Casimir Greenfield

Full Album show of November 16 2019
Album: Boy In The Attic

Cas Greenfield Bio;
Cas lived and worked in Amsterdam for a quarter of a century before returning home to his native Gloucestershire. Cas began performing in the 60s. During that time he toured constantly throughout Europe, working solo and with his band. A well-known figure on the Dutch music scene in the 70s and 80s, Cas worked with artists as diverse as B.B. KIng, Yes, Sparks, Sonja Kristina, Kayak, Leonie Janssen, Frans Ehlhart, Herman Van Veen, Boudewijn de Groot and many others. The peak of Cas’s career has to be the German number two hit….which shall remain nameless and forever unheard!
Cas has remained fresh and involved with current music: '...the musicians on the albums are amazingly talented. The energy they create and the spontaneity of their musicianship is astounding. I felt truly privileged to share my music with them'.
Cas is also a member of Kuhl.
Cas will be releasing a number of musical projects throughout 2020. A handful of tracks can be heard at

About the Album: ‘Boy in the Attic’;
This is the November 2019 Remastered Official Release.
There are ten tracks in all (plus a bonus track). They work together well and make their presence felt in the sequence on the album. They work as stand-alone tracks too. ‘Immortals’ is the single and garnering plays around the world.
‘Boy’ was ambitious. After discovering some ‘lost’ 1978 master reels we chose two tracks to re-work. One into a completely new song, the other to enhance with strings.
The new song finds its way onto ‘Boy’ with the recording session being one of the longest in pop history (probably) while the other was added as a bonus track for radio broadcasts as it didn’t make the final ten.
‘Boy’ has a strong selection covering themes as diverse as the art of writing (‘Poison Pen, Boy In The Attic) to crumbling relationships (Secret Lovers, Change Of Heart, Splinters and Sparks) to love songs (Home Made Mini, Mayflies) and the state of the world (Immortals)

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