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The name 21Grams a name taken from the 21 Grams Theory of the weight of a human soul. An originals five piece band from darkest Stoke-on-Trent who consist of Tim Edwards vocals, Mole Robbins drums, Si Degg lead guitar Rich Podmore (Pod) rhythm guitar and backing vocals and Huggy on Bass and backing vocals.
The music is a blend of big powerful songs which are rock in nature but thanks to a depth in mood and some rhythms and riffs from their own pattern book are not defined by the genre. There are clearly a number of musical influences within the band which rather than resulting in a copied sound form a melting pot for what is a definitive 21Grams sound. A clear indication of this is in the feedback the band have received which has referenced the likes of Classic rock, punk, alternative rock and even borderline high end glam rock.
Starting in 2014 working through from initial jamming sessions with no lead vocalist and original drummer Steve (brother of lead guitarist Si) it became obvious that a standout lead singer was needed to do the material justice. This was achieved through an old friendship between rhythm guitarist Pod and Tim, who after meeting the other members for one rehearsal was immediately offered the job.
When Steve decided he had achieved his musical goals in 2015 this trick was repeated when Tim reached out to recruit old drumming colleague Mole. Forming something of a perfect storm, it was at this point that the band became a serious and recognised outfit.
From 2015 to 2016 the band made five one song contribution appearances on upstart Independent music label New York Factory Fast Records compilation releases. However, whilst this did much to underpin an underground foundation for the band and gave it huge amounts of indie network airplay it was time to move forward with bigger plans. In what was a true act of independence in 2016 the band took on the considerable task of professionally recording and releasing a live debut album. “Live at Enson Works” released in 2017 was recorded in their hometown Stoke at the acclaimed Sugarmill. This release was met with positive responses in recognition for a live recording which truly captured the sound and spirit of the band.
Following and developing on the powerful debut album over the last 11 months the band have recorded a further ten songs for what will be their debut studio album. A run of monthly releases are planned over the next five months, a full studio album in December sandwiched by two singles complete with bonus tracks either side of the main release. The first single Day of the Dead is up for release on 5th October and will be followed by Vampires Kiss. The main release of the long awaited studio album is planned for December followed by single three and single four in 2021. As soon as the live Music circuit is able to start again 21Grams will be doing what they love the most and hitting the boards to play their new material to live audiences.

21Grams - Colosseum Recorded October 2019 - February 2020 at Eleven Recording Studios, Newfields Industrial Estate, 21, Stoke-on-Trent ST6 5TH

Produced and Engineered by Paul Hulme and Grant Hulme

Mixed and mastered by Paul Hulme at Eleven Recording Studios Written and arranged by 21Grams at 21Grams HQ Stoke-on-Trent

Copyright 2020 Clayhanger Music all rights reserved

21Grams website https://www.21-gramsband.co.uk/

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