Desert Atlas

Full Album show of July 21, 2021
Album: The Great Plains are an Ocean

Artist's Biography

Mark Ramirez grew up in suburbs of Manila, the Philippines, before moving to New Jersey at the age of 17. He’d spent all his life in the United States in the Northeast—graduating from college (MA), playing in bands (NY), writing and editing for newspapers (MA, VT, NJ), getting married (NY), having a child (NJ)—before moving to Denver in 2015 and diving head-first into an incredible open mic scene. He appreciates the support of his wife, Naomi; son, Teddy; and pup, Lola, even as he has started learning the trombone.

About the Album

THE GREAT PLAINS ARE AN OCEAN, released in June 2021, is the first full-length album from Denver, Colorado’s Mark Ramirez, who writes, performs and records music under the name DESERT ATLAS. Broadly falling under the indie folk genre, the 14 tracks document a preoccupation with place and time: geography, the seasons, landscapes, weather, and always, the past. All stand-ins for human connection.

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