Featured Artist of November 21, 2019
with the song: Fire & Ice

Steve is an accomplished musician/songwriter from Glasgow. Playing from the age of 14, he cut his teeth honing his craft in the many pubs, clubs and discos in Scotland and the north of England.
He’s been in numerous bands & duos, performing both covers and original material, made a few records and guested on other artists’ work.
Although originally a rock guitarist, he taught himself keyboards & drums, embraced the new technology and began programming backing tracks for live performance.
Leaving the UK he worked abroad but was lucky that he could combine his love of music with his daytime job as Creative Director in Advertising Agencies by penning jingles and backing tracks for client presentations, radio and tv commercials.
Now back in the UK he continues his musical journey, writing and recording under the name ‘GOVANBOY’, featuring various vocalists. His universal love of music is echoed in his writing which covers most genres.


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