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Violent Attitude If Noticed
Formed in São Paulo, Brazil, Violent Attitude If Noticed (or simply V.A.I.N.) have been working their way through the music scene and spreading their word since 2008.
The musical background of the band is based upon the personal taste of each member and they vary a lot.
It is possible to identify influences of jazz, bossa nova, blues, post punk, new wave, art rock, electro, hard rock and progressive rock.
All these elements summed together result in V.A.I.N.'s sound.
Textures, layers, noisy backgrounds, ambient landscapes, drum machines, acoustic guitars, heavily-distorted and clean guitars are some of the tools used to develop the musicality.
It is not uncommon to hear quiet and mellow sounds changing into a sudden nightmare.
V.A.I.N. have produced and released EPs and full length albums without any label help until joining forces with Progressive Gears Records in 2017.
Some well known professionals also contribute to make it happen so Neil Whitman, Erik Muller Thurm and Jon Astley remain involved with the releases.
The line up features Alessandro Queler, Guilherme Saba and Will Geraldo.
Album: Ourselves and Otherwise (2017)
This is the first release by VAIN on Progressive Gears Records. It looks at the decisions made by the few that affect the lives of the many. It shows that there is politics in prog, if not prog in politics!

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Time Waster 05:08 4
2 9:05 Useless 06:18 4
3 9:11 Redemption 03:51 4
4 9:15 White. Yellow. Red. 10:33 4
5 9:26 The Tower 08:55 4
6 9:35 Ever-Ticking Clock 06:53 4
7 9:42 Ground Zero 05:16 4