Emerald Sunday

Full Album show of February 19, 2020
Album: Willow

This Scottish 6 piece bring their own twist on classic rock ‘n’ roll, mixing in melodic hooks with foot stomping choruses calling it hybrid rock Emerald Sunday have spent the last few years building their fanbase by performing with the popular acts such as Primal Scream, Big Country, Embrace, Example, From the Jam, Chris Helme more.
After reaching success with two No.1 hits on the Scottish New Music Chart for their tracks ‘Streets of Harlem’ & ‘Lay Down on the Highest Cloud” and a self-titled album that reached No. 18 on the Amazon Rock Chart, the band is now turning to Richard McNamara of ‘Embrace’ to produce the band’s new album (Willow)

Band Members
Mike Martin Vocals
Alan Hunter Writer guitarist
Scott Crawford Bass
Matt Fleming Guitar
John Morgans Drums
Andrew Taylor (keys)

Record Label
Rock Avenue Records USA
23055 Sherman Way #5412
West Hills, Ca. 91308 - USA

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