Crest Glider

Featured Artist of March 16, 2020
with the song: Backbreaker

Crest Glider are an alternative four-piece from the Black Country, making waves in the West Midlands with their catchy hooks and captivating live energy. Having formed in 2018 and securing their current line-up in 2019, these four friends have headlined a host of successful gigs across Wolverhampton and Birmingham, as well as accumulating listeners from across the globe.
With their most recent EP ‘When Sirens Smile’ and single ‘Queen’s Head’, this band have found their sound – distorted guitar and formidable drums accompany memorable basslines and ferce vocals, washing together to create a frenzy of sing-along punk-rock. Crest Glider pride themselves on imaginative video concepts too so keep an eye on their YouTube channel.
2020 has kicked oc with recording of new single ‘Backbreaker’ and third EP ‘Red by Night’, a nod to their Black Country roots.

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