Dallas Cosmas

Full Album show of October 20, 2019
Album: Alpha Beta Gamma

Dallas has been a stalwart of Melbourne’s thriving music scene for around 3 decades writing, performing and recording, also touring nationally around Australia holding down multi-instrumental work. He has performed and produced in all styles for groups, solo and cinematic work. This work includes local and international digital releases including Aria-charting albums…
About the Album: Dreaming west to east, Indian – Pacific – Atlantique, Alpha Beta Gamma is a soul journey. VOCALS Dallas Cosmas, Yarra Gospel Quartet – Brigid Deneefe, Elan Leng, Martin Pullan, Jeff Titus 1, 3, 4, 10, 11 Alpha Beta Singers – Luci Floyd, Evan Englezos, Brother To The Birds, Wayne Rintoul 6, 7, 9 DRUMS Paul Richards BASS Dallas Cosmas KEYBOARDS Evan Englezos 2, 3. Dallas Cosmas GUITARS Matthew Shadwick 4, 7, 8. Wally Hite Rankin 6. Dallas Cosmas PERCUSSION Paul Richards, Nathalie Cosmas 1, 7, 10. Jeremiah Englezos 1, 8 PRODUCTION Dallas Cosmas All songs © 2019 Cosmas Released 11 October 2019

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