Jasmin Mag

Featured Artist of July 17, 2019
with the song: Freedom take them

Jasmin Mag is a Balkan virtuoso instrumental rock guitarist (a shredder) as well as an officially published singer/songwriter and poet from the Balkans.
As the author of music, lyrics, and arrangements, he was the leader for rock
bands „Black rose“ and „Alarm“, and a guitar player for the Swedish – Finish rock band „Rock Younit“.
His style of composing and playing is a blend of ethnic/world music from the Balkans, rock, hard & heavy, ambient, and psychedelic music.
His first album with rock band “Alarm” from Tuzla City (Bosnia and Herzegovina) called “Spit up on your washed out brain” was published in 1997 and was promoted massively in radio and on TV in Bosnia. The album was apprehended as extremely provocative towards the establishment and, as a consequence, some songs were banned from the media.
But that political measure brought huge following among young audiences, so the second album “Closeness” was a huge success - being published for the market of the Balkans and Europe by “Naraton” and “Terra” (the music publishing companies), the album consisted of rock songs, ballads and instrumentals that became smash-hits in the region: the songs like “My Eve” (Moja Evo), “Just whisper my name” (“Samo šapni moje ime”), and instrumental “Leave-taking” (“Rastanak”) are still popular nowadays and present in radio and on TV. For this album, Jasmin Mag and “Alarm” were awarded as the best rock band in Bosnia and Herzegovina by “The Morning News” for 2001.
The next album, “Ramayana, one dance just for us”, published by the Music Production BHRTV, brought many popular tunes and instrumentals as well as the smash – hit “White snows” (“Bijeli snjegovi”) that has been Jasmin’s “identification card” since the first day of broadcasting. At the festival “The Waves of the Sana”, this song and album were awarded as the best song arrangement and the best album.
Last December, the Dutch record label „Helena Music Records“ from Hilversum published triple CD „Global Connectivity Vol. 2“ and the Jasmin's songs and instrumentals opens every disc of this fantastic compilation.
Currently, Jasmin is promoting a new album and writing a new volume of poetry.

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