Emma & the Idles

Featured Artist of July 16, 2020
with the song: Ride or Die

Artist's Biography
EMMA AND THE IDLES have their roots set in indie, heavy pop, rock and a sprinkling of soul. This combines with a sharp, and thought provoking songwriting style, which asks many question, sometimes provides answers and always delivers a killer jam.

Performing acoustically at venues in and around London, Emma decided to form a band to accelerate her sound, and boy did she get it. Made up of two guitarist, fellow Brummy Matthew Ingram and Essex boy Alex Scott, the cornish cobra Gary Turner on bass and the amazing Daniel Ajiteru on drums.

Emma & the Idles are planning to storm the scene, with a string of successful ‘electric’ live performances already under their belt since forming in late 2019, you can expect to see and hear a lot more from these guys, they say if you put your ear to a sea shell you can hear Emma’s Joplin-esque wailing over a chorus heavy guitar noodle…

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