Anderson Council

Featured Artist of July 22, 2019
with the songs: How Much How Long, Our Worlds Collide

"The Anderson Council exists in a place you might have forgotten about. A place where they remember that both Pink and Floyd had last names. Where the Gardening Man makes sure the flowers stay all powerful. Where the people sometimes speak and sing with an endearing New Brunswipudlian accent. A place where January 1968 never came, peace and love still sound like a good idea, wah-wah pedals are mandatory equipment, and the garages are all underground. It's a place where Mister Pinkerton's paint box holds a full kaleidoscope of paint shades... no need to limit yourself to RGB or CMYK. The Anderson Council spends a lot of time selecting from his assortment. You've got twelve canvases to gaze upon right now...eight favorites and four brand new works. Everything from Renaissance masterpieces to carnival spin art. The exhibit opens now: Welcome to The Anderson Council's “Assorted Colours”!

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