December 1, 2018
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The All-New Insane

An indie post-punk band from Kentucky formed in 2017! The band consists of lead singer and vocalist Baker Legate, Guitarist/Synth by Brian Simcox, and Keith Simcox on the drums.
You can find us on the following social media from these links:
Good Afternoon EP (2018)
An EP consisting of our 3 released singles plus two new ones! Blush and Fake Affection! This is a just a taste of what our album is going to bring to the table when it's finished in early 2019! We will be selling physical copies at our upcoming shows!

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# Pacific   Time Name length Rating   Notes
1 10:00 AM & 10:00 PM Time-Bomb 03:23 4 New song
2 10:03 AM & 10:03 PM Cheers! 02:26 4 New song
3 10:05 AM & 10:05 PM Blush 02:37 4 New song
4 10:08 AM & 10:08 PM Simple Things 04:18 4 New song
5 10:13 AM & 10:13 PM Fake Affection 05:32 3 New song