Broken Flowers

Featured Artist of June 2, 2019
with the song: Spent Matches

The second song to be released from Yorkshire’s established Southern Country Rockers, Broken Flowers in 2019. This time it’s all about story-telling lyrics, melodic guitars and ‘what ifs?’ Yet again the song emerges from the musical pen of Anna Mosley (Vocals, guitar, Mandolin) and it’s a reflective look at a love lost and wounds that never healed. Two lovers walked away but never took the time to get over their feelings, which becomes apparent when they meet, by chance, years later. Complex guitar work from Darren Gibbs (lead guitar, banjo and BVs) underpins the vocal melody, while rhythm from Mike Brown (Bass guitars and BVs) and Kevin Asquith (Drums and Percussion) keep the listener anchored in the scene. Take a moment, have a listen and see where your memories take you

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