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June 30, 2018

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Booker Creed

Indie Rock band from Sheffield, music is about art and soul, something you can't judge, pigeon hole or put a price on.

Founder and all round good egg.. John Booker- Guitar and Vocals

I bought a guitar and started to learn to play (still never quite managed it), Aegs brother Pat already played in a band so Aeg had a start on us. Roy decided to take up the bass and another friend of ours Rich Williams could play the drums. Rich was a bit of a rocker but we turned a blind eye. We started writing our own songs and rehearsing.
The first practice room was at Love St, Sheffield which we shared with the Human League and a band called Black Mariah. Things soon took off and we gigged everywhere including Sheffield's Top Rank, Limit Club and The Leadmill.
Around this time we had interest from a guy called Lincon Alias of WEA Records and recorded a single and a 14 track tape (Gothic Writing) which sold well in the Sheffield HMV store. We went on to meet the main man at WEA but things didn't go too well. He told us that we were out of time, the music we were playing was old hat.
In 1983 the main bands were Depeche Mode, Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet. The new romantics had arrived and we were harking back to 1978. So forsaking all of our principles we decided to join them. We got a good keyboard/piano player in Dave Benford and The Mix became Fiction. We tried to get somewhere for three years but never quite got there.
Fiction split in 1986 and I didn't play again until 1990. I got a new band together called Masque featuring Aeg Browne, Chris Stringer on bass and local superstar Driftin Dronfield on drums. We went back to our roots, recorded some new tracks and had a good time for three years then said our goodbyes.
Booker Creed started in 2011 with me on guitar and vocals, Andy Mason on lead guitar, Chris Stringer on Bass and Andy Horner on drums. So far we're having a ball. The future's so bright we gotta wear shades.

A musical career in reverse. Andy Mason - Guitar
I started playing guitar aged 8 years and early on Sammy Hagar turned my ears away from Bert Weeden and Duane Eddy with the song 'this planets on fire' - 1979. That same year Motorhead released 'Bomber' and that was me reprogrammed.
I never really played in bands until I formed Bastion with my great mate Shaun Eason. We had a great time and played some great gigs but I really preferred the rehearsal room to having an audience (still do today) so wasn't fussed about starting another band when Bastion came to its natural conclusion. I did muck around with an arty improv punk band 'Terminal Influence' (terminally influenced by PIL) but soon realised my anti establishment non conformist cohorts were more constrained by their own image so I left.
Although I had known Booker for years I'd never seen him play. I remember he had a band at school called 'The Mix' but figured they were some sort of Irish folk band. For 42 years I had managed to avoid becoming musically involved with the man until he suggested we form the 'Bob Dylan Twins' and eat kebabs. I hadn't had a kebab for years so it seemed like a good idea at the time. Horner and Chris followed soon after and we became a 'proper' band.
So here we are in 2018. As well as building the glider in the roof space, I have started three tunnels because I fear John may shoot me down with his junior air rifle as i endeavour to make my escape..

A proper musician. Chris Stringer - Bass Guitar
For a time nothing seemed to be happening for me until Russ called to say his new band, The Touch wanted a bass player and after a successful audition I was in. It was with The Touch that saw me playing larger venues like The Leadmill, Top Rank (now the O2 Academy), the Octagon at Sheffield University playing gigs with other local bands like Pulp. Despite recording a track for a compilation album of local bands and signing to a management agency from the south, nothing materialized and we eventually called it a day.
Disillusioned, it was at this point that John used his unique charm and wit to persuade me to pick up the bass again and join his band Masque playing a mixture of original and punk covers.
Once again when this came to an end John kept going, which brings us to now and Booker Creed, where after much arm twisting and ear bashing Andy and AH eventually talked John into adding a bass player to the fold. It is here that Johns charm and wit failed drastically to recruit the right man, so once again he turned to me knowing I was one of the few people not yet sanctioned who fell for his charm.

A proper Drummer. Andy Horner - Drums
"Biog coming soon"

Album: All The Answers (2018)
12 original tracks, played and recorded in the pit (garage). Music is worth the effort.

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 All The Answers 02:43 4 New song
2 9:02 History 02:25 4 New song
3 9:05 I'm Coming Home 03:00 4 New song
4 9:08 Pride 03:47 4 New song
5 9:12 Shine 04:29 4 New song
6 9:16 Make 'Em Count 02:38 4 New song
7 9:19 New Dance 03:42 4 New song
8 9:23 Endless Days 03:35 4 New song
9 9:26 Right and Wrong 03:16 4 New song
10 9:30 Someone's Down The Hall 03:52 4 New song
11 9:34 Living A Lie 04:03 4 New song
12 9:38 Untamed 20th Century Boy 03:55 4 New song

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# (PT) Artist Name length Rating Notes
13 9:42 Impulse Control You've Got to be Kidding Me 04:06 4 New song
14 9:46 Moaning Lisas Kick Me 04:11 4 New song
15 9:50 RedLight C'est La Vie 04:12 4 New song
16 9:55 After Alice Morning 04:18 4
17 9:59 AirCrash Detectives Thar She Blows 03:04 4
18 10:02 Alan Garmonsway American Dream 05:44 4
19 10:08 deleo Cosmic 04:07 4
20 10:12 Glenn Shayne All Tied Up 03:15 4
21 10:16 Igga Cousins Lord what have done 05:03 4 New song
22 10:21 Lazuli Shoals Rosemary 02:06 4
23 10:23 Leah Zeger Maybe It's You 05:48 4 New song
24 10:29 Lovely is to the Bone Sunshine 03:12 4
25 10:32 Reise Cannot Say (Single Version) 04:03 4
26 10:36 Rolan Crowfoot Drifting Away 02:50 4
27 10:39 Rolan Crowfoot Detainee 04:09 4 New song
28 10:43 Alessandro Bagagli Signs on the Wall 04:51 4
29 10:48 Belinda M Lets Simplify 03:38 4
30 10:52 One River Gift of Tears 03:23 4
31 10:55 Trendlaser Looking In 03:16 4
32 10:59 KDX Rose Colored Eyes 03:27 4
33 11:02 W. Dire Wolff Sweet and Painful 05:32 4
34 11:08 w3detour Back To You 04:08 4
35 11:12 WholeSpirit Only When I Breathe 03:08 4
36 11:15 Allen and Douglas Mirrors and Smoke 03:48 4
37 11:19 Andy Bandlord Bissell You Can't Save Me 05:22 4
38 11:25 Darby Picnic Potty Mouth 04:09 4
39 11:29 Dave Burks Beach Chillin 03:34 4
40 11:33 Dead Harvest Leave It Alone 04:11 4
41 11:37 Desmond Grundy Waiting For The Man 03:29 4
42 11:40 electric mud Through the Gates 04:37 4
43 11:45 Guy Leroux Even Elvis Got The Blues 03:41 4
44 11:49 Jack Kirton Ain't Gonna Change my Mind 04:45 4
45 11:54 Jeffrey Dallet band Odd Ball Blues 04:45 4
46 11:59 Lance Glass Do I Need A Reason 03:30 4
47 12:02 Mack Meadows Time Off 04:03 4
48 12:06 Mark Rogers Imagining 03:03 4
49 12:09 Mark Rogers Qualifiers mstrd 03:32 4
50 12:13 Prince Charman The Winning Team 03:00 4
51 12:16 Psy of the Dead Winter Snow 03:25 4
52 12:20 Söur Bruthers Sinkin' Down 05:04 4
53 12:25 Söur Bruthers Better Days 04:46 4
54 12:30 The Apparells Sunrise Disguise 03:27 4
55 12:33 The Discarded Do you want it now_ 03:47 4
56 12:37 Traces of Dawn Communcations Done 04:50 4
57 12:42 w3detour Sit Down 04:05 4
58 12:46 WholeSpirit This Is Why Sparks Fly 04:57 4
59 12:51 Dead Harvest How Do You Know 05:32 4
60 12:57 CJay DWN Fireflies 02:29 3
61 12:59 St.Cyr-White Still In Love Today 03:40 3
62 1:03 Scott Smith Spinning Round 03:16 3
63 1:06 Rolan Crowfoot Summer Fun 03:35 3
64 1:10 Tony Russo somewhere theres a someone 02:17 3
65 1:12 Wilson Daniels Whiskey Bride 03:49 3
66 1:16 electric mud Canary in a Cathouse 11:03 3
67 1:27 The Hepburns Colossus 02:48 3
68 1:30 Coaching For Sara Stick With You 02:25 3
69 1:33 Robert Watson Travesty 02:40 3
70 1:36 Coaching For Sara Show  02:46 3
71 1:38 Dunn wiv Whiskey Stand With Angels 02:40 3
72 1:41 Louise Steel Can't Be Cool 03:43 3
73 1:45 Robert Watson People Want To See A Change In The World 05:07 3
74 1:50 Ugochill Beloved 06:14 3
75 1:57 Delta Savannah Attention 03:35 3