New song
70 1:45 Jef Leeson & Colin Amey Going Again 04:59 3
71 1:50 JJ'S Music Retalliation I will Give Back everthing I owe You 05:07 3
72 1:55 Garry Moore That's My Momma 04:37 2