Featured Artist of March 15, 2019 with the Song: One Way Road

In 2019 Alex Sid will be releasing his debut album titled ‘HOME’, while his first single ‘One Way Road’ is already playing on the radio.
‘Home’ features 13 songs that talk about ‘the journey’, the ‘way home’ and all the stages in between. Influenced by his trips around the world, in Latin America, Europe and Asia he sings, writes, produces and plays Guitar, Mandola, Baglama and Charango in his debut album. Its an intricate fusion of Indie and Folk with Americana and Mediterranean influences.
Alex Sid (Alexandros Sidiropoulos) has written music for theatre, film and TV and has been credited as sound designer/mixer in over 100 productions. He is currently writing the music for the upcoming film ‘Echoes of the Past’ by Nicholas Dimitropoulos featuring Max von Sydow and Richard Chamberlain, which is planned for release in winter 2019