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May 29, 2018
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Allen and Douglas

We - Allen and Douglas - have been writing songs since our teens. Strumming, singing and writing away in old railway stations and under canal bridges we developed our sound, harmonies and song-craft as young men through hard work and trial and error.
Nowadays after several hiatuses due to differing work and travel paths we practice and record regularly in a small bedroom studio in Birmingham UK.
We write primarily for pleasure, producing many genres of music . Our latest body of work"THE SPIDER & THE PHOENIX" is conceptual and charts a journey from depression to recovery. "CASINO GAMES" is ultimately an indie sound with an electronic edge. Previous albums were DRIFTWOOD which is essentially modern folk and demonstrative of harmonies and niche song writing.
It would be magic if you have the time to check us out. WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST! ALLEN AND DOUGLAS (CRAIG AND STEVE)
Album: The Spider & The Phoenix (2018)
The Spider & The Phoenix is a concept album which essentially charts a journey from depression to recovery. Eclectic in style it is meant to give the listener insight into the illness and leave them with a positive boost. It is available in two formats. The uploaded version contains the individual tracks. The other version is very conceptual with two continuous pieces of music . The first piece THE SPIDER, the second THE PHOENIX. The individual tracks are available on itunes spotify etc....and the alter version is available physically for a nominal fee by contacting ALLEN & DOUGLAS @AllenDouglas68

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# (PT) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 The Spider 03:43 4 New song
2 9:03 I Can't Stand the Pain 02:40 4 New song
3 9:06 So Blue 03:48 4 New song
4 9:10 Pretty Pretty Streams 02:26 4 New song
5 9:12 Set Sail Suite 02:06 4 New song
6 9:15 Dark Matters 05:15 4 New song
7 9:20 The Sun Went out Last Night 03:07 4 New song
8 9:23 Nothing Comes out to Play 02:43 4 New song
9 9:26 Through the Eye of a Needle 03:33 4 New song
10 9:30 Wrap It Up 02:50 4 New song
11 9:33 And When All Hope Is Gone 02:05 4 New song
12 9:35 Rainbows in the Sky 02:26 4 New song
13 9:37 Yellow Blue 04:03 4 New song
14 9:41 Quite Like You 04:15 4 New song
15 9:46 The Phoenix 04:31 4 New song
16 9:50 Overflowing 03:00 4 New song
17 9:53 Sweet Sweet Dreams 03:01 4 New song

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Starkett Levee 
Noel Hattem singer/songwriter, keyboardist/guitar player from New York City, began playing piano and studying music at the age of nine, and sang in his elementary school glee club. His main interest in Rock began with the legacy of the 60’s and continued into the Progressive and New Wave Rock movements.
Gravitating toward darker edges while drawing from various sources with a mixture of Hard Edge, Punk, and Alternative, Hattem maintains a contemporary connection with today’s Indie Rock.
Over the years, Hattem has fronted and performed in local NYC bands such as At The Same Time, Race For Space, The Nth Degree and Kryptic Friction. Hattem has three recorded Rock songs in the permanent music collection of the 9/11 Memorial.org Museum in NYC.
Being a rock artist is the platform that sustains him. When pressed for more Hattem puts it simply: “I don't really have much more to say. I tap into a song from self-reflection and personal experience and/or hand me the mic and let's rock.”
The Graz was born Texas and remembers getting his first blues lesson on piano from the family cook, Jeanie. In December, 1963 the family moved to New York and shortly after that The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. “I was already rockin’ out to Elvis by then but this was a game changer.” The Graz got his first guitar soon after and taught himself “…with a book and vinyl record that gave folk lessons.”
In Junior High The Graz went electric and started playing in his drummer’s basement but found it hard to play cover songs. “I just was never that good a player. I wanted to be original but everyone was into playing top 40 to get gigs. I just wanted to improvise.”
After High School, The Graz moved to California, gave up rock ‘n roll (at least for a few years) and studied the sarod under Ali Akbar Khan in Marin County. Carpal tunnel syndrome sidelined his sarod playing but not his guitar playing as much. “Bar chords are still tough for me,” he stated in a recent interview. The Graz spent time in sales at San Francisco’s Guitar Center, working with clients like: The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna, Jesse Colin Young, UFO, Journey, Herbie Hancock, Heart, The Climax Blues Band but found the after hours jam sessions with his associates a real education.
Backyard jams in Marin led to the formation of a rock trio, OUT OF THE BLUE. The band, fronted by drummer and vocalist, Timothy Harning (1953-2014) and bassist Mike “The Mole” Daniels, recorded several songs but never released a recording. They played occasional gigs around Marin County and from that band sprang THE LIBERATORS, fronted by Paul Liberatore and featuring The Mole on bass and Martin Fierro (January 18, 1942 – March 13, 2008) on tenor sax. Martin also in the
freeform rock, and avant-garde traditions. Fierro played with the Sir Douglas Quintet, Legion of Mary, Jerry Garcia, James Cotton, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Loudon Wainwright III, Queen Ida, Jazz Is Dead, The String Cheese Incident, David Grisman, Derek Trucks, Dark Star Orchestra, the Allman Brothers, Merl Saunders, The Grateful Dead, Zero, Steve Kimock & Friends, Yonder Mountain String Band and many more.
The Liberators were mainly a live band but did go into Prairie Sun Studios to record. That project ended abruptly when The Graz found himself on a red-eye to NYC to put an end to a long distance relationship by relocating.
The Graz is always working on several recording projects mainly as a guitarist and sometimes as engineer/producer. He is an avid photographer, sometime filmmaker.

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# (PST) Artist Name length Rating Notes
18 9:56 Starkett Levee Open Door 04:35 4
19 10:01 Abigail Scott Damaged 05:09 4
20 10:06 After Alice Morning 04:18 4 New song
21 10:11 Alan Garmonsway Good Friends 06:19 4
22 10:17 Austin Colσn  Alone 04:16 4
23 10:21 Blue Return Alright with me 03:24 4
24 10:25 Dave Burks Love Letters in the Sand 03:21 4
25 10:28 Echo Wants Her Voice Back I Knew I'd Find You 02:33 4
26 10:31 Jeffrey Dallet band Bye Bye Middle Class Blues 03:53 4
27 10:35 John Cubbin New horizon 04:33 4
28 10:40 Jupiter In Velvet Spare Me 03:12 4
29 10:43 Lazuli Shoals Rosemary 02:06 4
30 10:45 Lovely is to the Bone Sunshine 03:12 4
31 10:48 Man eat Grass Party InMaHead 02:36 4
32 10:51 Mars Bonfire Abuse 04:08 4
33 10:55 Pretty Voices hush yer mouth 04:17 4
34 11:00 Robert Shrigley Woolf Therye Screaming In Virtual 05:35 4
35 11:05 Rolan Crowfoot Sunshine Girl 03:39 4
36 11:09 Rolan Crowfoot I Guess the Party's Over 03:58 4
37 11:13 Skidbone The Otherside of Over Here 04:14 4
38 11:17 St.Cyr-White The Ususal Suspectz 03:57 4
39 11:21 TolbertToz Always 04:37 4
40 11:26 W. Dire Wolff The Way that it is 02:52 4
41 11:29 Otis Kry Time 03:55 4
42 11:33 WholeSpirit Mr Bone 04:00 4
43 11:37 Andy Bandlord Bissell Madness 03:53 4
44 11:41 Darby Picnic Midnight Train 04:35 4
45 11:46 Desmond Grundy Food Chain 03:22 4
46 11:49 Otis Kry I Wish 03:18 4
47 11:53 Indus Rush Encinitas Break (Album edit) 04:09 4
48 11:57 Joshua Rich Chocolate and Vanilla 04:54 4
49 12:02 rabbitfoot capers pushin' on 03:30 4
50 12:05 Ricci Valice Fading Out 04:07 4
51 12:10 Rick Lally Find a Way 03:47 4
52 12:14 Riff Reign You May Be Rich 03:35 4
53 12:17 Robbie Ansley Dreams 03:57 4
54 12:21 Rowland Jones If Not for Me 04:28 4
55 12:26 Samson Secrets to Hide 03:11 4
56 12:29 SixTwoSeven One Single Night 03:26 4
57 12:33 Slim Paul Let me in 03:25 4
58 12:36 Sonic X Save Yourself 04:05 4
59 12:40 Surreal Nation Hangtime 03:50 4
60 12:44 The Apparells Touchdown 04:47 4
61 12:49 The PondHawks Far Away 03:04 4
62 12:52 w3detour My Valley Girl 04:27 4
63 12:57 Alex Hedley Let It Roll On 03:35 4
64 1:00 Alpha Six Romeo Storm of Angry 03:47 4
65 1:04 Dead Harvest How Do You Know 05:32 4
66 1:10 lori nebo Standing Stronger 04:01 4 New song
67 1:14 Faith & Harry My BFFs and Me 03:21 3
68 1:17 MetaQuorum Witchcraft Jazz 06:12 3 New song
69 1:24 Andre Nostalgic Brown Faith Race 03:07 3
70 1:27 J.Delfino Free For All 03:51 3
71 1:31 Mick J Clark Blow These Candles Out 04:05 3
72 1:35 Scott Smith Spinning Round 03:16 3 New song
73 1:38 Wilson Daniels Whiskey Bride 03:49 3
74 1:42 Garry Moore You're Never Alone 05:01 3
75 1:47 Desirable Yet Disposable Tell Truth To Me 03:49 3
76 1:51 Jimena & Torbjorn Vagle Without You 04:23 3
77 1:56 Gary and Linda Sclafani We Two In Love M2 03:49 3