Darren Matthew Flowers

Full Album show of Sep 2, 2020
Album: Bending Not Breaking EP

Artist's Biography:
Darren Flowers is a husband, father, writer, artist, track and field coach, string plucker, joggler (yes it's a real thing) and many other things. He spent years struggling as a touring musician and singer/songwriter in his 20's and when that didn't pay the bills, he moved on to his next big passion...track and field. He's been a coach at the collegiate level now for 13 years. He lives with his wife Kristen and two kids Leah and Koen in sunny South Texas just a short drive from the beach. As he approaches his 40's he's gone back to his first true love...music and writing! Has he won any book awards? No he hasn't, but his mom thinks he's outstanding and that's good enough for him.

About the Album:
2020 Blues Oct. 6 release

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