Jenni Nord

Featured Artist of April 10, 2020
with the song: Press Repair

Hailing from the West Acton (London, UK) punk scene, JenniNord's eclectic sound dees easy categorisation. The band's hard-hitting but eminently grooveable set is captained by John 'Anything But' Vanillah, who channels ecological apocalyptica in a way only an Australian can; imagine Chris Cornell at an XR rally and you're halfway there.
This wild ride's gas is provided by Jade's schizophrenic bass and Vitor's pounding drums, which oscillate between perfect harmony and nightmarish polyrhythm with terrifying abandon.
Slicing through this funky deluge are Dave 'Dio' Bown’s old-school guitar licks and the sonorous trumpet of young Az, the Somerset folk scene's seriously wayward son.
Don't worry; it's not as bizarre as it sounds: it's worse.


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