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July 6, 2018

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Anchor Detail

Origin: South Charlotte, NC; Sometime in 2014. Long time amigos Jeff Tatu, Seth Telles and Travis Brown found enough commonality sonically to commit to a modest collection of fuzzed out rock tunes to delve into live gigging across greater Charlotte and beyond, ultimately leading to the D.I.Y.-style production of their debut EP Tiki Dreams.
At the ass end of a no longer welcome 2017 that took much and left little, joined a year and some months earlier by drummer and classical guitar adept Christian Loebs, this 80s post-punk-inspired, 90s emo-rock-derivative rock and roll group finds itself poised to release its sophomore record at the new year. Enabler, a menagerie of alt-rock bangers, displays Anchor Detail's fully formed penchant for punishing rhythms, eloquent yet skull-shredding guitar arrangements and corrupted, frank to the bone lyricism. The regret, resentment and despair expressed verbally among its songs belies this band's true self confidence, with feet planted firmly forward as rock music expressionists through 2018 and even further into the unknown..

Album: Enabler (2018)

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Rapture 05:06 4
2 9:05 Warmth 04:48 4
3 9:10 One Step Back 06:00 4
4 9:16 You Through Me 05:11 4
5 9:21 Intervention 01:36 2
6 9:23 Enabler 05:11 4

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The Featherz   

Ihe Featherz are a Welsh/English band with glam and punk influences led by Danie Centric (known as Danie Cox prior to January 2018, born 15 December 1990 in Bridgend) on lead vocals and guitar. Danie formed the band with two fellow former members of Georgie Girl And Her Poussez Posse, a band fronted by Georgina Baillie and mentored by Adam Ant. After leaving Baillie and Ant to form their own group, they received press coverage in the Ipswich Star, Wales On Sunday, Basingstoke Gazette, website Louder Than War and rock magazine Vive Le Rock who included their track RNR★ on the free CD with the January/February 2014 edition (issue 16). They also completed a UK national tour supporting Boy George, in three of whose videos Centric appeared and have since toured with The Damned.
Since May 2014, Danie is the last remaining founder member. Currently, the only other permanent member is longtime drummer Dazzle Monroe (formerly of Extreme Noise Terror).
Together, they continue to record and play live under The Featherz band name with guest musicians on bass and lead guitar.
2011-2014 – Formation:
Danie arrived in London in October 2010 to pursue a career as a professional musician In January 2011, she was recruited to Georgie Girl And Her Poussez Posse as guitarist and backing vocalist. The band also included Baillie, Molly Spiers-MacLeod (the daughter of Spizz) on bass and backing vocals, drummer Rachael Smith and additional guitarist Fiona Bevan. This lineup supported Ant on several tour dates in spring 2011 and recorded tracks for a planned single plus EP. Footage from early 2011 of a Poussez Posse band meeting at Ant's home is included in The Blueblack Hussar, a documentary about Ant directed by Jack Bond. Unhappy with the general direction of the band and Ant's style of mentoring, Danie, Molly and Rachael all left the group (to be replaced by a new lineup, still fronted by Baillie, which continued to support Ant on tour until the end of 2012.) The trio formed their own band The Feathers, making their debut guerilla gig appearance at the Occupy London camp outside St Paul's Cathedral on 23 October 2011.
The band's track "Life Stranger" reached the quarter finals of the YouBloom online talent contest and was released on the compilation Hipsters 3. Danie and Molly also performed an acoustic set on Garry Bushell's Rancid Sounds radio show on TotalRock in April 2012. Two years later in April 2014, they performed a second acoustic set for Bushell's show - by now transferred to online literary community Litopia's podcast section. At around the time of the first session, Smith left the group to be replaced by Alex Gold, also of The Boys. Gold in turn would be replaced by Dazzle (born Darren Olley, 7 February 1966 in Ipswich) in January 2013.
In April 2013, Danie befriended Boy George after they met at the launch party of an exhibition of stage costumes of their mutual hero David Bowie at the Victoria and Albert Museum at which George was a guest speaker. Impressed with the appearance and demeanour of the glammed-up Danie, George invited her to show herself on stage. Subsequently, Danie appeared in three videos for singles by George: "I'm Coming Home" (also featuring a cameo by Monroe), "King of Everything" and "My God" directed by Dean Stockings. The band also supported George on his November 2013 solo UK tour to promote his album This Is What I Do.
In spring 2013, the band undertook a photo session for fashion designer Mark Charles and his Charles of London fashion label. From then until mid-2016, all band members regularly wore Charles' designs as stage-wear (as Danie still did frequently for some time thereafter.) Charles also released the band's debut single "RNR★" on his Charles Of London Records label. The A-side was later included on the compilation CD Teenage Rampage, cover-mounted on issue 16 of Vive Le Rock magazine. The magazine's track guide described Danie as a "rising star" and the band as "injected with glam rock attitude" which "will give you glitter-covered goose bumps and get your feet stomping." The single has also received airplay on BBC Radio Wales and Radio Caroline.
The Ipswich Star gave a headline preview to the band's 25 January 2014 gig at the Steamboat Tavern in Monroe's native Ipswich, alongside a photo of the band, noting how "The London trio, fresh from supporting Boy George on his recent UK tour, led by Danie Cox, are getting rave reviews for their brand of punk-pop." Wales On Sunday extensively interviewed Danie in the 9 February 2014 edition about the band, their associations with Ant, Baillie, George and Charles, and her life in general. Commenting on Danie and her band, the newspaper noted "With her electrifying red hair, extravagant make-up and outrageous dress sense, 23-year-old Danie Cox and her band The Featherz look every inch pop stars."
2014-2016 - Alice Atkinson era
Molly left the band in May 2014 and Alice Atkinson was announced as replacement bass player in early June. She made her debut on 28 June 2014 at the 100 Club alongside new additional guitarist Lily Marlene (Lilian Von Kalbach, the daughter of Bond's partner and credited on The Blueblack Hussar as Assistant to the Director). The gig also marked Danie's return to the stage following a severe knee injury days after Molly's departure. Due to Lily's commitments outside the band, she left amicably and an ongoing vacancy for additional guitarist existed for 14 months until Daniel Jones' spell with the band.
In the meantime Danie, Alice and Dazzle continued to gig in the three-piece format, occasionally joined by various guest guitarists. Their 14 February 2015 headline gig at the Irish Centre in Basingstoke received praise from the Basingstoke Gazette "The headline band were The Featherz ... who continued the general theme of girls showing just how well they can rock it up ... Not quite as heavy as (second on the bill act) Petrol Girls, they still had a real fast punky set. They had also picked up a posse of new followers who were now ready to worship every bead and every bit of glitter - as well as dance along to their songs."
The band also played the Pavilion Stage of the 2015 Rebellion Festival. Their set received an enthusiastic review from Martin Haslam of Louder Than War: "Bringing their brand of selfstyled ‘Flock Rock’ to the masses, I’m pleased that the venue is filling up. Glam anthems (Glamthems?) get the crowd onside, ‘When Was The Last Time You Had Sex?’ and other ear worms. I’ve seen them before, but this line up has added Alice Atkinson, which is a very good thing; the three-piece with Danie Cox and Dazzle Monroe are now tighter and born to entertain. Championed by Boy George and dressed by Charles Of London, they deserve your attention. Now!" The band appeared again at the 2017 festival on the Opera House stage and are scheduled to play the same stage again in 2018.
A second single for Charles Of London Records, You, was released from the sessions with Armstrong on download in early September 2015 followed by a CD release two months later.
A video was filmed back in April 2015 in Brighton, directed by Stockings. Interviewed by Haslam at Rebellion for Louder Than War, Danie announced that the band's next release would be their debut album. Danie also commented on her philosophy as a performer and bandleader: "I’d always had a dream, to write my own songs, to express myself through my clothes and how I present myself. Luckily, I found that in The Featherz, in London ... We are The Featherz, there is nothing else for me. I’d rather die than give up. Our songs are statements. It really is all I can do" Around the time of the single's download release, the additional guitarist role was briefly filled when Jones joined. He left amicably three months later due to musical differences, shortly before the band played three high profile support slots in Sheffield, Liverpool and London, for The Damned. Following the death of her hero David Bowie in January 2016, Danie was filmed by Italian television show Studio Aperto performing Bowie's songs at his shrine at the Heddon Street telephone box while the Featherz performed at a Bowie memorial concert at the Union Chapel, Islington with Mick Ronson's sister Maggi guesting with the band on vocals for Ziggy Stardust. Danie and Mike Garson's biographer Clifford Slapper also performed a vocal/piano version of We Are the Dead.
Also in early 2016 the band, plus David Donley again on additional guitar, recorded new material at Quadra Studios in Walthamstow with producer John "Lucifer" Pridige. A new additional guitarist, Chris Shepherd, joined the band in April. In June a video, featuring the new line-up, was filmed in Southend for Atkinson composition Forget All You Know. In early September, the video was posted to YouTube and this track and a cover of Moonage Daydream (featuring Slapper on piano), both from the Quadra session, were uploaded to the group's Bandcamp account and iTunes store. Prior to this, a trailer video featuring a clip from a third track from Quadra, a cover of "The Ballroom Blitz" had been posted to YouTube.
Danie and Clifford Slapper have recorded another version of Moonage Daydream for the latter's upcoming album Bowiesongs 2, while Danie also collaborated with The Lurkers on their track High Velocity, which was released as a single 24 November 2017. Louder Than War's Ged Babey praised Danie's contribution: "Danie has a likeable Honey Bane meets Beki Bondage singing style and is perfect on the song." The track received airplay on Steve Lamacq's show on BBC Radio 6music and Danie recorded further material with the Lurkers in December 2017 and February 2018.
2016 onwards - Five-Year-Itch
Alice and Chris left the band in late 2016. Guitarist Holly Henderson of the band Dorja and bassist Jenny Lane of the band Planet Of The Capes, both of whom previously deputised in these roles in The Featherz, served as temporary live members until the arrival of permanent replacements, Swedish bassist Gerda Lucy Rankka aka Lucy Lawbreaker and Italian additional guitarist Aryanne Maudit. In the meantime, the band produced new music videos of the tracks Chelsea, Takes One To Know One and Moonage Daydream and recorded further material in Quadra Studios with Pridige and Faebhean Kwest.
Appearing on internet radio station K2K Radio's show FlipsideLondon Radio hosted by Aidan McManus, on 28 March 2017, Danie confirmed that the band's imminent debut album was entitled Five-Year-Itch and would be 17 tracks long. The album was released on 13 April 2017 and was compiled by Pridige (who also funded the release) from content from various sessions since 2012 (hence the album title) including material from his own sessions with the band at Quadra Studios as well as the Broadoak Studios sessions with Armstrong, both sides of the RNR★ single recorded in 2013 and the band's earliest attempt at making an album at Perry Vale Studios in 2012, as well as Pridige's own live recordings of the band. Vive Le Rock's Alison Bateman rated the album 7/10. Although lukewarm about the choices of covers included, she nevertheless enthused, "(The band) have already built a buzz with their energetic live shows, centred on flame-haired attitude-oozing young frontwoman Danie Cox. Their cheeky punked-up glitter rock risks being a tough act to translate to the studio, but Five-Year-Itch mostly manages with charismatic flair... They're neither short on musical chops, nor shy of buckling down to serious business of writing infuriatingly immovable hooks."
The band's next single, Ordinary Girl? recorded late 2016 at Quadra with Atkinson and Shepherd (shortly before their departures) and produced by Pridige, was released on Bandcamp on 1 May 2017. The single cover featured Danie's friend, the late Imogen Goldie whose mother Diane had previously designed and provided the costumes worn by the band in the Forget All You Know video and again in the video for this single, in which she herself appeared. In September, the band announced their intention to recruit a keyboard player.
Successful applicant Cat Cat from Wales made her debut with the band on 26 October at the O2 Islington when they supported Penetration (whose song Don't Dictate previously appeared on Five-Year-Itch.) In late November Maudit left and was replaced by Lawbreaker's partner and fellow Swede John Jönsson, who had already substituted for Maudit at two of the four dates of the band's November 2017 UK tour.
The CD edition of Ordinary Girl? was released on 3 January 2018, also including the last remaining tracks from the first Quadra studios session from early 2016. Ged Babey, reviewing the CD for Louder Than War, was suitably impressed, describing the band as "brash, flash, glam, blam-blam wiggy, Ziggy, rockin rollin’, into Bolan… just a great old-skool party band," the lead track as having "the feel of a fab 1979 Noo Wave single -sprinkled with glitter and all over Radio Wun - not arf!" with "that staccato Lene Lovich feel that Hazel O'Connor nicked and lovely thick slices of guitar," the video as "beautifully lo-fi and am-dram and captures a band who take their music but not themselves too seriously," and the cover image of Imogen Goldie cover as "proving if nothing else that behind the glitter there are some tears and there is more ‘depth’ to the band than there might initially seem."
The band recorded a session in January 2018 with Danie self-producing. Around this time it was announced that Danie was now permanent vocalist for The Lurkers, while also continuing with The Featherz. In February 2018 Maudit returned to the band after only three months away, to form a new six piece lineup, with Danie no longer playing guitar. Further work on the January recording was carried out in mid March; shortly afterwards however, Maudit, Lawbreaker, Jönsson and Cat all left. In April, with Pridige once again producing, Centric and Monroe recorded another session, with lead guitarist Calle Englemarc of The Members and, together with Jenny Lane on bass, they filmed an official live video at the Dublin Castle.

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# (PT) Artist Name length Rating Notes
7 9:28 The Featherz Ordinary Girl 03:46 4 New song
8 9:32 Midnight Kahuna Easy and Cheap 04:10 4 New song
9 9:36 Plastic Tears Miss Stumbling Legs 03:05 4 New song
10 9:39 After Alice Morning 04:18 4
11 9:44 AirCrash Detectives Fly On The Wall 04:21 4
12 9:48 Alan Garmonsway Our Different Ways 05:22 4
13 9:53 Glenn Shayne All Tied Up 03:15 4
14 9:57 Igga Cousins Lord what have done 05:03 4
15 10:02 Lovely is to the Bone Sunshine 03:12 4
16 10:05 Reise Sitting in the Dark With Candles 04:24 4
17 10:10 Rolan Crowfoot Drifting Away 02:50 4
18 10:13 Rolan Crowfoot Detainee 04:09 4 New song
19 10:17 St.Cyr-White The Love of Your Life 03:40 4
20 10:21 W. Dire Wolff The Crossing Guards 03:08 4
21 10:24 Alan Garmonsway & Anne Cunningham Heaven Made 03:17 4
22 10:27 KDX Ya Girl 04:20 4
23 10:32 The PondHawks Come Rain Or Disarray 03:12 4
24 10:35 Over The Moon Moondancer 04:12 4
25 10:39 Rick Lally Life 02:58 4
26 10:42 Riff Reign Soulless Man 04:22 4
27 10:47 Navina Limes 02:25 4
28 10:49 Skidbone The Otherside of Over Here 04:14 4
29 10:53 SoulSnakes Little Bad Book 04:20 4
30 10:58 STRINGS & THINGS Hollow man 04:18 4
31 11:02 The Discarded The Trap 04:49 4
32 11:07 The Good Morning Nags Mount Holler 02:32 4
33 11:10 The Innocent Bystanders Highways 04:04 4
34 11:14 The Space Age Soul Initiative Trail of Tears 05:02 4
35 11:19 THee Holy Brothers Elvis In Jerusalem 02:52 4
36 11:22 TolbertToz Don't Take Your Love 04:30 4
37 11:27 Two Crows Joy Another Trip Around the Sun 03:14 4
38 11:30 Allen and Douglas Dark Matters 05:15 4
39 11:35 Austin Colσn  The Path Ahead 04:40 4
40 11:40 Craig Anscombe Someday 03:44 4
41 11:44 Crawling Solo Sail Away 04:44 4
42 11:49 Dark Stone Enough 04:02 4
43 11:53 Desmond Grundy If Not For You 03:09 4
44 11:56 Ethan Keller Carried Away 03:53 4
45 12:00 Fallen Child Never Severed 04:42 4
46 12:05 From Ashes to New Crazy 03:06 4
47 12:08 Gamma Ray Sam Hadrian's Lover 06:08 4
48 12:14 Indie Soull A Better Me For You 03:18 4
49 12:17 Jambrains Fade 03:41 4
50 12:21 Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society Oh Donna 03:40 4
51 12:25 JJ McGuigan In All Honesty 02:40 4
52 12:28 Joey Aces and The Deal Fall 06:02 4
53 12:34 Juxta Peaceful Tranquility 03:54 4
54 12:38 Larre U-A Ignorance 03:45 4
55 12:42 Mama's Broke Black Rock Beach 04:01 4
56 12:46 Nina Soderquist Hard To Say I'm Sorry 03:40 4
57 12:50 Over The Moon By The Mark 03:33 4
58 12:53 Ricci Valice So The Story Goes 04:33 4
59 12:58 Soft White Glow Danse Macabre 05:12 4
60 1:03 TolbertToz Always 04:37 4
61 1:08 CJay DWN J 03:29 3
62 1:11 Rolan Crowfoot Summer Fun 03:35 3
63 1:15 Scott Smith I Will Love You 04:02 3
64 1:19 Tony Russo somewhere theres a someone 02:17 3
65 1:21 Wilson Daniels Whiskey Bride 03:49 3
66 1:25 The Hepburns Heading East 03:06 3
67 1:29 Delta Savannah Radiation Station 03:40 3
68 1:32 Andrew D. Huber Harbourland 03:04 3
69 1:35 Randy Harris  Start Again Today 03:32 3
70 1:39 Coaching For Sara Beautiful Schemes 02:16 3
71 1:41 Les Paul's (The Paul's) Once Upon A Time 05:46 3
72 1:47 Michael Stage No chance 04:00 2 New song
73 1:51 emptylakes White Flowers (ft. Thomas Lacroix) 08:26 2 New song