Burning Nickels

Full Album show of February 16, 2021
Album: Cobwebs

Artist's Biography

Originally started as a means to release unreleased tunes from previous bands, this power trio has found themselves with multiple EPs on top of the original album that spawned its creation. Due to the plague and the distance between members, no proper band photo has been taken but here's hoping 2021 is kinder to the live music scene and the Nixxx can finally grace the stage!

About the Album

Burning Nickels latest release is a 4 song EP called Cobwebs. The title track has been released already (although a remixed version will appear on the upcoming EP) and the rest of the tunes will drop March 2 via High End Denim Records. The boys were pleased to welcome some guest stars onto the song such as Dan Garrison (The Corps), Kurt Anderson (Ellesmere), Alex Goldfarb (Debt Neglector), and Sam Russo. The resulting EP turned out great and is further proof that not even a global pandemic can stop cool punk music from being created!

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