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July 31, 2018

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The Nelson Brothers

The Nelson Brothers Band:
“The Nelson Brothers are undeniably very fine. The songs on this album are a wonderful synergy of thoughtful lyrics, accomplished music and resonant vocals, and reflect the many influences that they have been fortunate to experience over the years.” David Pratt – Folk Radio UK “Migrant Tales leads the listener on a thoroughly enjoyable and evocative musical trip, it would be foolish not to get on board and share in their journey.”

- David Pratt – Folk Radio UK
“I initially loaded this CD and began listening to the first track, I did wonder whether I had received a mis-pressing, and that what I actually had was an unreleased Johnny Cash circa American III or IV gem, such was its similarity to the output on those albums, (compliment intended).” Folk Radio UK “Stephen Nelson’s voice – he really is a dead ringer for Johnny Cash! If you like Americana you’ll love this” Rock Society Magazine “It’s best defined as roots music with many eclectic touches, where you’re as likely to hear a bouzouki as a bass guitar, yet where the songs are always central to proceedings.” Nick Dalton, journalist.
“The music and the voice and the lyrics all work together to convey a bittersweet, sad optimism that I find so appealing... romantic without being remotely saccharine and refreshingly grown up.” Elizabeth McGovern, actress, Downton Abbey, Once Upon a Time in America.
Steve Nelson: Lead vocal, guitar, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki
Simon Nelson: Backing vocals, guitar, mandolin
Ben Nichols/Wal
Coughlan (Cerys Matthews, Shakin’ Stevens): Bass
Jim Russell (Bob Geldof, Slim Chance): Drums
Mark Elton: Fiddle
Nick Lacey: Keys
Al Perkins: Pedal Steel
Simon Nelson is also a leading session man who’s played in concert with MavismStaples and Paul Jones, and with everyone from Joss Stone to Helen Shapiro While the Nelsons are at the heart of the matter their band is a tight, exciting unit. On drums are either former Goldfrapp percussionist Rowan Oliver or Terl Bryant (John-Paul Jones). On keyboards is Nick Lacey who has played with Lulu and Herbie Armstrong. And bassist is either Andrew Milloy or Ben Nicholls, from trendy folkies the Full English.
Album: Migrant Tales (2018)
Migrant Tales is not quite a concept album - but it has a loose theme running throughout. The songs are about the Irish Diaspora - the Irish people and their descendant who live outside of Ireland - hence the title Migrant Tales. That’s why The Nelson Brothers own ancestry is foremost.
We grew up in Stafford in the English Midlands, but our roots go back to Ireland.
Our great, great grandparents, Patrick and Catherine Corcoran, came from Tibohine parish six miles north of Castlerea in Co. Roscommon. They survived the immediate impact of The Famine but moved to Stafford, England in the 1850s.
Our maternal great grandfather, Bartholomew Corcoran, was a plumber, glazier and painter. “Corcoran was the first Irish Catholic to be elected to Stafford Borough Council. He was the trail-blazer and he deserves recognition for that fact alone.” Historian John Herson.
When his first wife died Bartholomew remarried, Beatrice, forty-one years his junior. They had six children, three of whom survived, one of whom was Patrick, our grandfather.
We grew up in easier times, things had changed and we were hungry to see the world. Some of that wanderlust no doubt sprang from our ancestry and before long we were heading west like many before us. Indeed, four of the children from Bartholomew’s first marriage immigrated to America and settled in Philadelphia. There’s a song on the album called Billy Corcoran, which is a fictitious account of a relative emigrating to the US.
Like many of those earlier travellers, our first port of call was Boston Massachusetts. We explored the city on foot, purchased guitars, a small sound
system and a car and headed north to New Hampshire.
Since that first trip we have explored, gigged, written and recorded in Bermuda, Australia, Amsterdam, New York, Tennessee, Arizona, New Mexico, California and the Florida Keys. Migrant Tales, written over a twenty year period, explores our ancestry, our childhood longing for adventure, our journeys into the heart of America, and our relationship with those who went before. The high desert and the lonesome prairie, the long stretches of highway, the mighty rivers, loves won and lost, lives lived and left behind, are intertwined in the lyrics of the songs.
Musically the collection incorporates elements of rootsy folk, country, blues, and nineteenth century parlour ballads.

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Ramblin' Man 03:29 4 New song
2 9:03 Billy Corcoran 03:58 4 New song
3 9:07 My Prairie Rose 04:38 4 New song
4 9:12 Billy Jesse and Me 04:03 4 New song
5 9:16 Hobo Child 04:07 4 New song
6 9:20 Dark In The Heart 03:46 4 New song
7 9:24 Clear Blue Prairie Sky 04:10 4 New song
8 9:28 Jesus On The Road 03:26 4 New song
9 9:32 Long Way Down 04:02 4 New song
10 9:36 Long Way Down 04:31 4 New song
11 9:41 Auburn Girl 04:26 4 New song

Full album Featured Artist

Second Chances Are Forever  

Second Chances Are Forever are a songwriting duo from Texas. Longtime friends Brandon Horelica and Michael Allen began writing and recording songs in an home recording studio in 2003. In 2015 Michael was diagnosed with Stage4 Brain Cancer. The duo took time off, and in October 2016 Michale lost his battle with cancer. In April of 2018, Brandon decided to release, In You Honor a 6 song rock EP to share Michael’s voice and the duo’s talent. Brandon plans on releasing, Lets Strike, a 4 song Pop Punk/Emo EP later this year, before starting to carry on with SCAF as a solo project.

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# (PT) Artist Name length Rating Notes
12 9:45 Second Chances Are Forever Fall From Grace 04:36 4 New song
13 9:50 AVALON FAY MIND TRICK 03:49 4 New song
14 9:54 Les Paul's (The Paul's) Washington's Blues 05:17 4
15 9:59 Neil Taylor Self Addicted 03:44 4
16 10:03 W. Dire Wolff Skate Shop 03:29 4
17 10:06 Alan Garmonsway Song for Sue 02:28 4
18 10:09 Dave Vargo Good Enough 03:37 4
19 10:13 Kim Smith Everybody Said 03:21 4
20 10:16 AirCrash Detectives Zeros and Ones 03:22 4
21 10:19 Forge The Rubicon Runaway 04:17 4
22 10:24 Our House, in The Woods, MN Everybodys-Day 05:25 4
23 10:29 Richard Gilbert Tell Me That You Love Me Too 04:06 4
24 10:34 The Refusers Eruption 03:15 4 New song
25 10:37 Forge The Rubicon Reckless Heart 03:55 4
26 10:41 Keith Morris & the Crooked Numbers Thousand Mile Stairs 04:23 4
27 10:45 Liz Fawcett Start Again 03:31 4 New song
28 10:49 Velvet Starlings Life Aint Getting You High 04:16 4 New song
29 10:53 All Taken Smells Like Mistakes 02:40 4
30 10:56 Lovely is to the Bone Sunshine 03:12 4
31 10:59 Max and the Ducks Everything Has Its Time 03:38 4 New song
32 11:03 Robert O'Connor No Second Chances 03:45 4 New song
33 11:07 TolbertToz HeartBeat 03:51 4
34 11:11 Richard Gilbert Sitting In The Center 04:12 4
35 11:15 Joshua Rich Better Late Than Never 03:38 4
36 11:19 Marshall Potts Long GoodByes 03:40 4
37 11:23 Axemaster Death Before Dishonor 04:27 4
38 11:27 Jeremy Porter and The Tucos Don't Have to Ask Twice 03:33 4
39 11:31 Booker Creed New Dance 03:42 4
40 11:35 Keith Lally Don't Bring Me Down 02:50 4
41 11:37 MAKS The Gods In My Head 03:51 4
42 11:41 Austin Colσn  Anagnorisis 04:11 4
43 11:46 Crawling Solo Face Forward 03:58 4
44 11:50 Desmond Grundy Show Me 02:48 4
45 11:53 Gamma Ray Sam This Kiss 03:32 4
46 11:56 Geary Nelson At Your Door 03:42 4
47 12:00 Hey Gigantic Colours 03:58 4
48 12:04 Indigo Tree Pause, Rewind 04:17 4
49 12:08 Jimmy Lee Morris Bigger Sky 05:09 4
50 12:14 John Cubbin New horizon 04:33 4
51 12:18 KDX Mobil Blues 04:29 4
52 12:23 Leah Zeger Maybe It's You 05:48 4
53 12:29 Matt Steady Runnymede 03:28 4
54 12:32 Peder Strunck Halfway In Or Halfway Out 03:16 4
55 12:36 Rotjoch Silly Questions 02:31 4
56 12:38 Somewhere In Between Joseph Kony 04:29 4
57 12:43 Söur Bruthers Release Me 03:31 4
58 12:46 Sugar Junkies Faceless 04:32 4
59 12:51 The Apparells Sunrise Disguise 03:27 4
60 12:55 The Good Morning Nags Blackberry Bush 02:44 4
61 12:57 Allen and Douglas Wonderful Days 02:54 4
62 1:00 Andrew D. Huber Singin' 'til I Sail 04:41 4
63 1:05 Crawling Solo Dreamer 05:39 4
64 1:11 lori nebo take me to the water 04:34 4
65 1:15 EXTHIEVES Under A Blue Wave 03:47 3
66 1:19 Garry Moore God Is Bigger 04:07 3
67 1:24 Vovkulaka Whispered Lies 03:42 3
68 1:27 Wilson Daniels Whiskey Bride 03:49 3
69 1:31 Andrew D. Huber Mockingbird Gallows 03:54 3
70 1:35 Phillip Foxley It's All About You! 03:58 3
71 1:39 2sisters run baby run 02:00 3
72 1:41 Mark Goldberg Am I Still Missing You 04:28 3 New song
73 1:46 Shadowperimeter Ghosts 05:33 3
74 1:52 Marc Ceccotti Like all the beautiful things 04:22 2
75 1:56 The Nigel Purcell Trio Riviere Sands 03:59 2 New song