Broken to Brave

Full Album show of April 2, 2020
Album: Clarity

It all started in a small shed, out in a small Texas country side. Four local musicians get together to just jam and bounce ideas o of each other. The small gathering of like minded musicians blossomed into a monster that would bleed creativity, angst, with passion.... Broken to Brave.
With vision and focus on everyday issues, real world reality, Broken to Brave stand for the weak and the weary, the troubled and tormented. Lyrics and music with real life expression, and raw emotion bleed through the music. With front man Bobby Buchanan pouring out melodic, raw nerve emotion, as well as combustable rhythm guitar, complemented with Guy Hall III on lead guitar, only to be held down buy the foundation of the thunder bass of Chris Rubio, and animalistic drumming of Mike Zapata Jr., the band broods with music that tells a story that many can relate with.
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