Dimitris Korontzis

Full Album show of July 14, 2019
Album: Empathy

Dimitris Korontzis is a guitar player from Athens-Greece,he has released his first Jazz-Fusion LP at September 2017 by the name Empathy and the second one by the name The 5 Elements an ambient guitar LP related to the Chinese tradition of Wu Xing.He had participated in many jazz-fusion groups like Pyros Ether,Money Jungle, he was a member of the acoustic jazz group Lathe Biosas,he has participated with Stephan Tsapis(the Immigrant,Megaron the Athens Concert Hall-2016),with Athens Big Band(Megaron Thessaloniki Concert Hall-2005) also he has a jazz ambient duet with sax player Tasos Fotiou called E-son and his own personal Dimitris Korontzis group.

About the Album:
The first solo album of composer and guitarist Dimitris Korontzis, is comprised of eight instrumental compositions that range stylistically from Jazz to Rock Fusion and Cinematic Music. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another; indeed the album's aspiration is to express the vision and sentiments of an audience that cannot be limited by stylistic musical categorisation. The arrangements are dense and deliberate as forms as well as instrumentations, the production quality is prime, the tone has weight and depth, the guitar interacts with the saxophone or with the electric piano while rhythm section, the bass and drums offer a base to the rest of the instruments without settling though on this role alone.

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