Full Album show of June 21, 2020
Album: Aka Whisper

4クリス (Kurisu) is a solo artist from Worcester UK. His multi-genre music is influenced by Japan, spirituality and life as a whole and has been described as sounding like John Lennon, Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys. Maybe you'll hear something else in there.
He hopes his music can connect with people, touching on issues such as justice, spirituality, politics, relationships and of course, love.

About the Album: Aka Whisper came about after spending a few years with a rock/reggae band. The band spent lots of time rehearsing but doing little else so クリス decided to record and release the songs he'd brought to the band himself. Thus, Aka Whisper (and a new solo career) was born.
One thing that was important for クリス on this album was for him to be open and honest so these songs are very meaningful and often very personal.
The album is available to listen to on Spotify or to download for free on his website or Bandcamp.

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