Alex Maher

Full Album show of April 6, 2020
Album: Dream Final EP

Vancouver-based multi instrumentalist Alex Maher got his start in jazz. Growing up with a Filipino mother and an Irish father, music was always a big part of his life. After playing in bands (Flannel Jimmy, DNA6), Alex began experimenting with the Line 6 loop pedal in his solo work. Using percussion, SPDS drum pad, electric guitar, keys, sax and vocals, Alex creates songs one layer at a time. His 2017 EP Aether marked the end of a struggle with addiction stemming from mental illness after the loss of a dear friend.

About the Album: Dream Final is Alex's third solo EP, and expands from Aether's introspection, to global issues from climate change to social alienation in the digital age. Featuring crisp production by Juno award winning producer Ryan Stewart, Dream Final is an up-tempo meditation on the state of the world. With contagious, up-tempo beats, and funky pop grooves, it gives listeners something to think and dance about.

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